it worthwhile for everyone to learn English英语值得每个人学吗Is

Is it worthwhile for everyone to learn English English has been an international language for only 50 years. And at present one in five—over one billion people—are learning English with the development of technological and scientific,economics and management,literature and entertainment.It’s worthwhile and necessary for everyone to learn English. Nowadays,learning English has been a hot topic among people and learning English has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life.

I believe it worthwhile for everyone to learn English.Today,the information age has replaced the industrial age and has compressed time and distance.Firstly,facing the trend of economic globalization,many students go abroad to study. They had to use English to communicate with foreigners.And some people travel abroad also need to communicate with foreigners.Secondly,many students are all for the college entrance examination,and universities using English as the medium of instruction expand.Thirdly,in business,we can conduct business with foreign-business man and to find a job in the foreign-funded corporations,applicants have to learn English well so it’s important and worthwhile for everyone to learn English.

A song goes like this—“Knowledge can change one’s destiny.”English may become one tool that opens windows to the world,unlocks door to opportunities,and expands our minds to new ideas.Give all the above.If

you want to gain a foothold in the society ,you should learn English well.