Choose the best item to complete each of the following sentences.

1. A lot of ants are always invading my kitchen. They are a thorough _______.

A. nuisance


C. worry

D. anxiety

2. One of the requirements for a fire is that the material _______ to its burning temperature.

A. is heated

B. will be heated

C. be heated

D. would be heated

3.Why this otherwise excellent newspaper allows such an article to be printed is ______ me.

A. above

B. outside

C. deceived

D. beyond

4. This movie is not ______ for children to see: it contains too much violence and too many love scenes.

A. profound

B. valid

C. decent

D. beyond

5. ______ difficulties we may come across, we’ll help one another to overcome them.

A. Wherever

B. Whatever

C. However

D. When

6. Working hard is not only a _____ of great success, but it is among the essential requirements.

A. sign

B. signal

C. guarantee

D. supposition

7.The interpreter ______ the French words for the Chinese visitors.

A. interpreted

B. interrupted

C. interfered

D. interview

8. What’s the ______ amount of wine you are allowed to take through customs duty- free?

A. big

B. minimum

C. great

D. maximum

9. Without guidance we could not _____ with the chapter, so we had to pause for the teacher.

A. pursue

B. pursuit

C. persist

D. push

10. When people become unemployed, it is ________ which is often worse than lack of wages.

A. laziness

B. poverty

C. idleness

D. inability


Choose the best item to complete each of the following sentences.

1. To keep fit, you need to _______ on your intake of oil-rich foods.

A. cut off

B. cut in

C. cut down

D. cut back

2. If he had been in better health, he ___________ more books.

A. can write

B. could have written

C. Could write

D. have written

3. _________ popular belief that classical music is too complete, it achieves a simplicity that only

a genius can create.

A. Subject to

B. Contrary to

C. Familiar to

D. Similar to

4. David likes country life and has decided to _________ farming.

A. go in for

B. go back on

C. go through with

D. go along with

5. It is said that the fingerprints found on the rifle will be used to _______ him.

A. charge

B. accuse

C. convict

D. sue

6. Two men, ______ I had seen before, came into my office.

A. neither of whom

B. whom neither

C. neither

D. neither whom

7. Mike ______ an old friend on the street.

A. ran for

B. ran out

C. ran after

D. ran into

8. The course gets more difficult as you go ____.

A. down

B. along

C. ahead

D. in

9. Her big-boned body felt ______ and she placed the tray on the coffee table with a loud clatter.

A. flexible

B. stumble

C. clumsy

D. coarse

10. Your account of events does not _____ with hers.

A. respond

B. correspond

C. comply

D. consistent


Choose the best item to complete each of the following sentences.

1. All the key words in the article are printed in ______ type so as to attract readers’ attention.

A. dark

B. dense

C. black

D. bold

2. Bruce Stephen gripped the ________ wheel hard as the car bounced up and down.

A. stirring

B. driving

C. steering

D. revolving

3. He was _____ to anger by the insult.

A. risen

B. roused

C. arisen

D. arouse

4. The pills give the patient _______ from pain.

A. relieve

B. release

C. relief

D. relevant

5. A group of generals have _____ against the government.

A. revolved

B. revival

C. revise

D. revolted

6. My doctor ________ me to dangers of smoking.

A. warned

B. told

C. alarmed

D. alerted

7. With the development of industry, this region will surely ________.

A. develop

B. profit

C. succeed

D. thrive

8. This ticket _________ you to a free meal in our new restaurant.

A. gives

B. grants

C. entitles

D. credits

9. Yesterday he __________ $1000 to cancer research.

A. gave

B. gifted

C. presented

D. donated

10. There’s a whole ________ of bills waiting to be paid.

A. stock

B. stack

C. number

D. sequence


Choose the best item to complete each of the following sentences.

