1. Jack had feeling of excitement when hearing his article had been published in school magazine.(海淀)

A.the;a B.a;the C./;the D the;/

2. —Why not open the windows to let cool air in?

—I'd rather you didn't air in our town is terribly polluted.(西城)

A.a;The B/;The C./;/ D.the:/

3. The Day of the Dead, an ancient Mexican festival, is not a sad day, but time to celebrate cycle of life.(东城)

A.a, the B.不填, the C.不填,a D.the, a

4. --- potato salad is good.

--- I’m very glad you like it. I used special cheese to make it.(朝阳)

A.The;不填B.The; a C.A;不填D.A; the

5. —I have ______ high temperature and ______ sore throat.

—Well, you may have the flu.(崇文)

A.a; a B.the; the C.the; a D.a; the

6. You can try to guess the meaning of ______ words you don't know from ______ passage.(宣武)

A.the; 不填B.the; the C.不填;不填D.不填; the

7. I ordered pizza and salad. The pizza was nice but salad was disgusting.(丰台)A.the, the B.a, the C.a, a D.the, a

8. Besides the others, there was still third one who said he was second to

reach the end.(石景山)

A.a; a B.a; the C.the; the D.the; a


1. Low-carbon lifestyle is of great benefit to improve the world environment.can be enjoyed from it until you have a deep understanding of it,however.(海淀) A.Something B.Nothing C.Few D.Much

2. —What do you think of their new house?

—It’s very modern,but they have some antique in it.(西城)

A.furniture B.furnitures

C.piece of furnitures D piece of furniture

3. Naturally I will come to you for advice whenever I feel I need .(西城)

A.them B.one C.some D.few

4. The film is very humorous but can be enjoyed unless you understand English culture.(东城)

A.everything B.something C.nothing D.anything

5. --- Wow, so many new houses! I can’t believe that. It used to be a poor village.

--- Yes. has changed here.(朝阳)

A.Nothing B.Something C.Everything D.Anything

6. —Anything more about the Anna's family life?

—Well, she makes ______ a rule to go shopping once a week.(崇文)

A.this B.that C.herself D.it

7. The purpose of their explorations is as important to them as to us.(石景山)

A.they are B.they have C.it is D.it has

8. Robert made a call to his parents yesterday afternoon. To his disappointment,

of them answered it.(丰台)

A.either B.both C.none D.neither

9. People aren’t waching television as before on Christmas Day because they use

their videos.

A.too much B.too many C.as much D.as many


1. —Our women athletes achieved great success in the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

—Yes No one could perform , I think.(海淀)

A.well B.better C.best D.the best

2. Mike has an active mind;he can retell a story anybody else in the classroom.(西城)

A.more vividly than B.much vivid than

C.as vivid as D.so vividly as

3. With the speedup of the railway, now you can get to your destination by train.(朝阳)A.fast B.faster C.fastest D.the fastest


1. all kinds of difficulties,the workers have made rapid progress in the construction of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai.(海淀)

A.With B.For C.Under D.Beyond

2. Today,rapid transportation and communication, the whole word seems to be smaller.(西城)

A.regardless of B.in spite of C.instead of D because of

3. The performance will be given next week. You can go to the student union


A.for B.in C.by D.on

4. He turned down the request of his friend because it was the limit of his power.(宣武)A.beyond B.over C.off D.above

5. I know nothing about the match I read in the newspaper.(石景山)

A.besides B.expect C.except that D.except what

6. Mike must be angry with me, for he walked me without even saying hello.(东城)A.past B.on C.at D.over


1. The 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou from November 12 to November 27,2010.(海淀) A.was held B.was holding C.will be held D.will be holding

2. —Why didn’t you come to the cinema with us last Saturday?

—Oh,sorry.But I the film.(海淀)

A.see B.saw C.have seen D.had seen

3. If we had taken such effective measures much earlier, the fiver so seriously now.(海淀)A.is not polluted B.would not be polluted

C.had not been polluted D.would not have been polluted

4. —Bob! How’s your proje ct? I heard you started it last Friday,right?

—Oh!I for it.But I haven’t decided when to do it.(海淀)

A.have prepared B.had prepared C.have been preparing D.was preparing 5. —Why are your hands so dirty?(西城)

—I in the garden.

