quick work

Lesson 34 Quick work 破案“神速”

1. Dan Robinson has been worried all week.

Dan Robinson焦虑了整整一个星期。

这个句子是be worried句型的完成时,大家别误认为是被动语态了。这种动词过去分词作为形容词使用,来表示有关人的情感方面。其它的比如:

We were amused by his funny stories.我们都被他的滑稽故事逗乐了。

I’m pleased with what you’ve done.我对你所做的感到满意。

We were surprised at the news.我们对这消息很吃惊。

2. Last Tuesday he received a letter from the local police. In the letter he was asked to call at the station.

The local police是指“当地警察局”。


A local newspaper 地方性报纸

Local news 本地新闻


(1)call at (= visit ) 表示“到…去,拜访”,后跟某个地点场所:

He was asked to call at the station.

(2)call on (=pay a visit) 表示“拜访,访问”,后接某个人:

I called on George yesterday.

比较:We should call at Bob’s while we’re in London.