[题型] 词汇与语法

[题干] The manager urged his staff not to the splendid opportunity.





[答案] C [解析] miss的意思是“错过”,该句中意思是“错过机会”,故选C。

[题干] He has gone to the post office to a parcel that has come to him from his brother.





[答案] C [解析] collect a parcel意思是“去取包裹”。A选项gather是“收集”的意思,意义不符合。D选项是不及物动词,缺少一个up。B选项的意思不符合题意。故选C。

[题干] His mind was busy all day and all night on how he could reestablish with the outer world.





[答案] B [解析] establish contact:建立联系。故选B。

[题干] He left orders that nothing until the police arrived.

A.was touched

B.had been touched

C.should be touched

D.were touched

[答案] C [解析] He left orders that后需要使用虚拟语气的被动语态,故选C。

[题干] You should give the application to the man at that chair.


B.to sit



[答案] D [解析] 此处应该选D,现在分词结构修饰前面的名词the man, ... sitting at that chair 相当于...who sits at that chair。A、B、C 选项语法结构不对。

[题干] If we don't stop the population from increasing at such a rapid rate, there will

not be enough room left on the earth for human to stand, let alone development.





[答案] C [解析]根据句意,此处应该选C, eventually是“最终”的意思。

[题干] That poorly dressed old man felt quite at such a big party attended by many important figures.

A. in the way

B. out of the way

C. out of place

D. in place

[答案] C [解析] 根据句意,此处应该选C,大概的句意:……老人在…… 宴会感到不自在。[题干] It doesn’t alter the fact that he was the man for the death of the little girl.

A. according

B. guilty

C. obliged

D. responsible

[答案] D [解析] 根据句意,此处应该选D。responsible for:对……负有责任。

[题干] Since there is not much time left, I'll tell you about it .

A. in detail

B. in brief

C. at length

D. in all

[答案] B [解析]根据句意,此处应该选B,句意:因为剩下的时间不多了,因此我简要地介绍一下相关情况。in brief的意思是“简要地”。A、C选项都表示“详细地”的意思,不符合句意。[题干] Their idea is to us all and you don't need to tell us more about it.

A. apparent

B. appearing

C. approaching

D. apart

[答案] A [解析] A选项,apparent:显而易见的;C选项,approaching:正接近的,故选A。[题干] Jerry at 8 o'clock. He will have had his breakfast by then.

A. Pick out

B. Pick at

C. Pick on

D. Pick up

[答案] D [解析] D选项,pickup:接(某人);D选项,pick out:挑选。故选D。

[题干] The Chinese food good.

A. are tasted

B. tastes

C. is tasted

D. taste

[答案] B[解析]主语是The Chinese food,因此谓语动词只能用第三人称单数。taste此处作系动词用,意思是“尝起来”,同样的用法如The Chinese food looks good. The idea sounds good. [题干] If the rain doesn't stop, people will be faced serious flooding.

A. to

B. about

C. by

D. with

[答案] D [解析] be faced with: 面临,是固定搭配。故选D。

[题干] The theory of class currently prevailing in the West is _______ b ased on what Max Weber,

a German sociologist, proposed.

A. fairly

B. kindly

C. largely

D. greatly

[答案] C [解析] largely:从很大程度上。符合句意,故选C。

[题干] His answer was so confusing that I could hardly make any of it at all.

A. sense

B. meaning

C. intelligibility

D. interpretation

[答案] A

[题干] I don’t think his remarks are relevant our discussion.

A. to

B. at

C. for

D. with

[答案] A [解析] be relevant to:与……相关,固定搭配。故选A。

[题干] In recent years much more emphasis has been put ______ developing the students' productive skills.

A. onto

B. over

C. in

D. on

[答案] D [解析] put emphasis on: 把重点放在……,固定搭配。故选D。

[题干] The pilot of the plane is for the passengers' safety.

A. conscious

B. responsible

C. necessary

D. regulated

[答案] B [解析] be responsible for:对负有责任,固定搭配。故选B.。

[题干] You must speak slowly, so that you can make yourself .

A. understood

B. being understood

C. understanding

D. to be understood

[答案] A [解析]过去分词understood作补语。故选A。

[题干] By the time he arrives in Beijing, we here for two days.

A. shall stay

B. have been staying

C. will have stayed

D. have stayed

[答案] C [解析] by the time 表示将来,for two days 表示动作的完成。根据句意,此处应该选择将来完成时,故选C。

[题干] Football was the most popular sport in the world.