A.was working B.have worked C.worked D.have been working

6. a time in the 1960s when young people liked wearing army uniforms. (西城)

A.It was B.There was C.It is D.There is

7.The attackers were arrested and didn’t know where they.(西城)A.would take B.are taken C.were being taken D. will be taken

8. In middle schools all over China, boys not to wear their hair long.(东城)

A.will be requested B.have requested

C.are requesting D.are requested

9. ---Let’s throw a surprise party for mom’s50th birthday.

---That’s a good idea. We several of her friends. (东城)

A.invite B.have invited C.are inviting D.will invite

10. ---Your composition is full of mistakes.

---I wish I more careful. (东城)

A.would have been B.had been

C.would be D.were

11. Someone his car in front of my house and it is blocking my driveway. (东城)

A.has parked B.is parking C.parked D.had parked

12. --- Did you see a girl in white pass by just now?

--- No, sir. I a newspaper.(朝阳)

A.read B.had read C.would read D.was reading

13. It is the only time in history that two Nobel Prizes to the same person. (朝阳)A.have been given B.had been given

C.have given D.will give

14. These interesting articles were written by Anna, who for our magazine these years. (朝阳)

A.wrote B.would write

C.is writing D.has been writing

15. —Sorry we're late.We ______ the wrong turning.

—That's all right.Come in, please.(宣武)

A.take B.have taken C.took D.had taken

16. —Flight 331 _____.I'd better be on my way.Goodbye.

—Bye.Happy landing! (宣武)

A.is announced B.is being announced

C.is announcing D.has announced

17. If you had worked hard, you ______ so anxious now.(宣武)

A.are not B.would not have been

C.will not be D.would not be

18. The novels written by the author sell best, but five years ago no one could have

imagined how great a role he in the literary world. (宣武)

A.was playing B.played C.was to play D.had played

19. One recent prediction is that within the next 50 years, it ______ possible to link

the human brain directly with a computer.(崇文)

A.is B.will be C.would be D.was

20. —Do you know when Phil's coming?

—He ______ 4: 00.(崇文)

A.says B.has said C.had said D.said

21. Napoleon would have taken over the world if he ______ the Battle of


A.wins B.won C.had won D.has won

22. —Can you tell me what time the flight to Detroit leaves?

—I'm sorry, but it ______.(崇文)

A.has been canceled B.had been canceled

C.has canceled D.had canceled

23. When she called at his studio, she that he had gone to Japan.(丰台)

A.is told B.was told C.tells D.told

24. —Did you get my letter?

—I received one just as I . (丰台)

A.set out B.had set out C.was setting out D.would set out

25. --- He’s got our tickets.

--- That’s good I afraid that he them.(石景山)

A.am; has forgotten B.was; had forgotten

C.was; forget D.am; will forget

26. --- You’re going to publish my book. Are you serious?

--- . It’s to be published next mont h.(石景山)

A.No, I am not B.No, I was just joking

C.Yes, I do D.Yes, I have never been more serious


1. The soccer team has been doing well this season,so they win the championship.(海淀)

A.should B.might C.would D.could

2. It is a rule in our school that no books out unless you have a library card.(西城)A.must be taken B.might take

C.can be taken D.should be taken

3. How I help them to understand when they w on’t listen to me?(东城)

A.can B.would C.may D.must

4. --- Oh, my God! We just missed the last bus back home.

--- I’m sure we it, but you were not in any hurry.(朝阳)

A.could catch B.had caught C.would catch D.could have caught

5. I appreciate that it's not easy for you, but you ______ try to get here on


A.may B.must C.will D.can

6. You ______ very fast if you went from New York to Boston in six hours.(崇文)A.should drive B.would have driven

C.may drive D.must have driven

7. --- Do the Smiths live next door to you?

