新视野第三版读写教程 第二册 U4 课后题答案

Unit 4– Section A

●Language Focus – Words in Use

1. When the police caught up with him, Mr. Foster had to(confess) that he'd broken the speed limit.

2. Whenever my boss makes a decision that I don't agree with, I tell him what I really think, though it's(tempting) to make him happy by telling him his ideas are always right.

3. As can be probably perceived, a manned trip to Mars may soon(commence) since scientists have achieved the manned moon mission.

4. A number of countries are(coordinating) their efforts to send out food to the area worst affected by the flood.

5. State governments and the colleges themselves have(granted) financial help to students with special abilities and those with financial needs.

6. The committee agreed that his papers(deserved) a wider circulation because of their essential and fundamental interest to a larger audience.

7. The anger and frustration(displayed) by the local people who do not understand what is happening to them will be a terrible and dangerous force.

8. Americans defend the right to obtain a gun, and they have(consequently) been willing to turn

a blind eye to the harm that people owning guns have caused.

9. As the finance ministry rejected the deal for its "lack of clarity", it(lodged) a complaint with the European Commission that this deal was against the law.

10. Dogs cannot distinguish the color of traffic lights, so the master must make the decision of when it is safe to(proceed) across the road.

●Word Building
















4.identification / identified

5.justification / justified

6.qualification / qualified

7.illustration / illustrated


9.extension / extended

10.interpretation / interpretated

11.plantation / planted

12.perception / perceived

1. Employers have found that many young competitors have the basic and best(qualifications) for success and they are intelligent, creative, and hard-working.

2. Since parents are usually the major source of social support in early life, a child's(perception) of parental love may have important effects on their life.

3. The storm was the most powerful to hit Hawaii this century. It greatly destroyed sugar and coffee(plantations) .

4. Scientists have developed through hard work a new material that cannot be(compressed) even under extremely high pressure.

5. Law students tend to become highly concerned with matters of proper procedure and(exhibit) an increased tendency to reason.

6. He was a greedy person and never felt(contented) with what he had, so he could hardly make any close friends.

7. Your fashion choices make a statement about your interests or intentions, and these statements are subject to cultural(interpretation) .

8. Both sides of the negotiation should create conditions for the peaceful resolution of the issue and avoid taking actions that would(complicate) the situation further.

9. The architecture students could not understand their professor's(illustration) of the new library structure until he showed them the plans.

10. After an analysis of his personality, I realized that his stories were a(n)(extension) of his desires to rise to higher and higher positions.

11. Car manufacturers stamp vehicle(identification) numbers at several locations on new cars to help track down the vehicles in case they are stolen.

12. The defense lawyer gave many excellent examples to show that the police officer had acted in self-defense and shot the man with(justification) .

●Banked Cloze

Traditional dating is a self-paced, general meeting of two people. The two usually(1) (commence) with spending extra time together, getting to know one another and seeing how (2) (tempting) they could be to each other. A good example is a man meeting a woman and sensing her (3) (charm). He then extends a formal invitation for a date. With traditional dating, you get to go at a steady pace, (4) (allowing) yourself and your date to get to know each other through extensive contact. There are many (5) (components) that can be expected from traditional dates. Men, who are supposed to (6) (display) these traditional values, will open the door for the woman, stand up when she leaves the table, pay for everything, and (7) (proceed) to the next move. In the1950s, a man would usually ask a woman out several days ahead for a specific date and time. If she accepted, they would (8) (arrange) for a time to pick her up. He would then take her to a dinner and a movie.

Today the rules of traditional dating are less clear. Twenty years ago, if a young lady asked a men out on a date, it was thought to be (9) (weird). Now, women are being encouraged to take the initiative and ask men out. A date may consist of a brief meeting at a café or a trip to the (10) (local) art museum. Men often pay on the first date, but the woman may offer to go Dutch. The traditional dating style has been found much less common now.

●Language Focus – Expressions in Use

1. She authorized her partner to carry out the daily responsibilities(on her behalf) when she was on her business trip.

2. On hearing the latest news about your mother's ill health, I(took the liberty of) canceling your reservation at the Sheraton.

3. There was an obvious indication that the police who have to enforce the new law were not(immune to) the general discontent.

4. When she heard of her failure in the experiment, her eyes(were filled with) tears; whether it was of shame, frustration, or grief was difficult to tell.

5. Rose knows that continuous letters from John, together with countless roses, are aimed at making her(fall in love with) him.

6. (Expelled from) public school for drinking and smoking and then failing in show business as a singer, she joined her father's business 10 years ago.

7. Since the great scandals in banking, many people in the country have(been pessimistic about) the prospects of economic recovery within a few years.

