1.Column A gives square roots. Extracting a square root is an operation, which can be handled by slide rule.


2.A material object cannot have a speed greater than the speed of light.


3.Distillation involves heating the solution until water evaporates, and then condensing the vapor.


4.To return to the main menu at any time, press the MENU button on the remote control.

5.If we close our eyes, we cannot see anything because our eyelids prevent the rays from entering our eyes.

6.We shall mention here two temperature scales, namely, the Fahrenheit scale and the Centigrade scale.


7.The power plant is the heart of a ship.


8.The power unit for driving the machines is a 50-hp induction motor.


9.Traditionally, rural highway location has been field oriented, but the modern method is “office”oriented.

10.A) Electrode potential depends on the concentration of the ions.


11.B) The determination of trace concentrations of mercury in minerals is described.

文章论述矿物中痕量汞的测定。(measurement in physics )

12.C) A concentration process is important now that the depletion of high grade ores is possibility.


13.Electric power became the servants of man only after the motor was invented.


14.Thus the number of ions builds up very rapidly and a disruptive discharge, or spark, occurs. (使破裂的, 分裂性的)


15.More than 100 chemical elements are known to man; of these, about 80 are metals.


4.The square on the longest side of any right-angled triangle is equal to the squares on the other sides added together.


5.Semiconductor devices have no filament or heaters and therefore require no heating power or warm-up time.


6.Many people would rather have gas to knock them out before they have their teeth out.


7.It was Newton who proved mathematically that the path of a planet must be an ellipse.


8.Acupuncture is the placing of hair-thin needles into the skins at special points of the body to ease pain and treat ailments.


9.The global satellite phone service has opened for business, giving people the power to make and receive call anywhere from Mountain Everest to the Dead Sea.


10.Cloning techniques vary from simple plant cuttings to the replication of adult mammals from their genetic material.


11.You can rectify this fault if you insert a slash. /Rectification of this fault is achieved by insertion of a wedge.


12.We can improve its performance when we use super-heated steam. /An improvement of its performance can be affected by the use of super-heated steam.


13.The dependence of the rate of evaporation of a liquid on temperature is enormous.


14.The construction of such satellites has now been realized, its realization being supported with all the achievements of modern science.


15.A number energy conversion systems are now in transportation


16.It is doubtful how accurate the results/The accuracy of these results is doubtful.


17.If we add or remove heat, the state of matter may change./The addition or remove of heat may change the state of matter.


18.Television is the transmission and reception of images of moving objects by radio waves.


19.The flow of electrons is from the negative zinc plate to the positive copper plate.


20.Again in the case of all motor vehicles, friction is essential in the operation of the brake.


21.They are the employers of managers, as much as they are the employers of workpeople.


22.Television is the transmission and reception of moving objects image by radio waves.


23.Farm tractors are big users of diesel power.


24.Before germination, the seed is watered./Before the plant germinates, it is watered.


25.A soluble crystalline solid may be separated from a solution by evaporation.


Rockets have found application for the exploration of the universe.=People have applied rockets to explore the universe.


Curved rails resist the movement of the train.


I doubt whether the news is true or not.


Archimedes first discovered the principle of displacement of water by solid bodies.


The rotation of the earth on its own axis causes the change from day to night.


Rockets have found application for the exploration of the universe.


The addition of 2 percent sodium carbonate to boiling water increases the bactericide effect.


The testing of machines by this method entails some loss of power.


Failure to fix these symbols in mind keeps students from mastering the mathematical subjects they take up.


This higher cost is not entirely due to the shape of the part, or the use of a more expensive metal.成本较高不完全是由于部件的形状,也不是由于使用的金属比较昂贵。

Despite all the improvements, rubber still has a number of limitations.


High precision implies a high degree of exactness but with no implication as to accuracy.


All these factors play a key role in formulation of the model.


The first step in the solution of any dynamical problem is the selection of an appropriate coordinate system.


A chicken is a suitable specimen for the study of the general external features of a bird.


The flow of electrons is from the negative zinc plate to the positive copper plate.


This law applies to all classes of levers.


All bodies have inertia.


(laws, rules, conclusions, truth--- simple present tense)

People discovered electricity a good many years ago.


The ancient people counted with stones.