1. Have you ever seen John? I’m ______ to meet him.

A. despair

B. thirsty

C. desperate

D. desire

2. The police took a new ________ for crowd control.

A. strategy

B. plan

C. way

D. procedure

3. Can you help me _______ on to the computer system?

A. get

B. log

C. step

D. go

4. They argued that their products should be developed on the basis of need, ______profit.

A. rather than

B. other than

C. more than

D. less than

5. Prices are going up so rapidly. ______

A. Petrol now is twice as expensive as it was a few years ago.

B. Petrol now is as twice expensive as it was a few years ago.

C. Petrol now is as expensive as twice it was a few years ago.

D. Petrol now is expensive as twice as it was a few years ago.

6. She _____ all her efforts in passing the final exam.

A. made

B. put

C. used

D. invested

7. Mum is getting old, so her memory is not very ______ these days.

A. true

B. forgettable

C. reliable

D. credit

8. The safe ___of nuclear waste is a major problem.

A. proposal

B. throw

C. abandon

D. disposal

9. Fog will ______ throughout the night.

A. stay

B. keep

C. persist

D. retain

10. Many people lost their job because of the industrial _______.

A. boom

B. failure

C. reduction

D. recession


Choose the best item to complete each of the following sentences.

1. The teacher _____ a passage to the class.

A. dominated

B. donated

C. dictated

D. devoted

2. She enjoys the _____ of her own flat.

A. solicitude

B. solitude

C. soliloquy

D. solidity

3. After a year without defeat, the team now reigns _____ as the finest in the country.

A. superior

B. supreme

C. superb

D. superficial

4. What dress shall I _____ for the party?

A. put up

B. put in

C. put forward

D. put on

5. What time are you planning to _____ tomorrow?

A. set to

B. set in

C. set forth

D. set up

6. S ome old people don’t like pop songs because they can’t _____ so much noise.

A. resist

B. sustain

C. tolerate

D. undergo

7. A flower is beautiful, but beauty itself is _____.

A. stale

B. disorder

C. abstract

D. concrete

8. He was very tired, _____ he was unable to sleep until after midnight.

A. therefore

B. hence

C. nevertheless

D. on the contrary

9. He put forward the argument after _____ consideration.

A. humble

B. ripe

C. stumble

D. mature

10. His old dream of sailing round the world was realized _____.

A. on purpose

B. in line

C. at best

D. at length ? Key:CBBDC CCCDD

Choose the best item to complete each of the following sentences.

1.Reading ________ the lines, I would say that the Government are more worried than they will admit.

A. behind

B. between

C. along

D. among

2. I didn't _______ to take a taxi but I had to as I was late.

A. assume

B. suppose

C. mean

D. hope

3. He will surely finish the job on time _______ he is left to do it in his own way.

A. in that

B. so long as

C. in case

D. as far

4. The same factors push wages and prices up together, the one _______ the other.

A. emphasizing

B. reinforcing

C. multiplying

D. increasing

5. Extensive reporting on television has helped to _____ interest in a wide variety of sports and activities.

A. assemble

B. generate

C. yield

D. gather

6. Petrol is refined from the____ oil we take out of the ground.

A. crude

B. fresh

C. rude

D. original

7. A season ticket _______the holder to make as many journeys as he wishes within the stated period of time.

A. entitles

B. grants

C. bloomed

D. promises

8. Our hopes ______ and fell in the same instant.

A. arose

B. raised

C. rose

D. aroused

9. He wrote an article criticizing the Greek poet and won____ and a scholarship.

A. faith

B. status

C. fame

D. courage

10. If the building project ____by the end of this month is delayed, the construction company will be fined.

A. being completed

B. is completed

C. to be completed

D. completed ? Ke y:BCBDD AACCC

Choose the best item to complete each of the following sentences.

1. I think I was at school, _____ I was staying with a friend during the vacation when I heard the news.

A. or else

B. and then

C. or so

D. even so

2. They believed that this was not the _____ of their campaign for equality but merely the beginning.

A. climax

B. summit

C. pitch

D. maximum

3. Careful surveys have indicated that as many as 50 percent of patients do not take drugs _____ directed.

A. like

B. so

C. which

D. as

4. The committee has a conservative _____, and refuses to reform.

A. view

B. bias

C. thought

D. attitude

5. His negligence was _____ criminal.

A. more than

B. no more than

C. no less than

D. nothing less than

6. We must adapt our method _____ the new circumstances.

A. to

B. with

C. on

D. at

7. She claims to be descended _____ royalty.

A. with

B. after

C. To

D. from

8. A working party has been set up to _____ the problem.

A. look in

B. look up

C. look into

D. look up

9. The firm is working on a new product in combination ________ several overseas


A. in

B. with

C. to

D. from

10. His achievement was more _____ in that he had come from such a poor family.

A. popular

B. famous

C. understandable

D. remarkable