Unit 1


1、The roads are clogged with holiday traffic. (be clogged with)

2、This study purports to show an increase in the incidence of the disease.(purport to)

3、After a hard climb, we were rewarded by a vista of rolling hills under a deep blue summer sky.

4、The children bombarded her with questions.(bombard with)

5、They exulted over their victory. (exult over)

6、The baby’s just scribbled all over my new dictionary!(scribble all over)

7、I didn’t find the prospect of a house with no electricity very alluring.(find sth. alluring)

8、She’s trying to make a comeback with her first album in nearly twenty years.

9、You can use the search facility to call up all the occurrences of a particular word in a document.

10、He glanced at the letter and then tossed it into the bin.(toss into)

11、He was eliminated in the third round of the competition.(be eliminated)

12、I managed to compress ten pages of notes into four paragraphs.(compress into)


1、The company specializes in customized (custom)computer systems.

2、The whole experience left him traumatized(traumatize).

3、The writer recently went on a promotional(promotion) tour of his homeland.

4、It seems paradoxical(paradox) to me, but if you drink a cup of hot tea it seems to cool you down.

5、You shouldn’t treat such a serious subject with frivolity(frivolous).

6、Cable television companies have launched major campaigns to increase their number of subscribers(subscribe).

7、This range of computers is very fast, but their successors(success)will be even faster.

8、His speech was full of inanities(inane)that were meant to be funny.

9、What was once an informal event has now become institutionalized(institution).

10、The school received a substantial government subsidy(subsidize).


The program offers long-term care for the mentally retarded.

2.他又一台又粗笨又庞大的旧电脑,速度慢,使用麻烦。(cumbersome, bulky)

He’s got a cumbersome, bulky, old computer—it’s slow and complicated to use.


He tried not to look conspicuous and moved slowly along the back of the room.


It would cause a tremendous upheaval to install a different computer system.

5. 她再次与金牌失之交臂。(elude)

The gold medal continues to elude her.

6. 你真是个傻瓜,竟然没抓住那么好的机会。(embrace)

You’d be a fool not to embrace an opportunity as good as that.


Her salary will go up by a hefty 10%.


I scrawled a quick note to Hilary and put it under her door.


There’s a smashing view from her office.


The trip out there was swelling, but the hotel was a bit crummy.

Unit 2


1、The office was rife with rumors.

2、Ann rational out the cake between the children.(ration out)

3、The arrangements are all in place for the concert next Thursday.

4、There are serious penalties for failure to comply with the regulations.

5、The course would take me three years to complete, but I was determined to see it through.

6、She has often spoken up for the rights of working mothers. (speak up for)

7、If there was one thing she couldn’t face in the morning it was her mother on the warpath.

8、He was beside himself with grief when she died.(beside oneself)

9、Don’t drag me into your argument! It has nothing to do with me.

10、I spent the whole weekend trudging through this report, and I still haven’t finished reading

it.( trudge through)

11、She came of her own accord. No one asked her to come.(of one’s own accord)

12、It’s not fair the way my sister is always singled out for special treatment.(single out)


1、Johnny is so ingenious(ingenuity)---he can make the most remarkable sculptures from the most ordinary materials.

2、So what is his prescription(prescribe)for success?

3、I cannot allow any relaxation(relax) of the rules.

4、All pupils are expected to attend the school assembly(assemble).

5、She has the most adorable(adore)two-year-old daughter.

6、To the mortification(mortify)of the show’s organizers, the top performers withdrew at the last minute.

7、She was wearing a black suit trimmed(trim)with white.

8、I didn’t know what to say—I just offered a few words of consolation(console).

9、I didn’t want to lose my composure(compose)in front of her.

10、She looked a bit dejected(dejection) when she was told that she hadn’t got the job.


The company was started by a couple of enterprising young men.


He’s a former heavyweight champion and is expected to win the bout easily.


Many hours of meticulous preparation have gone into writing the book.

4.她从头到脚穿一身黑。(be attired)

She was attired from head to foot in black.

5.我节衣缩食整整一年,为的是攒我们去度假的钱。(scrimp and save)

I’ve been scrimping and saving all the year to pay for our holiday.


I know he’s well-meaning, but I wish he’d leave us alone.


He became very indignant when it was suggested he had made a mistake.


