必修三unit4 lesson2

必修三unit4 lesson2

课题:Unit 2 Astronomy: the science of the stars

Period 2: Language points


1 .Learn and grasp the key words and expressions

2. Learn to use important and useful points and analyze the long sentence.


1. Learn to use important and useful points and analyze the long sentence.




3.既然____________ 4give birth to___________ 5.begin to do ________ 6. cheer up ___________ 7.block out____________ 8.break out ___________ 9.be amazed at________ 【课堂演练】


1.It exploded loudly with fire and rock,which were in time to produce the water vapor,carbon

dioxide,oxygen,nitrogen and other gases,...


必修三unit4 lesson2

①. The guest reached the hall _______ 客人准时到达大厅

②.I jump into the river _______ .我立即跳入河中。

③.You may use my watch _______. 你可以随时用我的手表。

④._______there were not so many cars on the streets. 从前街上没有这么多车子。

2.It allowed the earth to dissolve harmful gases, which had become part of the earth’s atmosphere,into the oceans and seas.

翻译:________________________________________________________________________ allow sb.to do sth.允许某人做某事

allow doing sth.允许做某事,与permit在很多情况下可以通用。advise,forbid 也有类似用法。典型例句:


②People are not allowed to spit in public. 译:____________________________________

3.They are putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,which prevents heat from escaping from the earth into space.


prevent sb./sth.(from) doing sth.阻止某人或者某事做某事①他的话可以阻止我们玩游戏。译:____________________________________

②The heavy rain _____ us visiting the attractive lake,but we didn?t _____.

A. prevented ;lose the heart

B. prevented; lose heart

C. kept ;lose the heart D .kept ;lose the heart

必修三unit4 lesson2

①Several people believe the Devi _______l in the world.少数人认为世界上存在恶魔。

必修三unit4 lesson2

There_______ warmhearted person everywhere. 翻译:________________________。


③It is surprising that a kind of animal is existing in the dry desert. ____________

④There exist a good way to solve many difficult physics problems. ____________

5.Thus they have ,in their return ,become the most important animals on the planet.





6.We watched amazed as fire broke out on the outside of the spaceship as the earth’s gravity increased.

必修三unit4 lesson2


break in break through break out break into break away from

(1)T hey kissed ,then she _____ him and ran out of the room.

(2)When they reached the room,they found the room had been _____.

(3)Mother and I had a discussion about how to visit Beijing and my elder brother would sometimes _____ with a suggestion.

(4)We are very sorry to see the civil war _____ at last.

(5)At 10 o?clock in the morning 300 tanks prepared to _____ the enemy lines.

7.But I step forward I found I was carried twice as far as on the earth and fell over.


在本句中,用twice as far as 表示____


①The road is twice as wide as that road. 译:________________________。

②The room is twice the size of my brother?s room.这屋子是我哥哥屋子的两倍大。

③Yao Ming is twice taller than that boy. 译:________________________。

④—How are you getting on with your project?

—______ your speed.

A.Twice faster than

B.Twice as faster as


D.As twice as

⑤The house rent is expensive.I I am paying ______ here.

A.as 3 times much

B. as much three times

C.much as 3 times

D.3 times as much


http://m.wendangku.net/doc/1ae91c007dd184254b35eefdc8d376eeafaa175d.htmlst month I was lucky enough to have a chance to make a trip into space with my friend Li Yanping,an astronomer.


本句中出现“be+adj.+enough+to do”结构。表示___________________:

①It is well known that it is ______ ______to get enough food before you start.


②She is ______ ______ to decide for herself. 她已到自己做决定的时候了

③A:This house is big enough for them to live in.

B:This house is _____ big _____ they can live in it.

④A:The girl is too young to go to school.

B:The girl is not _____ _____ to go to school.

9.Walking does need a bit of practice now that gravity has changed.

翻译:________________________________________________ :

now that 的意思为_________,从属连词,引导_____状语从句或者_____状语从句,在口语中可以省略that。

①_____ _____you have mentioned it,I keep it in mind. 既然你提到了,我要装在心里。


与now that意思相近的有seeing that,since等。

②Since you have finished doing homework,you can go out for a rest.译:__________________

③Seeing that you have enough money,you lend me a lot. 译:__________________

④_____ your father have bought a new bike for you,it?s no use going to the shop to buy another one.

A.Now that


C.After all

D.Because of


The earth is the only planet that scientists are certain has life .What does the earth have that the other planets don?t ? For one thing , the earth has just the right temperature . As the third planet from the sun , the earth seems to be just the right distance away . The planets that are closer to the sun are so hot that their surfaces bake in the sun . The farthest planets are cold balls . When the earth developed— which scientists believe may have happened about billions of years ago , many gases covered the earth . The gases caused the earth to be hot . But something wonderful happened . The temperature was just right for thick clouds to form . It rained very hard for a very long time . This gave the earth its oceans . Water made it possible for plants to grow . The plants created oxygen in the atmosphere . Oxygen is the gas that humans and animals breathe .

Only one other planet in the solar system seems to be something like the earth . That planet is Mars . Mars is smaller than the earth , and it is quite a bit cooler . But it is not too cold for humans . On some days , the temperatures are as cold as a winter day in the northern United States . If you wore a special spacesuit , you could walk around on Mars . You would have to bring your own air to breathe , though . The air on Mars is too thin to breathe . Mars has the largest volcano in the solar system . It is sixteen miles high . The highest volcano on the earth is five miles high . The most unexpected sight on Mars is dried-up river beds . Scientists believe that Mars was once much wetter that it is now . Does this mean there could have been living things on Mars ? Scientists are not sure , but there has been no sign so far .

()1. It is the______ on the earth that makes life possible .

A.temperature B.water C.oxygen D.temperature , water and oxygen ()2.The underlined phrase “the third planet ”means .

A.the sun B.the earth C.the moon D.Mars

()3.Which planet in the solar system is most like the earth ?

A.Mars . B.Moon . C.Sun . D.Mars and Moon .

()4.Which of the following is TRUE ?

A.The earth has a history of about 4 million years .

B.There is no air on Mars .

C.The largest volcano on Mars is over three times higher than the highest one on the earth

D.Scientists believe there are living things on Mars .

()5.The best title for the passage should be .

A.Living Things on Our Earth B.The Moon

C.Living Things on the Moon D.Mars Is Most Like the Earth


A chemist asked for marriage to his girl friend and said,“I am oxygen atom(氧原子) …O?,and you are hydrogen atom(氢原子) …H?.So the combine between us is very steady as …water?.As you know,water is very beautiful.”

The girl-friend asked,“Then where is the other …H??”


(1)Why is the library the highest building?

(2)Why is the river very rich?

必修三unit4 lesson2

必修三unit4 lesson2