8. The parents were quite happy to(go along with) our suggestion because it had taken their most important concerns into consideration.



Valentine's Day on February 14 is celebrated in various American and European countries. It is a holiday of love and romance usually by exchanging valentines or love tokens between lovers. There are different origins regarding the festival. One legend goes that the Romans put a priest named Saint Valentine into prison for refusing to believe in the Roman gods. On February 14, Valentine was put to death not only because he was Christian, but also because he had cured the jailer's daughter of blindness. The night before he was executed he wrote her a farewell letter signed "From your Valentine". Later, February 14 became a holiday for people to show affection for their loved ones. Today, people celebrate Valentine's Day in different ways, sending greeting cards and flowers, giving chocolate or other gifts, or joining in romantic dinners. The holiday has now become popular all over the world. In China the festival is also becoming increasingly popular with young people.



农历七月初七是中国的七夕节(Qixi Festival),是中国传统节日中最具浪漫色彩的一个节日。一些大的商家每年都举办不同的活动,年轻人也送礼物给他们的情人。因此,七夕节被认为是中国的“情人节”(Valentine's Day)。七夕节来自牛郎与织女(Cowherd and Weaving Maid)的传说。相传,每年的这个夜晚,天上的织女都会与牛郎相会。所以,在七夕的夜晚,人们可以看到牛郎织女在银河(the Milky Way)相会。姑娘们也会在这一天晚上向天上的织女乞求智慧,以获得美满姻缘。但随着时代的变迁,这些活动正在消失,唯有标志着忠贞爱情的牛郎织女的传说一直流传民间。

July 7th on the Chinese calendar is Chinese Qixi Festival, the most romantic of all the traditional Chinese holidays. Every year, some big businesses organize various activities, and young people send gifts to their lovers. As a result, the Qixi Festival is considered to be Chinese "Valentine's Day". The Qixi Festival is derived from the legend of Cowherd and Weaving Maid. The legend holds that on this particular night every year the Weaving Maid in heaven meets with Cowherd. So, people can see Cowherd and Weaving Maid meeting in the Milky Way on the night of Qixi. On this night, girls would also beg Weaving Maid for some wisdom for a happy marriage. But, with the changing of times, these activities are diminishing. All that remains is the legend of Cowherd and Weaving Maid, a sign of faithful love, continuously circulated among the folk.

Unit 4– Section B

●Understanding the text

1 D

2 C

3 A

4 C

5 A

6 D

7 B

8 C

●Language Focus – Words in Use

1. To American politicians, the handshake has long been a way of(conveying) intimacy with the voters, and the world record for greeting was probably achieved by Roosevelt at a New Year's reception in 1907.

2. A happy marriage can only be(forged) through years of commitment to caring for and understanding each other.

3. With the financial help from his parents, his business is(thriving) even during this time of economic recession.

4. By carrying out a small test, doctors can detect the(abnormal) cells that might cause cancers in time and then treat them easily and simply.

5. After the little girl lost her parents in the traffic accident, she kept(frowning) all the time and never smiled again.

6. We're going to have a baby! Let's start off by calling our families and telling them the good news. I believe our parents are going to be as(thrilled) as we are.

7. As the three of us were sitting together eating cake, I(reckoned) that it was quite a luxury to be able to spend time with my family.

8. The governor of this state has(clarified) the state government's decision that it is necessary to stop giving money away so easily.

9. Playing musical instruments shapes the character of self-assurance and has the added bonus of public performance, which helps to(conquer) the fear of getting up in front of people.

10. With the downturn of economy, many people are having a hard time controlling their temper and(concealing) their anger.

●Language Focus – Expressions in Use

1. I have met some interesting people at the golf course, and I can(make contact with) them by email when I don't have time to see them personally.

2. Everyone was standing around in silence when the owner of the house asked us a question, so(took the initiative) I and tried to explain why we had come.

3. In my opinion, students who(are inclined to) cheat are going to cheat regardless of the technology. It's just a question of honesty. We're here to learn, so we've got to make the most of it ourselves.

4. Creative people, along with their persistence, are usually very inspirational and determined to(thrive on) overcoming obstacles.

5. Some of us are too often(indifferent to) losing an hour or a day by wasting time, forgetting that our life is the sum total of the days and of the hours we live.

6. We're all familiar with seeing business people(whip out) their card at every occasion. The name of their business and their phone number will be remembered.

7. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to calm down and fight off the fear that she felt somewhere(in the pit of her stomach) .

8. The brothers have decided to(chip in) a certain amount of money each month to hire a housekeeper to take care of their mother who is now very sick.