For the umpteenth time, Anthony, knives and forks go in the middle drawer!


I’m afraid sewing isn’t one of my fortes.


She was buoyed by the warm reception her audience gave her.

Unit 4


1、In any of these discussions, of course, honesty is of the essence.

2、The conversation revolved around childcare problems.(revolve around)

3、Members must conform to a strict dress code.

4、The sound of piano-playing floated out through the open window.(float out through)

5、Is there something you’re concealing from me?(conceal from)

6、The legislation should usher in a host of new opportunities for school leavers.

7、Hooligans masquerading as football fans have once again caused disturbances.(masquerade as)

8、My arguments with the boss got worse and worse, and it all culminated in my deciding to change jobs.

9、It’s always been an interesting period in history and this film really brought it to life.(bring to life)

10、There are risks inherent in almost every sport.

11、She warned that she had no magic wand to solve the problem.

12、A joke can be very revealing about what someone’s really thinking.(reveal about)


1、The book is a fictionalized(fiction) account of the life of St. Francis.

2、Containment(contain) of crowd violence was the police’s main concern.

3、It was clear that they had not acted in violation(violate)of the rules.

4、She’s perpetually(perpetuate)asking me for money.

5、The best films are those which transcend(transcendence)national or cultural barriers.

6、There is a lot of interest in carrying out experiments in the weightless(weight)conditions which are experienced aboard space stations.

7、There is a growing disenchantment(disenchant)with the way the club is being run.

8、What we are seeing increasingly is a society of private affluence(affluent)and public squalor.

9、The Constraints(constrain)of politeness wouldn’t allow her to say what she really thought about his cooking.

10、The certificate had clearly been falsified(false).


Mundane matters such as going to the market to buy food do not interest her.


I still remember my carefree student days.


It’s very difficult to undo the damage caused by inadequate parenting in a child’s early years.

4.观众显然为她的表演所陶醉。(be enchanted by)

The audience was clearly enchanted by her performance.


The Venice Film Festival has always been the showcase of the Italian cinema.

6.她因车祸大脑受损,智力退化到一个五岁孩子的水平。(regress to)

She suffered brain damage from a car accident and regressed to the mental age of a five-year-old.

7.小心点,否则他会欺骗你的。(take for a ride)

Be careful or he’ll take you for a ride.

8.她的故事对那邪恶单身旅行的女性来说事一种告诫。(cautionary tale)

Her story is a cautionary tale for women traveling alone.


She left her home and traveled across the sea in search of a utopia, but she never found it.


The essence of his argument was that education should continue throughout our lives.

Unit 5


1、She never participates in any of our discussions, does she?

2、Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can learn a foreign language without doing any work.

3、Even as a young boy he knew how to turn on the charm when he wanted something.

4、These figures clearly demonstrate the size of the economic problem facing the country.

5、She had developed an outgoing personality to mask her deep insecurities.(insecurity)

6、I think men are less tolerant of stress than women.

7、She read his lips across the busy conference hall--- “Time to go.”

8、There was a chorus of disapproval at his words.

9、Is it more democratic to hold a referendum, rather than let the government alone decide?

10、As a record company director, his job is to nurture young talent.(nurture)


1、As a child Emma fantasized(fantasy)that she would do something heroic.

2、Talking about our old family holidays has made me feel quite nostalgic.(nostalgia)

3、Collectors of eighteenth century exotica(exotic)are our main customers.

4、The public’s response to the crisis appeal was generous and compassionate(compassion).

5、A good singer needs to have good articulation(articulate).

6、Champagne and chocolates for breakfast---how decadent(decadence)!

7、The part of the film judged to be pornographic(pornography)was cut from the final version.

8、We are a moral, ethical(ethics)people and therefore we do not approve of their activities.

9、King Edward VIII abdicated(abdication)the British throne in 1936 so that he could marry Mrs Simpson, a divorced woman.

10、I saw her through a haze(hazy)of cigarette smoke.


Few people exude such confidence as Sam.

2.他两次被判犯了纵火罪。(convict of)

He has twice been convicted of arson.


After tracking down the drug baron for more than three years, they finally arrested him last week.

4.由于战争,他们失去了一个正常的童年时代。(deprive of)

They were deprived of a normal childhood by the war.


The bank is planning to give its 1930s’ building a complete face-lift.