(to introduce what was done in the past such as invention, creation, etc.--- simple past tense)

As oil is found deep in the ground, its presence cannot be determined by a study of the surface. Consequently, a geological survey of the underground rock structure must be carried out. If it is thought that the rocks in a certain area contain oil, a “drilling rig” is assembled. The most obvious part of a drilling rig is called “a derrick”. It is used to lift sections of pipe, which are lowered into the hole made by the drill. As the hole is being drilled, a steel pipe is pushed down to prevent the sides from falling in. If oil is struck, a cover is firmly fixed to the top of the pipe and the oil is allowed to escape through a series of values.

石油埋藏于地层深处。因此,仅研究地层表面, 无法确定有无石油,必须勘测地下的岩石结构。如果确定了某一区域的岩石蕴藏着石油,就此安装钻机。它的主要部分是机架,用以撑起一节一节的钢管,让其下到井孔。一边钻井,一边下钢管,以防周围土层塌陷。一旦出油,就紧固管盖,让油从各个阀门喷出。


Today the electronic computer is widely used in solving mathematical problems having to do with weather forecasting and putting satellites into orbit.


Numerical control machines are most useful when quantities of products to be produced are low or medium

记录生产零件必需资料的磁带可以存放起来,需要时, 还可重新使用或修改。

the tape containing the information required to produce the part can be stored, reused or modified when required.


If there were no attraction, the electron would fly away from the proton in a straight line.


A sudden loss of lift will be experienced in case the aircraft speed falls below a certain level.


In case of an oil-pump failure, the moving parts will become overheated.


In the event of fog, aircraft can be guided down to the runway from the control tower.


The engine can be run at very high speeds on condition the vibrations can be damped out.


As long as a rocket burns enough fuel to provide sufficient thrust, it will contribute to increase in speed.


Allow the water to cool for ten minutes and then make the temperature.


The machines should be handled with great care.


The surface must be cleaned.


As a ship is loaded, it sinks deeper into the water, displacing an additional amount of water equal

to the weight of the added load.

不能行走的机器人能学会做工,并能孜孜不倦地工作,今天在世界各地的工厂里得到了使用。Non-mobile robots, capable of learning to perform an industrial task and then of being left to perform it tirelessly, are even now in use in industrial plants all over the world.

Metals are widely used in industry.


The speed of the molecules is increased when they are heated.

当分子受热时, 其速度就增加。

Even when the pressure stays the same, great changes in air density are caused by changes in temperature.

即使压力不变, 气温的变化也能引起空气密度的巨大变化。

The result of the invention of the steam engine was that human power was replaced by mechanical power.

蒸汽机发明的结果是, 机械力代替了人力。

Agricultural technique spreading centers have been set up everywhere in that province, helping farmers to do their work in a more scientific way.


Electrons are known to be minute negative charges of electricity.

大家知道, 电子是极为微小的负电荷。

Rubber is found a good insulating material.


When two bodies oscillate at the same frequency, they are said to be in resonance.

当两个物体以相同的频率震动时, 我们说它们处于共振状态。

It is asserted that …


It is believed that…


It is generally considered that …


It is well known that…

大家知道(众所周知) ……

It will be said that…


It was told that…


It is reported that…


It is generally recognized that…


It has been calculated that…


It may be said without fear of exaggeration that …

可以毫不夸张地说……It must be admitted that…


It must be pointed out that…必须指出……

It will be seen f rom this that…由此可见…

Temperature is changed quickly from room temperature to 125℃and is held there for at least 15 minutes.

使温度很快从室温升到125℃, 并至少保持15分钟。

After sealing the header is cleaned and then the leads are clipped to the desired length.


The mechanical energy can be changed back into electrical energy by a generator.

利用发电机, 可以将机械能在转变为电能。

The converter is tipped on to its side and the charge of molten iron is poured into the top.


The pressure to be measured is applied to one side of the diagram and a reference pressure is applied to the other side.

把待测压力接到薄膜的一侧, 参考压力接到另一侧。

The damage caused by acid rain can be alleviated by adding lime to lakes, rivers and streams

and/or their catchments' areas.


The plan will be discussed first.


科技翻译ppt 整理


1. Only a small part of the sun’s energy reaching the earth is used by us.


2. New uses have been found for old metals, and new alloys have been made to satisfy new demands.


3. The development of electronic computers has been heralded as the beginning of a second industrial revolution as tremendous in scope as that initiated by the invention of the steam engine.

电子计算机的发展被宣称为另一次工业革命的开端, 其规模同蒸汽机的发明所导致的第一次工业革命一样宏大。

4. Many car engines are cooled by water.


5. The first explosive in the world was made and used in China.


6. Produced by electrons are the X-rays, which allow the doctor to look inside a patient’s body. 电子产生的是X射线, 能让医生透视病人的身体。

7. In the event of neutron capture, the mass member of the nucleus will be raised, and it will thus become unstable and radioactive.


