People from different countries speak different languages

People from different countries speak different languages, keep

different value systems, and have different ways of looking at


For example, when Chinese friend come across in the street ,the first sentence they say would always be have you eaten? While the people who come from western country meet is like talking about the weather.

This example is a good description of different cultural background will cause different behavior of different people.

Cultural differences are subtle and are often unrecognized.Failure to recognize cultural differences lies at the root of many everyday misunderstandings and irritations among people of different countries.

Chinese are used to taking a implicative greeting, so, what way we express friendly is the handshake.So when we see western people greeting each other by embracing we will be surprised. Chinese are used to use chopsticks when eating, so when we see some countries is directly use hand to grab food, we will think they are Uncivilized.

This is only because of cultural difference

Inability to recognize cultural differences can make communication difficult. Having respect for even learning about other cultures can help you avoid misunderstandings.

Be aware of cultural differences is not only a cultural learning but also a personal growth and personal experience enrichment.

we can avoid unintentionally offending others by learning the basic characteristics of other cultures, getting to know a few everyday phrases or common customs of other cultures.