The concept of thrift is foreign to me.

7.顶嘴的孩子被认为是厚脸皮和不懂礼貌的。(talk back)

Children who talk back are regarded as cheeky and disrespectful.

8.刑满释放人员找工作总是很不容易。(do time)

It’s not always easy to find a job after you’ve done time.


She has abdicated all responsibility for the project.

10.冰箱里几乎什么都没有,我怎么凭空给他的六个朋友变出一顿饭来?(conjure up)

How am I expected to conjure up a meal for six of his friends with almost nothing in the fridge?

Unit 6


1、I’ve been dragooned into giving the after-dinner speech.

2、I stayed at home on the night in question.

3、The lives of thousands of birds are in jeopardy as a result of the oil spillage.

4、When one airline reduces its prices, the rest soon follow suit.

5、I screwed up my exams last year.

6、The problems of the past few months have taken their toll on her health and there are shadows beneath her eyes.

7、Their disagreement stemmed from a misunderstanding.

8、The remark was uttered sotto voce.

9、We had to fork over ten bucks to park near the stadium.

10、Tick off each item on the list as you complete it.

11、A list of 12 candidates has been winnowed down to a shortlist of three.

12、She told him flat ou t that she would not go to the show.


1、The only illumination(illuminate)was from a skylight.

2、The golden autumn light provided the inspiration(inspire)for the painting.

3、There was a biographical(biography)note about the author on the back of the book.

4、She was utterly devastated(devastate)when her husband died.

5、She’s neurotic(neurosis)about her weight---she weighs herself three times a day.

6、It’s infuriating(infuriate)when people keep spelling your mane wrong, isn’t it?

7、He’s obsessive(obsess)about punctuality.

8、Liz has a fixation(fixate)with food.

9、The medical examination before you start work is obligatory(oblige).

10、Her controversial speech was punctuated with noisy interjections(interject)from the audience.

1.他是家里的长子,所以也是唯一得到过父母全身心照顾的孩子。(undivided attention)Being the eldest son in the family, he was the only one to have gained the undivided attention of his parents.


He lacked the requisite skills for the job.


The United Nations mediated between the local government and the rebels during the crisis.

4.他用杰出的成就为自己在学术界谋得了一个顶尖科学家的席位。(carve out a niche)

He has carved out a niche for himself as a leading researcher in his field of study.


Everyone feigned surprise when I told them how old I was.

6.数据被输入到电脑中去后,电脑会自动确认其有效。(be validated by)

The data is validated automatically by the computer after it has been entered.


He looked somewhat shamefaced when he realized his mistake.


Set in the last century, the novel tells a story about a girl who was disowned by her parents when she married a foreigner.


I’ve got to speak to James vis-à-vis the arrangements for Thursday.

10.此时还说不准她是否能彻底痊愈。(at this juncture)

At this juncture, it is impossible to say whether she will make a full recovery.

Unit 7


1、Ms Campbell has been appointed to root out inefficiency in this company.

2、Their company has a strong hold on the computer market.(have a hold on)

3、What he did was within the bounds of acceptable behavior.

4、The famous movie star made a rare personal appearance last Friday.(make an appearance)

5、They had not realized the depth of their feelings for one another.

6、The president hastened to reassure his people that he was in perfect health.

7、Cheap organic food is still difficult to come by.

8、He can think what he likes about me---I don’t give a damn!

9、Although many of his friends were politicians, he stood aloof from politics.

10、I suppose it’s because I live in a crowded city that I have this yearning for open spaces.


1、I don’t think you understand the gravity(grave)of the situation.

2、The tone of the letter was placatory(placate).

3、They are forced to live in deplorable(deplore)conditions.

4、She claimed that the rise in unemployment was just a further manifestation(manifest)of the government’s incompetence.

5、Religious observances(observe)such as fasting can be hard to follow.

6、The report absolved(absolution)her from all blame for the accident.

7、The fruit was preserved by submersion(submerge)in alcohol.

8、I divined(divination)from his grim expression that the news was not good.

9、The past two years have seen the proliferation(proliferate) of TV channels.

10、She’s neurotic(neurosis)about her weight---she weighs herself three times a day.


His parents were worried by his increasingly irrational behavior.