A. so far

B. by far

C. far from

D. much far

[答案] B [解析]只有“by far...(最)”可以修饰形容词最高级,因此正确答案是选项B。A选项,so far:到目前为止;C选项,far from:远非。故选B。

[题干] The girl will get her nervousness once she is on stage.

A. over

B. through

C. off

D. away

[答案] A [解析] A选项,get over:克服,度过;B选项,get through:完成;C选项,get off:下车;D选项,get away:离开,脱身。根据句意,故选A。

[题干] He won't succeed any way, hard he tries.

A. whatever

B. no matter

C. as

D. however

[答案] D [解析] however同no matter how,意思是“不管如何”。故选D。

[题干] ______ his number for an hour only to hear a busy signal, she became impatient and called the operator for assistance.

A. Dialing

B. Dialed

C. Having dialed

D. To dial

[答案] C [解析]第一句话大意:拨打了他的号码将近1小时,听到的还是忙音。强调已经完成的动作,应该使用现在完成时的分词形式。故选C。

[题干] Purchasing the new production line will be a deal for the company.

A. forceful

B. profitable

C. tremendous

D. favorite

[答案] B [解析] profitable的意思是“带来利益的”。根据句意,只有B选项最合适。故选B。[题干] Rod is determined to get a seat for the concert it means standing in a queue all night.

A. as if

B. provided

C. even if

D. whatever

[答案] C [解析] A选项as if的意思是“似乎”,C选项even if的意思是“即使”。根据句意,只有C 选项最合适。故选C。

[题干] It’s sometimes hard to one twin from the other.

A. tell

B. say

C. speak

D. talk

[答案] A [解析] tell...from...:把…从…区分开来。句意:有时候很难将两个双胞胎区分开来[题干] I suggest that she it next week.

A. will do

B. does

C. did

D. should do

[答案] D [解析]句意:我建议她下周再干。考点:advise, suggest, order 等表示命令、建议词,其后跟的从句需要用虚拟语气:(should) +动词原形。故选D。

[题干] At the end of 2004, there were around 6,000 foreign printing companies in China, up around 4 percent of national total.

A. made

B. to make

C. making

D. having made

[答案] C [解析]非谓语动词短语making up around 4 percent补充说明前面句话,故选C。[题干] How did you like the of the interpreter at the press conference?

A. performance

B. achievement



[答案] A [解析] A选项,performance:表现;B选项,achievement:成就。C选项,material:材料;D选项,words:词语。根据句意,故选A。

[题干] —How exciting! I drove my new car at a speed of 110km/h on Sunday morning. —Were you crazy? You yourself!

A. must have killed

B. would have killed

C. should have killed

D. could have killed

[答案] D [解析] could have十分词:很可能地;must have十分词:一定地……。故选D。[题干] —It is said that you've moved to your new campus. Do you have a big library?

—No, we don't. But yours.

A. as big as

B. not bigger than

C. bigger than

D. not smaller than

[答案] D [解析]此题考查形容词比较级,其否定形式是在前面加上not, 故选D。

[题干] It is generally considered unwise to give a child he or she wants.

A. however

B. whatever

C. whichever

D. whenever

[答案] B[解析] A选项,however:无论如何;B选项,whatever:无论什么;C选项,whichever:


[题干] Scarcely had the Stormed stopped the earthquake take place.

A. than

B. when

C. after

D. before

[答案] B [解析] scarcely…when是固定搭配,表示“一……就……”,故选B。

[题干] —Hurry,there is a bus coming.

—Why run? There’ll be another .

A. one in two or three minutes

B. one after two or three minutes

C. after two or three minutes

D. one for two or three minutes

[答案] A [解析] in two or three minutes:在2 ~3分钟之内;after two or three minutes:在2 ~3分钟之后。句意:为什么跑,在2 ~3分钟之内会来另一辆车。故选A。

[题干] The hurricane left, the ruins to this area.

A. to be left

B. leaving

C. to leave

D. left

[答案] B [解析]非谓语动词结构leaving the ruins to this area补充说明前面一句话,故选B。[题干] The uniform makes us look like a bunch of clones, especially we are doing morning exercise in the playground.

A. since

B. which

C. as

D. when

[答案] D [解析]时间状语从句是由when引导,故选D。

[题干] Some people waste a lot of food some others haven't enough to eat,

A. after

B. when

C. as

D. while

[答案] D [解析] while引导的是表示相反意思的状语从句。根据句意,此处应该选择while,故选D。

[题干] — I have taken someone else's T-shirt by mistake. Is it Jane's?

