Advantages and disadvantages of living with one‘s parents 与父母一起生活的好坏

Advantages and disadvantages of living with one?s parents

Recently, the issue of whether children should live with his her parents after getting married have been in the limelight and has aroused wide concern in the public. Just as the saying goes “So many people, so many minds.” ,thus different people come up with various attitudes.

As a matter of fact, every coin has two sides. To illustrate this question, there are also drawbacks as well as merits. To begin with, people living with their parents. And of course, this kind of way can be regarded as a reward to their parents. More importantly, in many old people?s mind, it may be more appropriate to keep company with them rather than to spend so much money in buying some unnecessary things. Only in this way can the parents become happier. However, there are also some disadvantages living with a husband?s parents may lead to another tough problem. Consequently, his mother and wife may become unhappy. For another, many couples have their own life and jobs, and as a result, they will have little time to tackle every thing of their parents.

Weighing up these two aspects, I?m in favor of living with the parents .Just because how long our parents will live after we get married, we have the duty to give almost what ever we can to reward them. It …s our Chinese traditional merits.