1. You ____where you leave your things.

A. always forgets

B. are always forgetting

C. have always forgotten

D. will always forget

2. He is ____ boy to do such a thing.

A. such an honest

B. too honest

C. too honest a

D. so honest a

3. There are several pretty girls standing under the tree, but ____are known to me.

A. neither

B. none

C. no one

D. all

4. It is because he is not proud of his learning____he is respected by his students.

A. that

B. which

C. what

D. that which

5. “I hope the children won’t go near the water.”“I warned them _____.”

A. not

B. not to

C. not go

D. won’t

6. When he came back he was not____we had known twenty years before.

A. John

B. a John

C. the John

D. the Johns

7. The physician considers going to bed early to be more sensible ___.

A. but staying up late

B. than to stay up late

C. than staying up lately

D. than staying up late

8. The two children ____towards the sea at about 11o’clock.

A. were seen running

B. were seen run

C. saw runniing

D. have been seen running

9. ____is his own decision.

A. When leaving

B. When does he leave

C. When he leaves

D. He leaves

10. In one year rats eat 40 to 50 times ____weight.

A. its

B. and

C. their

D. of

11. The line of trees shut the house from ____.

A. sight

B. view

C. eyes

D. scene

12. Get a shirt one size larger than you usually wear, because this material ____when you wash it.

A. fades

B. recedes

C. shrinks

D. decreases