8. In addition, not all technology is based on science.


9. Electrical energy can be stored in two metal plates separated by an insulating medium. Such a device is called a capacitor, or a condenser, and its ability to store electrical energy is termed capacitance. It is measured in farads.

电能可储存在由一绝缘介质隔开的两块金属极板内。这样的装置称为电容器, 其储存电


10. Many man-made substances are replacing certain natural materials because either the quantity of the natural products cannot meet our ever-increasing requirement, or more often, because the physical properties of the synthetic substances, which is the common name for man-made materials, have been chosen, and even emphasized so that it would be of the greatest use in the field which it is to be applied.


11. No such limitation is placed on an alternating-current machine; here the only requirement is relative motion, and since a stationary armature and a rotating field system have numerous advantages, this arrangement is standard practice for all synchronous machines rated above a few kilovolt-amperes.


12. Various machine parts can be washed very clean and will be as clean as new ones when they are treated by ultrasonics, no matter how dirty and irregularly shaped they may be.


13. Aluminum remained unknown until the nineteenth century, because nowhere in nature is it found free, owing to its always combined with other elements, most commonly with oxygen, for which it has a strong affinity.

由于铝总是和其他元素--- 最常见的是氧(因为铝对氧有很强的亲和力)--- 结合在一起,所以在自然界任何地方都找不到处于游离状态的铝, 因而直到19世纪才为人们所知道。

14. Odd though it sounds, cosmic inflation is a scientifically plausible consequence of some respected ideas in elementary-particle physics, and many astrophysicists have been convinced for the better part of a decade that it is true.


15. The loads a structure is subjected to are divided into dead loads, which include the weights of all the parts of the structure, and live loads, which are due to the weights of people, movable equipment, etc.


16.With the advent of the space shuttle, it will be possible to put an orbiting solar power plant in stationary orbit 24000 miles from the earth that would collect solar energy almost continuously and convert this energy either directly to electricity via photovoltaic cells or indirectly with flat plate or focused collectors that would boil a carrying medium to produce steam that would drive a turbine that then in turn would generate electricity.


17. The super-cooling effects of the cryogenics which convert liquid helium and other gases into

“superfluids”and metals into “superconductors”, making them non-resistant to electricity, could change the world in a number of ways.

低温学的过冷作用将液态氦及某些气体变成“超流体”,将某些金属变成“超导体”, 使它们没有电阻,从而可以用许多方法改变世界面貌。

18. The electronic notebook will serve as memo files in which the scientist records thoughts for preservation, description of experiments, drafts of reports, calendar and diary information, quotations and other materials extracted from other electronic files, and other types of information that would now be put in paper notebooks and other types of paper files.

电子记录本将可用作带有备忘性质的文件存储器,科学家可在其中记录下要加以保存的意见、实验的描述、报告的摘要、按年月日记载的信息、从别的电子文件存储器中摘取的引文和其他资料,以及现在会记录到纸质记录本或其他形式纸质文件中的任何其他类型信息。19. Typically, when a customer places an order, that order begins a mostly paper-based journey from in-basket around the company, often being keyed and rekeyed into different departments’computer systems along the way.

一般情况下, 当一位顾客预定了一份定单后,那张定单就会在公司里被传阅,并经常以这种方式被发送和再转发到不同部门的计算机系统中

20. If the resistance of the floor could be entirely removed, any horizontal force could start the box moving and once started it would continue to move indefinitely unless a force were exerted to stop it.


21. However, even if prediction becomes possible, people who live in areas where earthquakes are a common occurrence will still have to do their best to prevent disasters by building structures that are resistant to ground movement and by being personally prepared.


22. It is well known that animals cannot be maintained in good health on diets which will supply the necessary calories together with protein, fat and mineral requirements, if certain accessory food factors, the vitamins, are absent from the diet.

动物的食物缺乏维生素这类附加成分时,即使含有蛋白质、脂肪和无机物, 而且能供给必需的热量,也不能保持动物的健康,这是人所熟知的事实。

23.Additional social stresses may also occur because of the population explosion or problems arising from mass migration movements --- themselves made relatively easy nowadays by modern means of transport.


24. Instead of paying someone to manually enter reams of data into the computer, you can use a scanner to automatically convert the same information to digital files using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.


25. Manufacturing processes may be classified as unit production with small quantities being made and mass production with large numbers of identical parts being produced.



