For each of the following blanks, four choices are given. Choose the most appropriate one.

1.With the population explosion, scientists will have to ______ new methods of increasing the

world’s food supply.

a. lead to

b. carry out

c. come up with

d. stick to

2. We need an extra copy of the book for the newcomer.

a. a rare

b. an additional

c. an unusual

d. an excellent

3. It is more difficult for the Smiths to save money now because of the high rate of inflation.

a. set down

b. set about

c. set up

d. set aside

4. ______ his wealth, he is not happy.

a. Except for

b. In spite of

c. Because of

d. Besides

5. Bob’s doctor suggests _______ for a few days.

a. his resting

b. him to rest

c. that he rest

d. that he is resting

6. You______ me, because I didn’t say that. A. must have misunderstood me

b. must misunderstand

c. must be understood

d. had to understand

7.Vickie had most probably _______ her for another sort of girl.

a. regarded

b. viewed

c. mistaken

d. looked

8. I received a ______ parcel yesterday and I am still wondering who may have sent it.

a. sincere

b. dull

c. complicated

d. mysterious

9. Are you positive that the boy you saw in hotel was Peter?

a. right

b. wrong

c. sure

d. doubtful

10. _______ you keep trying, you’ll certainly succeed.

a. As

b. Because

c. as long as

d. No matter how

11. The movie star_______ with your sister, didn’t he?

A. was used to dance b. used to dancing c. used to dance d. was used to dancing

12. Mother insisted that _____ . a. they are to be back before nine the evening . b, they ought to be back in the evening c, they be back before nine in the evening d. they had to be back at nine

13. I couldn’t understand why he pretended ______ in the bookstore.

A. to see me b. not to see me c. not see me d. to see not me

14. The classroom was almost empty_______ a desk or two.

A, besides c. except for c. except d. in addition to

15. It was in that small room _______ they worked hard and dreamed of better days to come.

a. what c. in which c. which d. that

16. _______, you must show your ticket to go into the cinema.

a. No matter whoever you are

b. Whoever you are

c. Whomever you are

d. Not matter who are you

17.What is the ______ time of your flight to Beijing?

a. department

b. depart

c. departure

d. apartment

18. When she heard from the hospital that her grandma had died, she _____ into tears.

a. went

b. looked

c. explored

d. broke

19. He doesn’t want to ______ the hotel bedroom with a stranger.

a. stay

b. expand

c. share

d. spare

20. He recently bought a house in the suburbs, which is located in beautiful _____.

a. local

b. environment

c. surroundings

d. surrounding

21. The car is too expensive for me. I can’t _____ it.

a. spend

b. pay

c. cost

d. afford

22. The bike was moving so fast that its rider could not ______ an accident.

a. admit

b. support

c. avoid

d. solve

23. The young man went ahead _______ all warnings about the danger of the road.

a. prior to

b. regardless of

c. in regard to

d. in order to

24. Our plant is able to _____ 800 cars a day.

a. turn out

b. turn up

c. turn in

d. turn over

25. Everyone said Tom was in some ways______ and in some ways rather childish.

a. grown

b. moderate

c. mature

d. normal

26. she sat ______ to him but she didn’t speak to him.

a. nearby

b. near

c. closely

d. close

27. Mr. Jones _____ peacefully on Friday morning at the age of 80.

a. laid down

b. left out

c. set out

d. passed away

the reorganization of the school system was a complex operation, in which teachers and parents all_____. A. anticipated b. instructed c. participated d. fulfilled

28. You ought to take every ______ of improving your English.

a. case

b. chance

c. thing

d. time

29. He told me that he could not ______ to pay so much money for repairing his car, which cost more than he expected. A. afford b. reserve c. support d. deserve

30. Satellite radio is probably a more ______ means of communication than conventional radio.

a. inadequate

b. efficient

c. effective

d. enough

31.As the shortage of certain metals approaches, others must be found to take their______ .

a. share

b. role

c. place

d. shape

32. his joke went too far. It was more than I could put______.

a. with

b. up

c. up with

d. on

33. Air traffic controllers command airlines. Even a small mistake on their _____ could cause a disaster. A. pace b. own c. part d. post

34. Taxpayers complaint that too little money is being spent by the local government _____ roads.

a. in

b. on

c. for

d. with

35. I’d like to ______ this old car for a new model but I can’t afford it.

a. rescue

b. exchange

c. replace

d. convert

36. The camera he bought yesterday can be _______ to take any pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions. A. treated b. adjusted c. adopted d, remedied

37. The book tells us what we should do _______ such terrible things as robbery, fire, etc.

a. in charge of

b. in case of b. in front of d. in touch with

38. I took _____ of the opportunity to tell the boss what I thought.

a, care b, account c. advantage d. charge

39. I do not ______ to be clever but I am not stupid.

A, tell b. define c. claim d. speak

40. Have you anything you can recommend as a cure for the fever, his temperature was two degrees above ______ for two days. A. average b. normal c. usual d. common 41. It is high time that I retired from my post, but I haven’t found the right person to _____ my work. A. take in b. take away c. take on d, take over

42. I put _____ on the fact that I was n’t interested again.

a. blame

b. point

c. weight

d. emphasis

43. Zotti jokes that he married not for love but for long-term ______ to the upper classes.

a. access a. approach c. purpose d. proportion

44. It seemed to Mary that the butter smelled somewhat ______. She could not serve it to her guests. A. bad b. worse c, worst d. badly

