Smart cars

Smart cars

What is the smart car in the future?

What will smart cars be like? In my opinion, there are already some signs in high technologies on building cars. Let’s take a look! This is solar cars. Future solar cars will solve many of our transportation andenvironmental problems. Forget battery electric vehicles and hydrogen cars which will be transitional technology. Trust me, future solar cars will one day be mainstream.

Do you think smart cars will be like this? Future electric cars will be competing with a few other technologies for market share. Other future vehicles powered by hydrogen, nitrogen, biofuels and even nuclear power may one day compete with electric cars. It is not as slow as you think. It can be as fast as you want it to be. Maybe the future smart cars will be like this. Future nuclear cars are not as radical as some people think they are. Actually it may be safer than any modern cars. It is nuclear! Do you dare to drive it? Future flying cars have intrigued people for decades. While flying cars seem like a faraway science fiction dream still, you may be surprised how close we actually are to this possibility. It will be faster than any other cars. But what would you do to these cars, drive it or fly it?

Then what the smart cars be like in the future?