—It be hers. She seldom wears red.

A. won't

B. can’t

C. needn't

D. mustn’t

[答案] B [解析] B选项,can't:不可能,表示猜测。其他三选项意思符合,故选B。

[题干] In Shenzhou VI, Chinese astronauts aren't only spaceship drivers, machine repairers and scientists.

A. so

B. or

C. and

D. but also

[答案] D [解析] not only..., but also…是固定搭配,故选D。

[题干] At that moment she was standing a few meters away from we are now.

A. where

B. what

C. which

D. there

[答案] A 解析] where引导的地点状语从句前面可用介词。故选A。

[题干] the price is concerned, this car is a good bargain.

A. As low as

B. As soon as

C. As much as

D. As far as

[答案] D [解析] As far as... is concerned:就而言。故选D。

[题干] This famous temple is believed about 800 years ago.

A. being built

B. having built

C. to have built

D. to have been built

[答案] D [解析]该句中believed要接不定式,因已完成,还要用完成时的被动语态形式。故选D。

[题干] The girl was standing by the sea, her long hair ________ in the breeze.

A. dances

B. dancing

C. to dance

D. were dancing

[答案] B [解析]这是独立主格结构。故选B。

[题干] A genius is someone who can achieve something that few people are .

A. capable of

B. able to

C. enabled to

D. able of

[答案] A [解析]只有capable of可接something。故选A。

[题干] You may get good grades by studying only before examinations, but you will only succeed by studying hard every day.

A. in particular

B. in the long run

C. in season

D. in the end of

[答案] B [解析] A选项,in the long run:最终,从长远的观点看;B选项,in particular特别,尤其;C选项,in season:应时的,当令的;D选项,in the end:最后,终于。故B。

[题干] I wish he would from scattering his ash all over the carpet.

A. refrain

B. prevent

C. shelter

D. protect

[答案] A [解析] refrain from doing:忍着不……,自我克制以避免;B选项,prevent:防止,预防;C选项,shelter:掩蔽,躲避,保护,庇护;D选项,protect:保护。句意:我希望他不要把烟灰撒得满地毯都提。故选A。

[题干] The ice on the lake in spring.

A. breaks down

B. breaks off

C. breaks up

D. breaks in

[答案] C [解析] A选项,breaks down:损害,出毛病,垮掉,崩溃;B选项,breaks off:中止,中断;C选项,breaks up:粉碎,破碎;D选项,breaks in:破门而人。故选C。

[题干] If we can our present difficulties, then everything should be all right.

A. get off

B. come across

C. come over

D. get over

[答案] D [解析] “克服困难”用get over difficulties,故选D。

[题干] The monitor will speak on of the students at the opening ceremony.

A. behalf

B. benefit

C. sake

D. profit

[答案] A [解析] on behalf of… 为固定搭配,表示“代表……的立场,代表……”,故选A。[题干] It is not uncommon for problems of communication between old and young.

A. there to be

B. there being

C. there to being

D. there be

[答案] A [解析]这里考it is not uncommon to do sth.的结构,故选A。

[题干] The point is worth

A. being mentioned

B. mentioning

C. to mention

D. mentioned

[答案] B [解析] worth 后面一般接动名词,且动名词主动形式可以表示被动意义,故选B。[题干] Jackson is not as you imagine.

A. so a big fool

B. so big a fool

C. such big a fool

D. a such big fool

[答案] B [解析] so…as…和such…as…结构中,as为连词,引导比较较状语从句。so后一般接形容词,such一般接名词或名词词组,如:so big a problem, such a big problem。故选B。[题干] They found the conditions there ________.

A. much improve

B. much to improve

C. much improved

D. be much improved

[答案] C [解析] much修饰过去分词作后置定语,故选C。

[题干] moving at his usual stately pace, he was almost running.

A. According to

B. In the light of

C. Instead of

D. Owing to

[答案] C [解析]他一改往日从容的步伐,几乎跑了起来了。A选项,according to:按照;B 选项,in the light of:根据;C 选项,instead of:代替,而不是;D选项,owing to:由于。故选C。[题干] They are willing to care for the ________ and disabled.

