orinoco AP-700设置说明

orinoco AP-700设置说明

orinoco AP-700设置说明

orinoco AP-700设置说明


2Connect the Cables

1.Provide power to the unit as follows:

A. A. If not using PoE, plug the power cord into the power jack and


B.the unit to an AC power outlet (100/240V, 50-60Hz).

C. B. If using PoE, connect power to the unit from a DC injector

device, such as the 1-Port Active Ethernet DC Injector hub.

Note:Note: If you are installing the AP in a plenum, you

must use PoE.

2.Optionally, connect an RS-232 cable to the RS-232 console port.

3.Wait for the power LED to turn green before proceeding.

4.Connect the AP-700 LAN port to a stand-alone PC using a cross-

over Ethernet cable, or to a network hub or switch.

5.When the RS-232 cable is not connected, you may optionally install a

security cover to prevent access to the power and LAN ports, and the

reset and reload buttons:

—Slide the hinging end of the security cover into the hole on the

rear panel of the AP-700 to the left of the connectors.

—Use two screws to attach the right side of the security cover to

orinoco AP-700设置说明

the RS-232 screw holes on the rear panel of the AP-700.

3 Initialize the AP-700

There are two ways to initialize the AP:


orinoco AP-700设置说明

If the AP is connected to a stand-alone PC using the cross-over

Ethernet cable and is in its factory default configuration state,

s ee Option A

orinoco AP-700设置说明


B.If the AP is connected to a DHCP server

orinoco AP-700设置说明

on the same subnet as

your computer, s ee Option B below.

Option A:

1.Ensure there is no DHCP server running on the PC.

2.Set the IP address of the PC to 169.254.x.y (where x and y can be

any number between 1 and 254).

3.Set the subnet mask of the PC to


orinoco AP-700设置说明

Note that you will use the unit’s default IP address (

for configuration.

orinoco AP-700设置说明

5.Proceed to Basic Configuration.

Option B:

1.Select Start > All Programs > ORiNOCO > ScanTool. ScanTool

will discover the access point and display the IP address to use for


2.Note the IP address displayed and click the

orinoco AP-700设置说明

Cancel button, OR

Click the Change button and then the Web Configuration button.

3.Proceed to Basic Configuration.

4 Basic Configuration

1.Open your browser and enter the IP Address configured in Step 3.

Press Enter. Result: The AP-700 Login screen appears.

2.Leave the user name field empty, enter your password (default is

public), and click OK. Result: The System Status screen appears.

3.Click the Configure button. Result: The System Configuration

screen appears. Each tab contains information for specific

configuration categories.

4. If your AP model number ends in -WD, select the System tab and

choose the installation Country and location (indoor/outdoor). This

step is not required for model numbers not ending in -WD.




2 (optional)