2017新课标高中英语3500单词专项训练及答案二 Group2


Group 2 学习目标(accuse ~adult)



□accuse □accustomed □ache □achieve

□achievement □acid □acknowledge □acquaintance

□acquire □ acquisition□ acre □across

□act □action □active □activity

□actor □actress □actual□ acute

□ AD □ad □adapt □adaptation

□add □addicted □addition □address

□adequate □adjust □adjustment □administration

□admirable □admirer□ admission□admit

□adolescence □adolescent □adopt □adore

□ adult





1. He will deliver an __________(演讲)on the subject of war and peace.

2. Rather than escape from reality, we must deal with stress__________(积极地).

3.The new technology has been widely ___________(采纳)since it was introduced.

4. The newly-elected president___________(承认)that the road ahead would be difficult.

5. If we hadn’t made ___________(充分的)preparations, the conference wouldn’t have been so successful.

6. All the neighbors___________(羡慕)this family where the parents are treating their child like

a friend.

7. It is difficult for us to learn a lesson in life until we’ve __________(实际上)had that lesson.

8. In terms of ___________(成就),last week’s ministerial meeting of the WTO here earned a low, though not failing, grade.

2017新课标高中英语3500单词专项训练及答案二 Group2

2.Since all of us have realized the importance of health, why not __________?

3.___________this, exercise also reduces stress and promotes a positive self-mage.

4.He__________cheating in the game and was disqualified for his championship.

5.What made the school proud was that more than 90% of the students ___________key


6.___________enjoying the comfortable life, someti mes we can’t understand how hard

farmers are.

7.They never imagined that their $10 a-day saving habit actually _________so much money. III. 练习题:


1.Do you think this shirt is too tight__________ the shoulders.(2012北京)

2.He suddenly saw Sue ___________the room. He pushed his way _________the crowd of

people to get to her.(精选湖南)


3.The good thing about children is that they __________(adapt/ appeal/ attach/ apply) very

easily to new environments.(精选浙江)

4.If you leave the club, you will not be __________(received / admitted/ turned/ moved)back


5.He is among those lucky students who have won _________(permission / profession/

admission/ admiration)to first rate university.(精选模拟)

6.----They are quiet, aren’t they?

----Yes. They are accustomed___________(to talk/ to not talk / to talking/ to not talking)at meals(精选江苏)

7.----Do you think it’s a good idea to make friends with your students?

----__________(Really/ Obviously/ Actually / Generally), I do. I think it’s a good idea.(精选安徽)

8.Lucy has__________(acquired/ finished/ concluded/ achieved) all of the goals she set for

herself in high school and is ready for new challenges at university.(精选天津)

9.There have been several new events ___________ (add/ to add/ adding/ added)to the

program for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.(精选北京)

10.The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather___________(added to /

resulted from/ turned out/ made up )the helplessness of the crew.(精选上海)

11.We went to Canada to travel and my cousin___________(played/ showed/ acted/

performed)as our guide.(精选湖南)

12.It’s good for people to be __________(honestly/ patiently/ eagerly/ actively)involved in

community service.(精选上海春)

13.The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and _________(charged/ accused/

blamed/ warned)him of speeding(精选模拟)

14.If we ___________(hadn’t acted / haven’t acted/ don’t act/ won’t act)now to protect the

environment, we’ll never live to regret it.(2013全国I)


1.众所周知,如今适应社会是一项基本技能。(adapt to)

___________________________________________________________________________ 2.另外,我口语流利、能和外国朋友自由交流。(in addition)

___________________________________________________________________________ 3.学生很容易上网成瘾。因此,我们应远离网吧。(be addicted to)

___________________________________________________________________________ 4.希望感兴趣的同学积极参加这项活动。(take an active part in)


5 我不仅能当导游,还能当翻译。我一定能成为一个出色的志愿者。(act as)

____________________________________________________________________________ 6. 只要我们不向失败屈服,而是付诸行动打败它,最终我们会成功的。(take action)

___________________________________________________________________________ 7. 除了这些传统的活动之外,还有旅游、访友等其他活动。(in addition to)

_____________________________________________________________________________ 8. 我认为每个学生都申请清华、北大是不明智的。因为这两所名校每年录取的学生有限。

(be admitted to/ into)


Group 2 (accuse ~adult)



2. actively

3. adopted

4. acknowledged

5. adequate

6. admire

7. actually

8. achievement


1. adapted fro

2. put it into action

3. In addition to

4. was accused of

5. had been admitted to

6. Accustomed to

7. added up 70



2. across; through




6. to not talking

7. Actually

8. achieved

9.added 10 added to 11. acted 12. actively 13. accused 14. don’t act


1.It is known to us all that adapting to society is a basic social skill nowadays.

2.In addition, I can speak fluent English and communicate with foreigners freely.

3. It’s easy for students to be addicted to the net. So we should keep away from the internet bars.

4. Those interested in the activity are expected to take an active part init.

5. I can not only act as a guide, but also as an interpreter. I’m sure I cab be an excellent volunteer.

6.As long as we don’t give way to failure and take action to beat it, we will succeed in the end.

7.In addition to there traditional activities, we have a wider range of choices such as traveling and visiting our relatives or friends.

8.I don’t think it wise for every student to apply for Tsinghua University and Beijing University because the number of students(who are) admitted to the two famous universities is limited every year.