26. The great difficulty of introducing radically new computer architectures which requires customers to rewrite most of their software excluded the possibility for these techniques to find their way to the commercial marketplace.


27. Computer languages may range from detailed low level close to that immediately understood by the particular computer, to the sophisticated high level which can be rendered automatically acceptable to a wide range of computer.

计算机语言有低级的也有高级的。前者比较繁琐,接近于特定计算机直接能懂的语言; 后者比较复杂,使用范围广,能自动为多种计算机所接受。

28. As the science of gene expression grows, we may be able to create genes that can turn themselves off after they have gone through a certain number of cell divisions or after the gene has produced a certain amount of the desired product.


29. This hope of “early discovery”of lung cancer followed by surgical cure, which currently seems to be the most effective form of therapy, is often thwarted by diverse biologic behaviors in the rate and direction of the growth of cancer.


30. The nutritional dilemma of persons with AIDS, or PWAS, is that they must eat abundantly yet they must also avoid foodborne illness, juggle foods and medications, and surmount the poor appetite and indigestion caused by their medications and by AIDS itself.

爱滋病患者又称PWAS ,他们所遭遇的饮食困境表现为患者一方面必须大量进食,另一方面又不得不防范因饮食而导致的疾病,拒绝零食和用药,还要克服因治疗以及爱滋病本身而引发的食欲不振和消化不良。

31. What is questioned is whether a country like Britain has a chance, assuming it has the will, to succeed where so many have failed and even assuming that it has, should make the tremendous effort and take substantial financial risk of trying to leapfrog into leadership in entirely new technology or whether it should take the softer option of merely catching up with the rest of the industrialized world. 问题在于像英国这样一个国家,假定它有决心,是否在那么多的国家已经失败的情况下有取得成功的可能;即使有可能,是否应该做出巨大努力并冒相当大的财政风险,试图在完全新的技术领域跃居领导地位;或者是应该做出较为轻松的选择,仅仅赶上工业世界其他国家。

PPT 例句(否定&倍数)

1. Apart from the obviously arithmetical work like pay calculations, there is much work which can be put into a mathematical form although at first sight it may not appear to have anything to do with arithmetic.


2. In this case, the cutting tool, that is, the drill, turns fast, but the work piece doesn’t

move at all. 在这种情况下,切削刀具,即钻头,快速运转,但工件却根本不动。

3. Eclipses are not seen in every part of the world.


4. Not each transistor in the box is out of order.


5. At the same time, it is noticed that the sound becomes gradually weaker, until it scarcely audible although the bell is still ringing. 同时人们会注意到, 尽管电铃仍在响, 但是声音逐渐变弱, 直至几乎听不到。

6. The value of loss in this equation is so small that we can overlook it.


7. Keep the petroleum from the fire. It will burst into flame.


8. Perhaps more important for today’s engineering applications is the lack of large physical and virtual memories on PCs. 对于当今的工程应用来说,也许更为重要的是PC机上缺少大容量的物理内存和虚拟内存。

9. A few instruments are in a state of neglect. 一些仪器处于无人管理状态。

10. Support is much less advanced for distributed computing than for distributed file systems. 对分布式计算提供的支持比对分布式文件系统提供的支持落后很多。

11. Atomic safety has gone far beyond such crude beginnings, but a riskfree reactor has yet to be built.防原子的安全措施现已远非初时那种粗陋简拙的样子了, 但是完全没有危险的反应堆尚有待修建。

12. In a rocket, the jet is formed by burning chemicals within the engine without external air supply.


13. Instead of sunbeams, today’s light-wave communication systems use laser light ricocheting through tiny glass fibers.

今天的光波通信系统利用的不是日光束, 而是通过细微玻璃纤维反射的激光。14. In fact, the willingness to experiment is one of the most striking features of China today, and it seems to be rooted in confidence rather than security.


15. This allows the brain to devote itself to higher levels of analysis and synthesis, rather than having to put time and energy into “picturing” a problem.


16. The sun is our energy source and without it we would not be able to survive.


17. There is no work unless there is motion. 如果没有运动,也就不做功。

18. The problem is not beyond our reach. 这个问题我们能解决。

19. The importance of the project can hardly be exaggerated.


20. There can be no doubt that the second 50 years of powered flight holds a challenge more forbidding, though no less interesting.



21. The speed of sound is only three-hundred-thirty-one-point-two-nine meters a second.


22. Magellan will orbit the planet Venus for 243 earth days.

麦哲伦号(宇宙飞船)将沿着金星的轨道飞行243个地球日。(按数字的形式写出) 23. It takes extreme pressure and temperature of millions of degrees Celsius to join the atoms together.

