( )1. —You look worried, Kate.

—I have to a math test this afternoon. I’m kind of nervous.

A. take

B. Study

C. pass

D. Fail

( )2. - Are the visitors all from ?

- No, there are only 5 in the group.

A. Germany; Germany

B. Germany; Germans

C. German; Germans

D. German; Germany

()3. -I think students ______ to use an e—dictionary.

-______. I think it’s useless.

A. should allow, I agree

B. allows, I disagree

C. allows ,I agree

D. should be allowed ,I disagree.


A.What do you think we should do

B.Do you think what we should do

C.What do you think should w


()5.The man won ________ dollars in the lottery(彩票).

A. two million

B. millions

C. million of

D.two millions ()6.________Tom ________Mary speaks good Chinese, so they can communicate with these Chinese students very well.

A.Neither; nor

B.Not only; but also

C.Both; and

D.Either; or

()7.He was ________ excited ________ he couldn’t say anything.

A.too; to

B.such; that

C.enough; to

D.so; that

()8. Who _________ computer, do you know?

A. invents

B. invent

C. invented

D. is invented ( )9.The little girl often makes his mother ______her_____ .

A. talk, something interesting

B. tell, something interesting

C. say, interesting something

D. speak, interesting something ( )10. Though it was late , _____ he went on with his work .

A. but

B. and

C. so

D. \

( )11.You had better get your hair___, John. It’s too long for a boy,

I think. —OK, mom.


B. cutting

C. cut

D. to cut

( )12.Mr Green had his son__________ (wash)the car.

A. wash

B. washed

C.to wash

D. washing ()13.Do you know when the first train ________ in China?

A. was produced

B. is produced C.Produced D. producing ()14.The festival ________ in July each year.

A.happened B.happens C.took place D.takes place

()15.The Chinese writer has got lots of fans in France.His new book ________ into French as soon as it came out.

A.was translated B.translated C.is translated D.translates

()16. Please stop making so much , children. The baby is sleeping.

A. sound

B. V oice

C. noise

D. Footstep

()17. Be more careful and we can these accidents.

A. make

B. Take

C. Prevent

D. cause

( )18. —volleyball is this?

—I guess it’s Linda’s.

A. What

B. Who

C. Whose

D. Which

( )19.—Did help you with the work?

—No, I finished it myself.

A. everybody

B. Somebody

C. nobody

D. Anybody

( )20.is dangerous for children to swim in the river alone.

A. It

B. That

C. This

D. He

( )21. —Excuse me, when are we going to have a picnic?

—I’m not sure. Ask our monitor, please. He know.

A. need

B. can

C. may

D. Shall

( )22.(2013?广州中考)Thanks for your invitation, b ut I’m so sorry I can’t go. I need to and help my brother with his English at home.

A. take away

B. take off

C. take care of

D. take out of

( )23. Yesterday Li Ming went to the village he lived five years ago.

A. when

B. Which

C. where

D. That

( )24. —Hi, Tony. Here is a letter for you.

—Thanks. I wonder.

A. who the letter was from

B. who was from the letter

C. who was th e letter from

D. who fro m the letter was

( )25.If you want to have a trip, going to the seaside is a good.

A. choice

B. place

C. chance

D. Gift

( )26.—You look worried, Kate.

—I have to a math test this afternoon. I’m kind of nervous.

A. take

B. Study

C. pass

D. fail

( )27.—Why are you in class, Tommy?

—Because I stayed up late last night.

A. silly

B. Sleepy

C. realistic

D. Important

( )28.Mr Li is very strict his students and he is also strict his work.

A. in; with

B. with; in

C. to; with

D. with; to

( )29.The mother did all kinds of things to make her baby.

A. to stop crying

B. stop crying

C. to stop to cry

D. stop to cry

( )30.—Did you water the flowers yourself?

—No, I got them.

A. water

B. watering

C. waters

D. Watered

( )31.I don’t think sixteen-year-olds should to go to net bars.

A. allow

B. be allowing

C. allowed

D. be allowed

( )32. I think the poor health will be of your study.

A. on the way

B. by the way

C. in the way

D. at the way

( )33. Don’t worry. Anna is to drive a car.

A. calm enough

B. enough calm

C. enough to calm

D. calm to enough ( )34. — In China, no one is allowed to drive a car without

driver’s license.

—It’s just same in our country.

A. /; the

B. a; the

C. a; a

D. /; a

( )35. Great changes _____ in my hometown since 1980.

A. have been taken place

B. took place

C. have taken place

D. were taken place

( )36. The National Day is coming, we’ll have 7 days ______.

A. on

B. off

C. up

D. down ( )37. —Do you need a helping hand with the job? —I can it. Thanks anyway.

A. manage

B. support

C. encourage

D. refuse

( )38. — How I regret when my father told me not to play computer games!

