d Structure

Directions:This part is to test your ability to use words, phrases, and grammar correctly to construct meaningful and

grammatically correct sentences. There are 35 incomplete statements here. You are reuired to complete each statement by choosing the appropriate answer from the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D given in your test paper..

1. The war went on for years, ____ thousands upon thousands of people. A. to kill B. killed C. killing

D. being killed

2. This kind of machine is ____ of being improved. A. able B. possible C. capable D. probable

3. More and more trucks are seen ____ between these two towns these days. A. run B. to run C. be running D. being run 4. The manager told us never to____ till tomorrow what we can do today. A. come up B. put off C. turn on D. give out





(一)词语和语法(Part I: Vocabulary and Structure) 要求考生认真阅读所给题目,并从四个选择项中选出一个正确答案。词语和语法部分的目的是测试考生运用词汇、短语及语法结构的能力。 该部分重点考查《高职高专英语课程教学基本要求》中的3400个英语单词的用法,以及由这些词构成的常用词组。主要涉及以下基本语法知识和内容:动词的时态、被动语态、if条件句中的虚拟语气、谓语动词、词类用法、非谓语动词(动词不定式、动名词、现在分词和过去分词)的变化和运用等;名词从句,定语从句,状语从句,倒装句,强调句,主谓一致,形容词和副词的比较级和最高级等。

(二)阅读理解(Part II: Reading Comprehension)

要求考生阅读四篇短文,每篇短文后有五个问题。考生应根据文章内容从四个选择项中选出一个最佳答案。 阅读理解部分的目的是测试学生通过阅读获取信息的能力,要求对英文理解要准确,也要求有一定的阅读速度。 (三)翻译(Part III: Translation)


汉译英:认真阅读所给出的中文句子, 每个句子后面有四个英文句子,要求考生从四个英文句子中选出一个最佳译文。翻译部分的目的是测试考生英汉互译的初步能力。

Part II. Reading Comprehension

Directions:This part is to test your reading ability. There are 4 tasks for you to fulfill. You should read the reading materials

carefully. After reading each task, you will find 5 uestions or unfinished statements. For each uestion or

statement there are 4 choices