A. oldest

B. elder

C. older

D. elderly

[答案] D [解析]句意:他们自愿照顾年长者和残疾人士。older是old的比较级,可以形容人和物,表示一方年龄较另一方大或表示物的新旧;elder、eldest通常指人,主要用于主格;elderly是指人的年龄。the elderly指年长者。故选D

[题干] The ship took machines and other goods back to the port ________ it had to set off.

A. form which

B. to which

C. which

D. in which

[答案] A [解析]句意:这艘船带着机器和其他货物回到了出发的港口。考点:定语从句的引导词和介词的搭配。故选A。

[题干] He had been having trouble _________ a hotel room.

A. reserving

B. to reserving

C. reserved

D. reserve

[答案] A [解析]句意:他预定旅馆房间遇到麻烦。考点:have trouble/ difficulty (in) doing sth.。故选A。

[题干] I was very tired. Otherwise, I _________ to the theatre with you.

A. had gone

B. would go

C. went

D. would have gone

[答案] D [解析]句意:我非常累,否则我会和你去剧院。考点:虚拟语气对过去事实的假设(情态动词+ have +过去分词)。故选D。

[题干] –Does he speak English or Russian?

--He doesn’t speak ________.

A. either

B. neither

C. another

D. none

[答案] A [解析]句意:他任何一种也不会。not…either相当于neither: another泛指另一个;none: —个也没有。故选A。

[题干] John suggested _________ anything about it until they found out more facts.

A. not to say

B. not say

C. to say not

D. not saying

[答案] D [解析]句意:约翰建议等找到更多的证据后再谈这件事情。考点:suggest doing。故选D。

[题干] For more people, it takes ________ effort to memorize a long poem.

A. to consider

B. considering

C. considerable

D. considerate

[答案] C [解析]句意:对大多数人来说,记住一首长诗要花费相当的精力。考点:词语辨析。C选项,considerate:体谅;D选项,considerable:大量的,相当的。故选C。

[题干] Not only Tom but also his wife _________ fond of watching television.

A. are

B. were

C. be

D. was

[答案] D [解析]句意:汤姆和他的妻子都爱看电视。考点:主谓一致原则中的就近原则。故选D。

[题干] On hearing the news of _________ the examination, the boy was very happy.

A. his having passed

B. he passed

C. his being passed

D. to pass

[答案] A [解析]句意:一听说过了考试,男孩非常高兴。B选项,he passed the examination 是个完整的句子,不可直接跟在介词of之后。C选项,his being passed是pass的被动语态,因此不正确。D选项中的to pass与前面的搭配不对。故选A。

[题干] In Britain, the best season of the years is probably ______ spring.

A. later

B. last

C. latter

D. late

[答案] D [解析]句意:英国一年中最好的季节是春末。A选项,later:稍后;B选项,last:刚过去的;C选项,latter:后者;D选项,late:迟。late spring是固定搭配,意思是“暮春”。

[题干] The manager promised to keep me ______ of how our business was going on.

A. to be informed

B. on informing

C. informed

D. informing

[答案] C [解析]句意:经理承诺让我了解公司的经营情况。固定搭配:inform sb. of…。在本句中,informed为过去分词,做宾语的补语。故选C。

[题干] His brother is very _______ about wines.

A. aware

B. learned

C. knowledgeable

D. skeptical

[答案] C [解析]句意:他的兄弟对酒了解很多。A选项,aware:意识到;B选项,learned:博学的;C选项,knowledgeable:有见识的;D选项,skeptical:怀疑的。故选C。

[题干] You have only 1, 000 words in which to ______ his speech.

A. amount to

B. sum up

C. lead to

D. take up

[答案] B [解析]句意:你仅用1,000词总结他的演讲。A选项,amount to: 达到;B选项,sum up:总结;C选项,lead to:导致;D选项,take up:从事。故选B。

[题干] Not until 1868 ______ made the capital of the state of Georgia.

A. Atlanta was

B. was Atlanta

C. when Atlanta was

D. when was Atlanta

[答案] B [解析]句意:直到1868年亚特兰大才成为佐治亚州的省会。考点:否定副词放在句首时句子倒装。故选B。

[题干] pollution control measures are expensive, local governments hesitate to adopt them.

A. Although

B. However

C. Because

D. Moreover

[答案] C [解析]句意:因为治理污染的措施花费不少,因此地方政府犹豫是否应采取措施。故选C。

[题干] The explanation given by the manager yesterday was not at all to us.

