1. —Can we put another bed in this room?

—Sure. It's big ________ for a third one.

2. —Is this your English book?

—No, it isn't. ________ is in my school bag.

3. —Keep your hair away from fire,Lucy.

—I see,mum. Hair ________ fire easily.


1. Spud Webb's success proves that one can hardly realize his dream_______hard work.


1. Too much sweet can be h________ to kids' teeth.

2. Anyone who breaks the law will be p________.

3. Mary is a________ from class today because she is in hospital.

4. The boy was so careless that he made a big m________ in the exam.

5. You'll have to hurry if your want to c________ that train.


1. D________ the summer vacation,we mustn't go swimming alone in the river. It's dangerous.

2. It has been 20 years s________ I graduated from college.

3. Paul didn't drive to the museum. I________,he rode his bike.

4. In s________,flowers come out and grass turns green.

5. Now all the students are w________down their resolutions and plans for the coming year in class.


1. May is the f________ month of a year.

2. Kitty,you've made some mistakes in this exam. Be more c________ next time.

3. These days it usually rains,so you'd better take an u________ with you when you go out.

4. Don't worry,Lucy! I will r________ you up before we set out.

5. This kind of dictionary should be h________ to students. I want to buy one.


1. The weather is s________ today. Let's go bike riding in the countryside.

2. Bob hasn't seen Kim s________ they graduated from high school.

3. The classroom is e________ now. All the students are in the music room.

4. The teacher will d________ us into four groups to play the new game.

5. Thanksgiving is a public holiday in the United States in N________.


1. Lily is only two years old so she can't r________ a horse.

2. The first day of O________ is Chinese National Day.

3. Spring Festival is one of Chinese t________ festivals.

4. Mr. Green a________ a meeting and gave a speech yesterday.

5. The government is s________ up nature parks to protect pandas in the wild.


1. Jack went to school without breakfast,so he is h________ now.

2. Look left and right to make sure it's safe before you go a________the street.

3. It's a good habit to w________ hands before meals.


1. As we know,May is the f________ month of a year.

2. Under the leadership of Chairman Xi,China will become much stronger w________ doubt.

3. As a traditional festival,Mid-Autumn Day is c________ in China every year.


1. China is the biggest country in A________.

2. It's i________ to speak loudly in public.

3. My bike is broken. My father is r________ it.


1. May is the f________ month of the year.

2. Anna is a cute girl. We all like h________.

3. Class begins! Listen carefully and a________ my questions.

4. I like playing basketball very much and I want to be a basketball p________ in the future.

5. Bob is much t________ now. The jeans he wore last year are too short.


1. Every coin has two s________. You should use the Internet in a proper way.

2. Can you c________ the poem from Du Fu into a song? I think it will be very wonderful.

3. Our government has p________ children in poor areas with food for free since 2011.


1. Please open the w________ and let some fresh air in.

2. The kind boy was happy to s________ his food with the hungry man.

3. To keep healthy,you should do sports and have a balanced d________.

4. N________ cross the road when the traffic light is red.

5. By reading 30 minutes a day,you can learn more words and i________ your writings.

6. The students are very h________. They clean houses for the old people every weekend.


1. In the north of China,leaves usually fall down when a________ comes.

2. A p________ at a school is a place for students to play and do sports.

3. In China more and more people r________ shared bikes to and from work.

4. Don't worry about the children. They are old enough to look after t________.


1. —Cindy,what kind of restaurants do you like?

—I p________ restaurants that can provide customers with free Wi-Fi.

2. Mr. King is very p________. He often explains difficult problems many times until we understand.

3. It's d________ for people to use the mobile phone while crossing the street.


1. I am c________ wrong for sure. I have to do the research from the very beginning.

2. All the p________ on the fight 3U8633 feel very thankful for the quick decision made by the pilot.

3. The tour i________ a visit to the Disneyland,so you needn't pay for the tickets.

4. At last,Ann o________ her shyness and gave us a speech in public.

5. “Are you sure you can work out the problem yourself?” Peter asked me i n d________.


1. The old man stayed a________ luckily after the strong earthquake.

2. Your fascinating speech is f________ with positive energy.


1. Many students r________ bikes to school every day.

2. December is the t________ month of the year.


1. The story Yu Gong Moves A Mountain shows us that a________ is possible if you work hard.

2. Such bad books shouldn't be allowed to sell at any bookstore. They are

h________to children.

3. Grace will go to a u________ for further education after she finishes high school.


1. My friend came over last night to watch the v________ of football match that I'd recorded.

2. After a long day,Tom l________ down on the bed and went to sleep.

3. The train was very c________ with passengers,so we had to stand.

4. —Do you think more money should be given to education?

—C________!I couldn't agree more.

5. Sorry,I've f________your phone number. Could you please tell me again?

6. Be p________. It takes time. You can become better by reading something you enjoy every day.

7. A square has four sides and four c________.

8. December is the t________ and last month of the year.

9. The Chinese women's volleyball team won a gold m________ in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

10. You will r________a warm welcome when you come to our village.


1. My sister learned to skate by ________. Nobody helped her.

2. These students always sing an English ________before class.

3. We can easily know what the weather is ________ on our smart phones.

4. If you are helpful,you can ________ on well with everyone around you.

5. The shape of the basketball is________. That makes it easy to pass and throw.


1. The old photos made me think ________ the good old days.

2. One day,you will leave your parents. You have to learn to look after ________.

3. You're supposed to ________ at the door and wait before entering the office.

4. I've heard many beautiful clothes are on ________ in the clothes store. Let's go shopping now.

5. You'd better not stay out ________ with your friends. You need to come back by 9 p.m.


1. To be a teacher is my d________.

2. Tom is old enough to take c________ of himself.

3. There are seven days in a w________.

4. S________ is the first season in a year.

5. They often r________ a bike to work.


1. S________ is the first day of the week.

2. You're good at drawing. Why not j________ our school art club?

3. You should drink e________water every day,at least eight glasses.




一、 1. enough 2. Mine 3. catches

二、 1. without

三、 1. harmful 2. punished 3. absent 4. mistake 5. catch

四、 1. During 2. since 3. Instead 4. spring 5. writing

五、 1. fifth 2. careful 3. umbrella 4. ring 5. helpful

六、 1. sunny 2. since 3. empty 4. divide 5. November

七、 1. ride 2. October 3. traditional 4. attended 5. setting

八、 1. hungry 2. across 3. wash

九、 1. fifth 2. without 3. celebrated

十、 1. Asia 2. impolite 3. repairing

十一、 1. fifth 2. her 3. answer 4. player 5. taller

十二、 1. sides 2. change 3. provided

十三、 1. window(s) 2. share 3. diet 4. Never 5. improve 6. helpful

十四、 1. autumn 2. playground 3. ride 4. themselves

十五、 1. prefer 2. patient/popular 3. dangerous

十六、 http://m.wendangku.net/doc/0f7533adf342336c1eb91a37f111f18582d00c6a.htmlpletely 2. passengers 3. includes 4. overcame 5. disbelief 十七、 1. alive 2. filled

十八、 1. ride 2. twelfth

十九、 1. anything 2. harmful 3. university

二十、 1. video / videos 2. lay 3. crowded 4. Certainly 5. forgotten 6. patient

7. corners 8. twelfth 9. medal 10. receive

二十一、 1. herself 2. song 3. like 4. get 5. round

二十二、 1. of/about 2. yourself/ yourselves 3. knock/stand 4.


5. late

二十三、 1. dream 2. care 3. week 4. Spring 5. ride

二十四、 1. Sunday 2. join 3. enough