Unit 1

1.He hits the books. In other words, he studies hard.

2.Jane burns the midnight oil. In other words, she studies very late at night.

3.Mike falls down on the job. In other words, he fails to do well.

4.Sally works her fingers to the bone. In other words, she studies in a serious way.

5.He does back-breaking work. In other words, he does very difficult physical work.

6.Tom works like a dog. In other words, he works hard and seriously.

Unit 2

1.Ann’s garden is beautiful. She can make anything grow. Her friend says she has a green thumb.

2.Understanding geometry is no problem for Frank. He thinks it is easy as pie.

3.Henry cannot dance very well at all. He is always tripping over his partner. Henry has two left feet.

4.Jan made her first million dollars when she was only nineteen. People say she has a golden touch.

5.Bruce is a good newspaper reporter. He always seems to know where to go for the news. He has a nose for a good story.

6.Mary is very good at standing on her head. For her, it is a breeze

Unit 3

1.Y ou can depend on Ann. She is very down to earth.

2.Stop putting on airs. Y ou’re just human like the rest of us.

3.Carl is showing off. Whenever he his with others, he stars to sing. I am tired of listening to Carl.

4.Andy thinks himself is the God’s gift to mankind. He came in first, and makes sure that everybody knows it.

5.The headmaster used his authority to put all the boys in their place.

6.Tom is always blowing himself own horn. Is he really as good as he say he is?

Unit 4

1.It is a good thing Jim held his tongue. If he had talked back, the police officer might have given him a ticket.

2.Paul and his wife see eye to eye. Whatever Paul wants to do, his wife does too.

3.Jan told Steve to mind his own business. He had been telling her how to do her job and she did not want his help.

4.Everyone had agreed to spend the day at the beach. Then John changed his mind and said he wanted to go to the mountains.

John rocks the boat.

5.Sam and Bill buried the hatchet. After fighting for weeks, they agreed to stop.

6.Bill did not like what his friends had decided to do, but he went along with it anyway. He flows with the tie.

7.Sally’s teacher told her to button her lips. She was so noisy that she was disturbing the class.

8.Barb did not tell her mother that she had broken her mother’s favorite vase. Instead, she bought a new one. She thought it

was better to let sleeping dogs lie.

Unit 5

1.Polly left us high and dry. She agreed to be our treasurer, and then she suddenly resigned with nobody to replace her.

2.Pat always faces up to things. She never tries to avoid what is unpleasant.

3.Jack always passes the buck. He always blames someone else when things go wrong.

4.Mary will shoulder the responsibility. Y ou can always depend on her.

5.Paul is trying to worn out of it. He said he would do it, and now he says he cannot because he has too many other thongs to


6.Tom always points his finger at someone else. He never takes the blame for anything he does.

Unit 6

1.Lynn is willing to find middle ground. She feels that if people do not give a little on their position, nothing will ever get

done. She does not think people should be so stubborn that they refuse to change their minds.

2.With Mike it is all or nothing. If he cannot have everything he wants in the way that he wants it, he would rather not have

it at all.

3.Florence likes to meet people halfway. She feels it is important to make decisions that everybody can accept. She will give

up part of what she wants for the sake of reaching an agreement.

4.Ellen sticks to her guns. She will not listen to people who say she is wrong. No matter how much others try to get her to

see their point of view, once she has formed an opinion, she holds on to it.

5.Allan is a middle-of-the-road man. He can always see the worth of both sides of the argument. He feels that the best

decisions are always between the two opposite points of view.

6.Henry is for give-and-take. He feels that in order to reach an agreement, people have to give up part of what they want. He

thinks that if people do that, everybody will benefit.

Unit 7

1.Even though things get hard, don’t give up.

2.We decided to go through with the new highway.

3.I know if I hang in there, things will come out okay.

4.I’ll stick with my ideas whether you like them or not.

5.I had to wait for her in the reception area. It was a long wait, but I managed to sweat it out.

Unit 8

1.Cindy is on her own now. She has graduated from college, got a job, and is supporting herself

2.Mary is a copycat. Whatever Cheri does, she does.

3.Betty lets Bob lead her by the nose. She does whatever Bob wants her to do.

4.Rob finally cut the apron strings. He moved away from home into his own apartment.

5.Frank is a yes-man. He always does what his boss tells him to, even if he thinks it is a bad idea.

6.Barbara has a mind of her own. She does what she feels is best, even if her friends do not agree with her.

7.Dave has learned to stand on her own two feet. He makes all of his decisions now.

Unit 9

1.When other children made fun of Annie because her dress was torn, she was tough as nails.

2.When Mrs. Skelley heard that her son was in a bad automobile accident, she went to pieces.

3.Just keep your chin up and tell the judge exactly what happened.

4.Even though Mr. Kidder was very much in debt, he tried to hold his head up in public.

5.Although the crowd disliked his speech and called him names, Senator Thompson was as cool as a cucumber.

6.When Mrs. Smith was fired from a job she had had for twenty-five years, she felt apart.

7.After Franny was attacked on the street and her pocketbook was stolen, she pulled herself together and went to the police. Unit 10

1.Stanley reached the boiling point. He slammed the door in Paul’s face.

2.Cindy blew up. She called Paul all sorts of names.

3.Carl gritted his teeth. When he saw Paul, he tried to be friendly.

4.Becky held her temper. The others could not understand why she did not tell Paul what she thought of him.

5.Helen, who was hot-headed anyway, told Paul she never wanted to see him again.

6.When Margie saw Paul, she counted to ten. Afterward, she was not quite so angry.

Unit 11

1.Margaret’s icy stare could freeze a polar bear.

2.She gave me the cold shoulder when I asked her to the party.

3.Sally introduced her new boyfriend to me at a party.……was cool towards me

4.I’m sure they wanted us to stay for dinner. They welcome us with open arms.

5.Y ou r at a party and see a classmate.……turns his nose up at

6.Sandy turns her back just about everyone.

Unit 12

1.If Dick is a loner, i t means that he avoids the company of others and prefers to work by himself.

2.Sandy and Alice decided to study together because two heads are better than one.

3.If Jane brainstorms with Al, it means she confers with him to solve a problem.

4.If Larry goes it alone, it means he leaves others in order to do sth by himself.

5.If Ken and Gene put heads together, it means they work as a team to solve problem.

6.We joined forces with the police to search for the lost child.

7.If Karen pools her resources with others, it means she combines her strengths with them.

8.Could you lend me a hand with this piano?

Unit 13

1.Someone who is hard-hearted is unfeeling.

2.Someone who goes to bat for another helps that person in time of trouble of need.

3.Someone who has a heart is generous and sympathetic.

4.Someone who has heart of gold is generous and giving.

5.Someone who has a heart of stone is pitiless and unfeeling.

6.Someone who is tight-fisted is reluctant to give or spend money.

7.Someone who is warn-hearted is loving and considerate.

Unit 14

1.Steve was accepted at all the universities he applied to. He was in seventh heaven.

2.Jan failed her math exam. She was down in the dumps.

3.Bob’s parents gave him a trip to Europe for a graduation present. He was on cloud nine.

4.Sue does not feel well today. She is out of sorts.

5.Karen likes her new car very much. In face, she is ticked with it.

6.John lost his dog the other day. He felt blue.

7.Gene found the traveler’s checks he had lost. He walks on the air.

8.Mary came in first in a ten-mile race. She is on top of the work.