A. satisfy

B. satisfied

C. satisfying

D. satisfactory

[答案] D [解析]句意:昨天经理作的解释一点也不令人满意。固定搭配be satisfactory to sb.:使某人感到满意;be satisfied with sth.:对某事感到满意。故选D。

[题干] Our products are displayed in Stand B22, y ou will find me during office hours.

A. when

B. which

C that

D. where

[答案] D [解析]句意:我们的产品在B22号展台,在工作时间你可在那儿找到我。考点:关系副词where引导的非限制性定语从句。故选D。

[题干] This book discusses the most recent events of space travel, it certainly is .

A. up to now

B. up to this moment

C. up to this point

D. up to date

[答案] D [解析]句意:这本书讨论了最近的太空旅行事件,这当然是最新的。A选项,up to now:直到现在;B选项,up to this moment:到现在为止;C选项,up to this point:关于这一点;D选项,up to date:最新的。故选D。

[题干] When the girl heard the news, she could do nothing but back home.

A. going

B. went

C. to go

D. go

[答案] D [解析] do nothing but do是正确的形式。故选D。

[题干] Her determination to her goal of life motivated her to greater effort.

A. retain

B. attain

C. maintain

D. entertain

[答案] B [解析] A选项,retain:保留;B选项,attain:达到;attain the goal: 实现目标;C选项,maintain:维护,维修;D选项,entertain:使…快乐。故选B。

[题干] This couple has two daughters, of whom is working in the U. S.

A. the younger

B. the youngest

C. a younger

D. the young

[答案] A [解析]两者中较……,用比较级加定冠词。

[题干] They thankful to have the opportunity to further their studies.

A. would like to be

B. ought to be

C. would rather be

D. had better be

[答案] B [解析] 句意:他们应该感谢有继续学习的机会。A选项,would like to be:愿意;B 选项,ought to be:应该;C 选项,would rather be:宁愿;D 选项,had better be:最好。故选B。[题干] So far, he must have achieved his goal, _______?

A. mustn't he

B. didn't he

C. hasn't he

D. doesn't he

[答案] C [解析] must have done表示对过去发生的动作的推测。附加问句应用相应的完成时。[题干] As a student of economics, Jack has a good understanding of the relationship between supply and _________.

A. demand

B. requirement

C. sale

D. goods

[答案] A [解析] the relationship between supply and demand供求关系。

[题干] They had to put the meeting off ________ so many people didn't show up.

A. since

B. unless

C. for fear that

D. though

[答案] A [解析] since可引导原因状语从句,“由于;因为”,相当于because。

[题干] The writer tried to be as _______ as possible by cutting off every unnecessary word.

A. comfortable

B. concise

C. connected

D. convenient

[答案] B [解析] concise adj. 简约; 简明的,简洁的; 精炼

[题干] My brother was still studying _______ into the night while I was _______ asleep.

A. late; sound

B. lately; wide

C. deeply; far

D. far; late

[答案] A [解析] do sth late in / into the night 是“做某事到深夜”,常见的有:stay / sit up late in the night熬夜,work / study late in the night工作/学习到深夜;asleep是“睡着的”,只做表语,修饰它的副词通常只用fast / sound,表示程度,意思“酣睡的;沉睡的”

[题干] I’d like to explain the proposals ___________ we have received many objections.

A.to which

B.to where

C.to who

D.to what

[答案] A [解析]定语从句的其中一类表达方式:先行词+介词+关系代词, to which在这里是定语从句修饰the proposals.

[题干] Of the two houses the family prefers _____________.

A.the more isolated one

B.the one isolated more

C.the most isolated one

D.the much isolated one

[答案] A [解析] 表示两者当中之最,应在比较级前加定冠词,而形容词的比较级应在之前加more,即the+比较级+of+the two…。译文:两所房子当中,这家人更喜欢那个偏僻一些的。[题干] Grace advised us to withdraw ______________.

A. so as to get not involved

B. as not to get involved

C. so as not to get involved

D. so that to get into involved

[答案] C [解析] so as not to get involved 作目的状语,Grace 建议我们退出,以免被牵扯到里边,so as not to do /in order not to do 均表为了不做某事,so as to do /in order to do 均表为了做某事

[题干] Ann is the only child of the family, but her parents don't _______ her.

A. damage

B. ruin

C. spoil

D. harm

[答案] C [解析] spoil溺爱。

[题干] She tried to ________ out of the window to see what was going on in the street.

A. bend

B. lean

C. break

D. bow

[答案] B [解析] lean out of身体探出; (使)伸出