2.有些评论家批评该电影对妇女的刻画带来性别歧视(be condemned by)

The film was condemned by some critics for its sexist portrayal of women.

3.你不必勉强带我和你一起去。如果你不带我去,我不会生气的。(under compulsion to)

Don’t feel under any compulsion to take me with you. I won’t be offended if you don’t. 4.在政治问题上他表现得极为幼稚,真令人担心。(worrying naiveté)

He demonstrated a worrying naiveté about political issues.

5.每当他们开始争吵,我总是离得远远的。(remain aloof)

Whenever they started quarrelling, I would always remain aloof.

6.无须惊慌。警方已经控制了局面。(have …in hand)

There’s no need to panic. The police have the situation in hand.

7.遇到一个好老板不是那么容易的。(come by)

A good boss is not so easy to come by.

8.她脸上丝毫没有懊恼的表情。(absent from)

Any sign of remorse was completely absent from her face.

9. 你必须打消一切报仇的念头。(banish from)

You must try to banish all thoughts of revenge from your mind.

10.她对女儿们的影响很大。(have a hold on)

She has a strong hold on her daughters.

Unit 8


1、In a last-ditch attempt to save his party from electoral defeat, he resigned from the leadership.

2、You’re tempting fate by riding your bike without wearing a bicycle helmet.(tempt by)

3、Let’s put our differences aside and make a fresh start.

4、In some areas, modern intensive farming is giving way to the re-introduction of traditional methods.

5、She was shot by a sniper when she went out in search of firewood.

6、Most of the violent scenes were edited out for television.

7、The number-one rule for being a good colleague is to disengage your emotions from the working relationship.

8、She’s opposed to religious education in schools.

9、She clings to the hope that her husband will come back to her.

10、We had lots of good applicants for the job, but one stood out from the rest.

11、She crusaded against sex and violence on television.

12、She was invalided out of the service because of injuries she received in a fire.


1、In the film, he is able to depict the sense of otherness(other)and alienation that many teenagers feel.

2、The sophistication(sophisticate)of computers is increasing as their size decreases.

3、Don’t be so impulsive(impulse)---think before you act.

4、The father-daughter relationship is a recurrent(recur)theme in her novels.

5、I keep getting contradictory(contradict)advice---some people tell me to keep it warm and some tell me to put ice on it.

6、Talking about our past family reunions has made me feel quite nostalgic(nostalgia).

7、The group has always been characterized by an uncompromising militancy(militantly).

8、She has the distinction(distinct)of being one of the few people to have an honorary degree

conferred on her by the university this year.

9、There is increasing disillusionment(disillusion)with the management of the company.

10、We are still awaiting confirmation(confirm)of the exact number of casualties.

1. 七月份全国上下掀起了旅游热。(wanderlust)

In July, wanderlust takes over the whole nation.


I am doing research on the contradictions between his private life and his public persona.

3.他感觉自己在所有那些聪明人中间像个冒牌货-----似乎他根本没资格在那儿。(impostor)He felt like an impostor among all those intelligent people, as if he had no right to be there.


Funny, profane and fearless, she has become one of America’s biggest television celebrities.


A crowd of curious onlookers soon gathered to see what was happening.


Hearing that tune again filled him with nostalgia.


I detest having to get up when it’s still dark outside.

8. 作为悔过,她说要给他们买一盒巧克力。(penance)

As a penance, she said she would buy them a box of chocolates.

9. 这本书中有好几个优美的描写片段。(sublime)

The book contains sublime descriptive passages.


Perceiving that he wasn’t happy with the arrangements, I booked a different hotel.

Unit 9


1、She studied every evening and reaped the rewards at exam time.

2、I think he is fairly content with his life.(be content with)

3、Exercise can make a big difference to your health.

4、He was rewarded for his years of service to the company with a grand farewell party and several

presents.(be rewarded with)

5、Because of poor health she had to stop running for the election.(run for)

6、I think of him as someone who will always help me.

7、These antique chairs are uncomfortable to sit on.

8、He said that there were few members of ethnic minorities holding senior military ranks.

9、They gave him chicken soup to build up his health.

10、Several students dropped out of the course after three weeks.


1、He felt a sense of incredulity(incredulous), anger and pain at the accusation made against him.

2、A move towards healthy eating could help eliminate(elimination)heart disease.