—You’d better say sorry to him.

A. talked back

B. talking back

C. to talk back

D. to talking back ( )39. — Do you mean you will join the club? — Yes, I am it.

A. nervous about

B. tired of

C. careful with

D. serious about ( )40.---Are those books ____?---No, they are not mine. They belong to _______.

A. your, her

B. yours, her

C. your, hers

D. yours, she

( )41.---Whose handbag is this? ---It ____ Kate, I think.

A. must be

B. can’t be

C. might be

D. belongs to

( )42. ---Tom, where’s your father? ---I’m not sure. He _____ in his office.

A. must be

B. may be

C. maybe

D. need be

( )43..Great changes


A.took place

B.were taken place

C.have taken place

D.have been taken place ( )44. is good





D.To walk;at

( )45.Mr.Green teaches






( )46.I don’t need




C.to buy


( )47.If you think the radio is too noisy,you can

A.turn it on D.turn off it



( )48. He can’t speak English, I can’t, ______.

A. too

B. either

C. also

D. neither

( )49.My parents are__________from Qingdao.

A.all B.either C.both D.neither

( )50.Boys and girls,please keep the library_______.

A.clean B.cleaning C.to clean D.cleaned

( )51.We will spend 3 years________in this school before we go to a university.A.learn B.to learn C.learning D.Learned

()52.I wonder ________ the scientist will come to our school this weekend.

A.that B.What C.which D.if

()8.I heard someone ________ in the next door just now.

A.speak B.to speak C.speaking D.speaks

()1.Tom has ________ many presents from his friends.

A.receive B.Receives C.received D.receiving

()6.________ you come, you can see beautiful flowers in our school yard.

A.Whatever B.Wherever C.Whenever D.Whoever

()1.It's our duty to prevent the environment ________ being polluted .

A.of B.for C.from D.in


1. I’m worried about the (safe) of the product.

2. I regret(buy)the expensive skirt.

3. Teens should be (educate) to be polite to the elderly.

4. (smoke) is not allowed in this area.

5. It’s hard for me to make a (decide) right now.

6.The man should be allowed____________(have)a part-time job.

7.She wanted to get her bike____________(repair).

8.Your sister is too young____________(go)to schoo1.

9.My brother is old enough____________(join)the army.

10.We’ll go out for a walk if it stops____________(rain).

11.Jack played computer games instead of ____________(do)his homework.12.Mr. Zhang____________(teach)us History last year.

13.Teenagers can make their own(decide).

14. School(safe)causes more and more people’s attention.

15. I’m glad to see my son(achieve)their dreams.

16. His dream is to be a(profession)boxer like Zou Shiming.

17.When you are in trouble, please ask the _____________(policeman) for help.

18.My brother is doing some _________(medicine) research on some diseases.

19.Wearing masks can p_________ people from catching a cold.

20.There is something __________(create) fear in the neighborhood.

21.In my mind, Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest ________(lead) in the world. 22.This book is ________ (value) for us to learn English.

23.I________ (use) to be afraid of dark.

24.She was sure of________ (finish) the work on time.

25.Tom wears a pair of ________ (glass).


be strict with, talk back, move out, make sure,

stay out

A: You are not quite yourself today. What’s up?

B: Well, I (1) to my parents when they asked me to stop playing game s on the iPad.

A: Did they get angry?

B: I don’t know. I just think why they (2) me all the time.

A: That’s because they want to (3) you are doing your best to b e a good boy.

B: They want me to be perfect. But nobody can be perfect, right? I think they are too hard on me.

For example, I am not allowed (4) in the evening.

A: They want you to keep safe.

B: But I am old enough to look after myself. Sometimes I can’t stand (忍受) their endless chatter (唠叨) and I even want to (5) .

A: I hope you don’t mean it. They chatter because they care about you a lot.

四. 书面表达


提示:1. 用眼时间不能过长。

2. 读书时要保持正确的姿势,眼睛与书保持一尺的距离。

3. 不能在昏暗或强烈的光线下看书;也不要在车上或躺在床上看书。

4. 减少看电视或上网的时间。

5. 每天坚持做眼保健操。

参考词汇:keep…one foot away; in poor/strong l ight surf the Internet; do eye exercise

How to Protect Your Eyes

At present, more and more students wear glasses. This brings us some trouble. Their parents really worry about them. So it is important to protect eyes. What should we do?

First, don’t use yo ur eyes too long. If you do that, your eyes will be tired. You should have a rest for a while every half an hour.

Second, you should keep your eyes one foot away when you are reading. Don’t read in strong or poor light, and don’t read in a moving bus or in bed.

Third, you should cut down the time of watching TV and surfing the Internet.

Finally, do eye exercises twice every day, and then you’ll have good eyes.

In a word, if you accept these advice, I believe you will have good eyes.