1.Asking about a job opening

Roles: An applicant and a personal clerk in ABC Company

Situation: An applicant calls ABC Company asking about a job for a gardener. 2.Interviewing for a job

Roles: An applicant and the personnel manager

Situation: The personnel manager interviews the applicant about his application for a position in Public Relation.

3.Talking about a public service advertisement about waste disposal

Roles: Brian and Xiaohong

Situation: Brian and Xiaohong talk about an environmental protection advertisement in which the citizens are requested to sort out the useful wastes and put them in three slots—blue slot for paper, yellow for aluminum cans, and brown for plastic bottles. They think it a good idea to dispose of the wastes.

4.Talking about being cheated by a sales advertisement

Roles: Victor and Lili

Situation: Victor saw an advertisement saying “Clearance Sale” in front of XYZ fashion shop. He paid 30 yuan for two T-shirts, but they shrank to children’s size after being washed only once. His friend Lili reminded him to be always careful about the so-called “price cutting” and not to be misled by the beautiful lies in the ad.

5.Talking about a traffic accident

Roles: Carl and John

Situation: Carl saw an accident on campus. His roommate Larry, who was riding

a bicycle, collided with a car and Larry got injured. Carl told John

about the collision and Larry’s injuries.

6.Visiting the people injured in the traffic accident

Roles: Carl and Larry

Situation: Carl went to the hospital to visit Larry, who was injured in the accident. Carl expressed his sympathy and told him not to worry

about his injuries and the missed class.