3、His feelings of resentment have been suppressed(suppression)for years.

4、By the time the pilot realized how close the plane was to the building, it was too late to take evasive(evade)action.

5、There is a predominance(predominate)of people with an arts degree on the board of governors.

6、It’s very easy to empathize(empathy)with the characters in her books.

7、Late last night, the French ambassador(ambassadorial)was summoned to the Foreign Office to discuss the crisis.

8、The truth is that they appoint no more than a token(tokenism)number of women to managerial jobs.

9、Customers are tired of the stereotypical(stereotype), fast-talking salesperson.

10、It is not his acting but his masculinity(masculine)that really appeals to the audience.

1.也许有人会觉得我的报告过于悲观,但至少我在报告中实事求是地反映了我们面临的问题。(strike as)

My report may strike some people as pessimistic, but at least it’s realistic about the problems we face.

2.这本书很有意思,书中就人际关系所表达的许多观点很深刻。(insight into)

It was an interesting book, full of fascinating insights into human relationship.


I found it quite a handicap not to have a car in the country.


The police have eliminated the possibility that it could have been an accident because it was so well timed.


She looked at him with undisguised contempt.


The characters in the book are just stereotypes.


You will soon reap the various benefits of being fit as long as you keep doing exercise. 8.如果你企图逃税,你就有坐牢的危险。(evade)

If you try to evade paying your taxes you run the risk of going to prison.

9.他一直试图按他的标准塑造我。(mold into)

He kept trying to mold me into what he wanted me to be.

10.我们没有屏幕,但我们可以把幻灯片打在后墙上。(project onto)

We don’t have a screen but we can project the slides onto the back wall.

Unit 10


1、She must reconcile herself to the fact that she must do some work if she wants to pass her exams.

2、There are signs that support for the party is on the wane.

3、She managed to save enough money to redeem her jewellery from the pawn shop.

4、From what I was able to glean, the new isn’t good.(glean from)

5、For patients who do not respond to drug treatment, surgery is a possible option.

6、Let go of my hand, you’re hurting me!

7、I was about to pay for the shopping when it suddenly dawned on me that I’d left my cheque book at home.

8、He pored over the letter searching for clues about the writer.

9、You must keep things in perspective---the overall situation isn’t really that bad.

10、This country is in danger of allowing its industrial base to wither away.


1、Lately, his preoccupation(preoccupy)with football had caused his marks at school to slip.

2、I shall be left with many enduring(endure)memories of the time I spent in India.

3、He laid the wreath reverently(revere)in front of the memorial.

4、Ann has always believed passionately(passion) in women’s rights.

5、The novel follows the progression(progress)of a woman from youth to middle age.

6、With sad inevitability(inevitable), he has ended up in prison.

7、The film went on for what seemed like an eternity(eternal).

8、She has campaigned relentlessly(relent)for her husband’s release from prison.

9、It’s important to store perishable(perish)food in a cool place.

10、Gradually she began to notice one or two little imperfections(imperfect)in his character.

1. 她把对家庭投资的控制权让给了儿子。(relinquish to)

She relinquished control of the family investments to her son.

2.男孩牙齿紧咬着一把刀,爬上树去割椰子。(clench between)

With a knife clenched between his teeth, the boy climbed up the tree to cut some coconuts.

3.这家小公司接到命令取消对消费者的这种限制。(be enjoined to)

This small company has been enjoined to end all such restrictions on consumers.

4.彼此将近五年没说话后,他们终于和解了。(reconcile to)

They were finally reconciled to each other, after not on speaking terms for nearly five years.

5.我们只有非常有限的时间来完成这项任务----我们不可能无限期地继续下去。(a finite amount of)

We only have a finite amount of time to complete this task—we can’t continue indefinitely.

6.他差点在车祸中丧生,在特护病房住了一个多月。(in intensive care)

He nearly died in the car accident and was in intensive care for over a month.

7.这是本有趣的书,充满了对人际关系的深刻见解。(insight into)

It is an interesting book, full of valuable insights into human relationships.

8. 我依稀记得,多年前曾经见过她。(a dim recollection of)

I had a dim recollection of having met her many years ago.

9.我不愿意告诉她她儿子被捕了。(relish doing sth.)

I don’t relish telling her that her son has been arrested.


The demise of the company was sudden and unexpected.