只有用极大的压力和高达数百万摄氏度的高温才能使这些原子聚合在一起。24. Pioneer-10 is now several thousand-million kilometers from the sun.


25. More than 100 scientists worked on it for 17 months.


26. The temperature at the sun’s center is as high as 10,000,000℃.


27. Laucoma affects as many as two-million persons in the United States.


28. The aeroplane is two times faster than sound.


29. In the presence of 5% carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide becomes twice as toxic as it is alone.

在有5%二氧化碳存在的情况下,一氧化碳的毒性比没有二氧化碳时大一倍。30. Government scientists say more than two times the amount of these gases will be in the atmosphere before the levels stop rising. 政府部门的科学家说,大气层中的这种化合物还要增加一倍以上,然后才会停止增加。

31. The line AB is as long again as the line CD. AB线比CD线长一倍。

当动词表示’减少,降低”时, 可按照字面翻译,也可将倍数折算成分数,如decrease N times可译为: 减少到原来的1/N, 或减少了(N-1)/N

32. Air is brought into the cylinders and compressed about twice as much as the vapor in the cylinder of a gasoline engine. 空气被压送进汽缸,并被压缩到大约为汽油机汽缸中可燃混合气的体积的二分之一。

33. The sun has mass 332,000 times greater than that of the earth.


34. The liquid was diluted with water to five times its original volume.


35. The strength of the attraction between two unlike charges increases by 4 times if the distance between the original charges is halved.


36. The drain voltage has been increased by a factor of 4 (= increase 4 times)


37. The composites showed a two-fold increase in modulus of elasticity and a five-fold increase in tensile over that of the plain matrix.


38. Canada, the world’s largest exporter of office printing paper, more than doubled its exports in the past 15 years. 加拿大是世界上办公用纸出口量最大的国家, 在过去的15年内,其出口量翻了一番。

39. The amount left was estimated to be half again as much as all the copper that has been mined. 当时估计,未开采的铜量是已开采铜量的一倍半。

40. The wire is as long again as that.


41. This wire is half again as long as that.


42. The rate is decreased 8 folds. 速率降低到原来的1/8。

43. The cylinder was shortened 6 times. 圆筒缩短了5/6。(缩短到原来的1/6)

44. The length of the test bed was reduced by a factor of ten.


45. Reducing the data rate by one-half will double the duration of each symbol interval. 把数据传输速度减小一半,将会使每一符号间隔时间延长一倍。

46. The speed is twice less than the average speed.


47. This kind of film is twice thinner than ordinary paper.


48. Production has increased 100% over a previous two -step method.


49. A8 reduces volume by as much as 40%, over ceramic magnets, thus reducing overall cost.

同陶瓷磁石相比, A8的体积减少40%, 因而降低了总成本。

50. A reduction of only four or five percent in body water leads to a drop of 20 to 30 percent in work ability.

体内水分只要减少4%或5%, 就使工作能力下降20%-30%。

51. This year the factory has produced 250% the number of color TV set in 1985.


52. The pressure will be reduced to one-fourth of its original value.




1. Nothing in the world moves faster than light.


2. There is no sound evidence to prove this. 没有充分的证据来证明这一点。

3. This is by no means essential to the primary objective of validating mathematical models of aircraft behavior. 对于验证飞机性能的数学模型这一主要目的来说,这是必需的,但绝不是最本质的。

4. Automatic data processors are in no sense “brain”.


5. There is nothing around you and nothing under your feet at all.


6. Friction is not always a disadvantage. In many instances it is highly important.


7. Both of the substances do not dissolve in water. 这两种物质并不都融于水。

8. Automobile traffic in metropolitan areas constitutes another situation where no human can sense everything going on at a particular time and how all of the variables affect each other. 大都市的汽车交通管理则是一个例子。在这种情况下,任何人都不能了解到在某个特定时刻所发生的一切情况,也不会知道所有变化着的因素彼此相互影响的方式。

9. Although workstations are giving engineers new-found computer power and display capabilities, all is not perfect. 虽然工作站给工程师带来新发现的计算机功能和显示能力,但并非一切都是完美的。

10. For instance, the D and E regions are hardly present at all after sunset and so waves absorbed during the day are reflected at night.