45. He _____ me to invite my former classmates to dinner party to celebrate my birthday.

a. accompanied

b. convinced

c. agreed

d. persuade

46. You are right in a ______ , but you don’t know all the facts.

a. sense

b. meaning

c. case

d. notion

47. Jane was hit on the head by the rubber and was knocked____.

a. unconscious

b. unaware

c. brainless

d. mindless

48. He gave much attention and thought to _______ his children.

a. looking out

b. keeping up

c. bringing up

d. making out

49. His parents _______ of me whether we adapted to the new college life.

a. investigated

b. knew

c. heard

d. inquired

50. Before leaving his office, the manager showed no sign of ______ our proposal.

a. bringing about

b. showing of

c. responding to

d. pointing out

51. We shall not succeeded in controlling world population_____ we improve living conditions.

a. as

b. unless

c. while

d. if

52. I never expect you to ______ at the meeting. I thought you were abroad.

a. turn on

b. turn out

c. turn up

d. turn off

53. She possessed a quick mind, a sharp tongue and ______ a strong will.

a. first of all

b. above all

c. thereby

d. moreover

54. I thought it was going to rain but it has ______ fine.

a. turned off

b. turned out

c. come out b. stood out

55. Though his appearance has changed so much, I recognized him the ______ I saw him.

a. instant

b. momently

c. occasion

d. time

56. some words are difficult to _____ because they can trace their history back to the 10th century.

a. define

b. design

c. contrast

d. apply

56. He failed the fist time but _____ through the second.

a. fell

b. went

c. got d, lived

57. The passenger ______ to the conductor of not having enough boiling water on the train.

a. complained

b. condemned

c. expressed

d. approved

58. he is not very good at chess. I always _____him.

a. strike

b. beat

c. deny

d. hit

59. A space shuttle is a ______ that takes off like a rocked but lands like an airplane.

a. carriage

b. compound

c. vehicle

d. transport

60. Teller managed to get a ______ of $60000 from the bank to buy a house in the country.

a. loan

b. fund

c. debt

d. payment

61. The children will not be allowed to come with us if they don’t ______ themselves.

a. guide

b. behave

c. act

d. direct

62. Tom was asked to take the ______ of Smith, who resigned from his office.

a. place

b. care

c. way

d. role

63. The flood ______ were taken to the hospital in a neighboring town.

a. witness

b. victims

c. patients

d. emigrates

64. I suggested he _____ the new conditions.

a. adapt to

b. adopt to

c. adapt in

d. adopt in

65. Late last night , a fire ______ in a private home near where I live.

a. broke out

b. broke through

c. broke off

d. broke in

66. Some unexpected arguments will arise as there really exists a generation_____ between the young and the old. A. opening b, gap c, crack d. split

67. I n many countries , one’s social status is ______ to one’s wealth.

a. restricted

b. referred

c. retained

d. related

68. At the sight of a strange dog______ her all of a sudden, she was almost frightened to death.

a. barking

b. approaching

c. appealing

d. behaving

69. To be a qualified teacher _______ long training and hard work.

a. calls for

b. calls on

c. calls for

d. calls up

70. A great ______ of workers will be transferred to the new oil field.

a. deal

b. number

c. amount

d. quantity

71. Language can be defined as a tool by which human beings ______ with one another.

a. associate

b. communicate

c. connect

d. correspond

72. The information ______ that the islands have a hot climate all year long.

a. indicates

b. conveys

c. display

d. specifies

73. The dance used to be popular in that district , but now it is out of ______ .

a. place

b. order

c. date

d. control

74. When she left the office, she took my umbrella_______ .

a. by accident

b. by mistake

c. on purpose

d. on hand

75. There is no doubt that any writer should have his own _____style rather than imitate the others.

a. special

b. primary

c. unique

d. particular

76. ______ their coming earlier, we should be back by 5:00 pm.

a. In spite of

b. With regard to

c. Allowing for

d. Instead of

77. I remember seeing him in a meeting two years ago , but I can’t _____ what his name is.

a. remind

b. recall

c. recognize

d. realize

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/2f67049f86c24028915f804d2b160b4e777f81d9.htmlrge amounts of waste gas _____ into the atmosphere has added to the seriousness of air pollution. A. given up b, given back c, given out d. given off

79. You look well after your holiday; you have _____ weight.

a. put away

b. put out

c. put on

d. put up

80. Because of the severe drought , the government has urged people to be _____ of water.

a. attractive

b. thrifty

c. cautious

d. economical

81. The person ______ for the train fire will soon be punished.

a. unit b, respond c. responsible d. charged

82. Because his health is getting worse, he has to _____ himself from drinking.

a. force

b. restrain

c. guarantee

d. restrict

83. In November 1998, the average American family set ___ 5.7% of its income and spent the rest.

a. down

b. off

c. aside

d. up

84. We must take all the difficulties into ______, because there is not much chance of success.

a. account

b. considering

c. granted c. thinking

85. It is surprising that the innocent-looking person should have _____ such a crime.

a. performed

b. made

c. executed

d. committed

86. Though the long term _____ cannot be predicted, the project has been approved by the

committee. A. affect b. effect c. effort d. afford

87. The municipal government has taken some _____ measures to prevent factories from discharging polluted water into the river.

a. efficient

b. essential

c. effective

d. excessive

88. If you do not know her number ,______ it up in the directory.

a. make

b. look

c. bring

d. put

89. The bird flew into the air in an instant and was soon _____ .

a. out of sight

b. in a hurry

c. at a loss

d. for good

90. I can earn a_______ amount of money after selling this gold watch.

a. satisfied

b. extensive

c. valuable

d. considerable

91. I don’t think it is good to _____ eating breakfast, which makes us suffer from hunger by noon.

a. give in

b. give off

c. give back

d. give up

92. The river _____ quickly after the heavy rain.

a. rose

b. increased

c. raised

d. lifted

93. It is ______ that 20 people were injured in the accident.

a. measured

b. estimated c, accounted d. elevated

94. Hardly a year passed without another war between the two counties _____ .

a. holding out

b. breaking out

c. getting out

d. pulling out