Unit 3 A taste of English humour

A Master of Nonverbal Humour Reading导学案

Teaching aims:

Knowledge aim: Students will be able to have a better understanding of the meaning and structure of the text.

Ability aims:

1)Students can analyze the personality of Charlie Chaplin and learn from him.

2)I mprove the students’ reading skills and encourage them to express their ideas. Moral education aims: Learn from Charlie to be optimistic, kind and determined.


1.Translate the words and phrases

1).up to now

2).better than

3).brighten the lives of sb.

4).feel more content with their lives

5).badly off

6).make everything entertaining

7).become known throughout the world

8).walk around stiffly

9).carry a walking stick 10).social failure

11).in search of gold

12).side in a small hut

13).with nothing to eat

14).cut off

15).pick out

16).the lace of the shoe

17).star in

2.Read the introduction of Charlie Chaplin and answer the questions.

Charlie Chaplin was born in a poor family in 1889 in Britain. His parents were poor music hall performers. Charlie had a gift for acting. He first acted when he was 5 years old. Unluckily his father died when he was 6. So he lived a very hard life in his childhood. Through his humour, Charlie became famous at the age of 19. Later, he began making films and played the role of the little tramp. He had his own way of acting. During his life, he acted, wrote and directed in many films. His films were very popular with people all over the world. Although most of his films were silent, Charlie used funny facial expressions and body language to make a sad situation