比如, D 区和 E 区在日落后几乎根本不存在,因此,在白天被吸收的短波在夜间才会被反射回来。

11. As rubber prevents electricity from passing through it, it is used as insulating material. 由于橡胶不导电,所以被用作绝缘材料。

12. It is one of the most barbarous customs in the world, considering us as a civilized and a Christian country, that we deny the advantages of learning to women.


13. According to preliminary calculations, it costs a total of some $800, on average, to stop a ton of sulphur from getting into the air.


14. This lack of uniformity of the force of gravity results from a number of factors.


15. Such models have a number of special features, of which perhaps the most important are complete dynamic freedom and the absence of wind tunnel support and wall interference.


16. Ocean-going ships, equipped with the radar, are safe from collision with other ships or ice-bergs.远洋船装上雷达后,能避免与其他船或冰山相撞。

17. These elements are shielded so that they are free from the influence of magnetic field. 这些元件被遮蔽起来以防受到磁场的影响。

18. This more efficient transmission of electricity means less energy will have to be generated-resulting in fewer new power plants built and less dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy.


19. Without virtual memory, a simple task like editing a large file becomes tedious or even impossible to perform. 要是没有虚拟内存的话,像编辑大型文件之类的简单任务都会慢得令人头疼,甚至不可能完成。

20. The machine seems to be out of gear. 机器似乎出故障了。

21. An explosion is nothing more than a tremendously rapid burning.


22. Because modern computers are too fast to serve only one person at a time, to make economic sense the control computer must be shared.


23. During the day, MW signals are too heavily absorbed by the D Regions to be heard over long distances.

中波信号在白天被D 区吸收得很厉害,因而,在远距离收听不到。

24. There is no material but will deform more or less under the action of force.

在力的作用下, 物质或多或少都会发生变形。

25. Violent video games appeared no more likely to cause loss of temper than other forms of play. 含有暴力内容的电子游戏与其他形式的游戏相比,似乎更不大可能使人受挫发火。

26. You can’t be too careful in doing experiment. 做实验越仔细越好。

27. The examination left no doubt that the patient had died of cancer.


28. It can not be too much emphasized that agriculture is the foundation of the national economy. 农业是国民经济的基础,这一点怎么强调都不算过分。

29. The conquest of the air, and of space, may never be fully achieved.


30. Such flights couldn’t long escape notice. 这类飞行迟早会被人发觉的。

31. Plants raised in hot-houses are unlikely to be sturdy.



1. The corporation produces a range of 16 low-alloy steel grades.


2. In the 40 years since then, scientists have spent thousands of millions of dollars attempting to produce the same kind of energy in a safe peaceful way.

自那时起的40年间, 科学家们耗费了数十亿美元的巨资,试图在安全的条件下生产出同样的能量。

3. By 1982, about 3,000 parks and other protected areas had been established on government lands.


4. The World Health Organization says as many as 10 million persons worldwide may have the virus that cause AIDS.

世界卫生组织称, 全世界可能有多达一千万的人携带能引起爱滋病的病毒。

5. Dr. Christine Williams of Columbia University found that overweight kids as young as 3 and 4 showed signs of elevated blood pressure and cholesterol.


6. Neptune is about 4 times bigger than Earth. 海王星大约比地球大四倍。

7. An atom of sulfur is twice as heavy as an atom of oxygen.


8.This one is nine times lighter than that one.这一个比那一个轻十分之九。

9. The amount of sunlight reaching Neptune is about 1,000 times less than the amount reaching Earth. 到达海王星的阳光总量仅是到达地球阳光总量的约千分之一。

10. The steel output has increased by two times. 钢产量已增加二倍。

11. The speed exceed the average speed by a factor of 3.2.


12. There is at least a two fold increase in bandwidth and carrier power (=increase two fold)带宽及载波功率至少增加一倍。

13. In 1972, Wuhan’s output of heavy machines trebled as compare with 1962. 1972年,武汉重型机械产量比1962年增长了两倍。

14. Wheel A turns as fast again as wheel B.


15. This machine turns half as fast again as that one.

这台机器转动的比那台快半倍(一半) 。

16. Switching time of the new-type transistor is shortened 2 times.


17. The new equipment will reduce the error probability by a factor of 7.

新设备将使误差概率降低七分之六(或降到七分之一) 。

18. A body of given mass weighs six times less than on the moon than on the earth. 物体在月球上的重量是在地球上重量的六分之一。

19. If the moon were only half as far away from the earth as it is, the force of attraction would be 4 times as great.


20.The production has increased by 36%. 产量已增加了36%。

21. The single image is reduced in the first reduction by 2:1 to 40: 1.