(1)What is important when…?

Trying to attract new staff

? Competitive wages

? Company reputation

(2)What is important when…?

Preparing to go away on a business trip

? Informing colleagues and clients

? Delegating essential tasks

(3)What is important when...?

Planning corporate hospitality

? Guest list

? Type of event

(4)What is important when...?

Writing a newspaper advertisement for a job vacancy ? Description of t he work

? Experience needed by applicants

(5)What is important when...?

Delegating work to others

? Clear instructions

? Choice of person for the task

(6)What is important when...?

Designing a company website

? Type of information to include

? Different language versions

(7)What is important when...?

Meeting foreign clients for the first time

? Foreign language skills

? Knowledge of cultural differences

(8)What is important when...?

Deciding whether to buy or rent office equipment

? Cost

? Sp eed of technological change

(9)What is important when...?

Aiming to increase staff productivity

? Offering bonuses

? Creating a pleasant environment

(10)What is important when...?

Aiming to keep good staff

? Promotion opportunities

? Salaries

(11)What is important when...?

Organizing a conference