--- No, but they .(石景山)

A.used to B.used to do C.used to doing D.used to be


1. A few days after the interview.I received a letter me admission to the university. (海淀)A.offering B.offered C.having offered D.to be offered

2. a diary every day and you’ll improve your writing.(海淀)

A.Keeping B.To keep C.Keep D.If you keep

3. The scientist was rewarded by the government for such a great,contribution to the country.(海淀)

A.make B.making C.being made D.having made

4. We tried hard,and eventually,we were able to get Mike us his car just for a day.(西城)

A.lending B.lend C.to lend D.lent

5. Hesitating what to do,.(西城)

A.so let’s not go outing B.the tour was cancelled

C.but we should still take the tour D.we had to stay home

6. fit, we ought to learn more about our body and be careful with what we eat.(东城)A.Keeping B.To keep C.Having kept. D.To have kept

7. In summer, food will go bad if in room temperature. (东城)

A.leaving B.left C.being left D.having left

8. More and more people shop online, advantage of low prices. (东城)

A.having taken B.taking C.taken D.having been taken

9. The flowers sweet in the garden attracted the visitors to the beauty of nature.(朝阳)A.smell B.smelt C.smelling D.to be smelt

10. for his expert advice, John is often asked to help others with their personal

affairs. (朝阳)

A.Having known B.Being known C.Known D.Knowing

11. Unless you have planted something, y ou won’t be able to know the pleasure of watching the thing you have planted . (朝阳)

A.grown B.growing C.to grow D.to be grown

12. __ sweet and fresh, this kind of food is so popular with local people and the tourists.(宣武)

A.Smell B.Smelling C.To smell D.Smelt

13. Here are some new computer programs _____ for home buildings.(宣武)

A.designing B.design C.to design D.designed

14. The rise of oil prices made scientists search for new energy resources ______


A.replace B.replacing C.to replace D.replaced

15. With so little time ______ on math, it is all too easy for children to ignore

practicing mathematics, which is a kind of language.(崇文)

A.spent B.being spent C.to spend D.was spent

16. —How did he break his head while swimming?

—______ my warnings, he dived straight into the shallow water.(崇文)

A.To ignore B.Ignored C.Ignoring D.Being ignored

17. Zhou Yang didn't want to let anyone overtake her.She wanted to be the first

______ that finishing line.(崇文)

A.crossing B.cross C.to cross D.in crossing

18. At last, the boys found themselves in a pleasant park with trees providing shade

and down to eat their picnic lunch.(丰台)

A.to sit B.sat C.sitting D.having sat

19. Children above 12 are able to take part in skiing or other activities for them. (丰台)A.having designed B.designing C.to design D.designed

20. As we all know, newspapers, magazines and radios as well as television

broadcasts can keep us about what is happening at home and abroad.

A.informing B.informed C.to inform D.being informed

21. In the Kooris for years, I decided to le arn their language. (石景山)

A.Having interested B.Have been interest

C.Having been interested D.Being interested

22. Della had only one dollar and eighty – seven cents Jim, her Husband, a

Christmas present. (石景山)

A.to buy B.which to buy

C.for him to buy D.with which to buy

23. --- What do you think made Ceha so happy?

--- a prize in the recent competition.(石景山)

A.Winning B.Won C.As she won D.Because of winning.


1. Thousands of Haitians cheered as the Chinese medical team arrived,many of even cried with joy.(海淀)

A.those B.them C.whom D.who

2. Too high house prices can be brought under control,the authorities introduce a series of regulatory policies.(海淀)

A.even if B.as if C.so that D.provided that

3. a time in the 1960s when young people liked wearing army uniforms. (西城)

A.It was B.There was C.It is D.There is

4. The man stopped his bicycle beside the car it had a broken chain.(西城)

A.or B.until C.as D.yet

5. Wow! Look at the man and his horse are running down the road. (西城)

A.which B.that C.who D where

6. Please turn down the music, our neighbors next door will be disturbed.(东城)

A.and B.or C.but D.so

7. life began on the earth is one of the biggest puzzles to scientists. (东城)

A.How B.What C.Where D.That

8. QQ, you can chat with your friends, makes communication easy. (东城)

A.why B.which C.that D.where

9. ---Are my clothes too casual?

---No. You can go you are. (东城)

A.as B.what C.that D.where

10. I will appreciate it you can change your plan a little bit to make it more workable.(朝阳)

A.so B.if C.since D.although

11. It has been proved taking exercise regularly does good to one’s health. (朝阳)

A.whether B.when C.what D.that

12. I suggest you save you find with an electronic bookmark so you can return to

it later. (朝阳)

A.what B.that C.how D.where

13. The topic, we devoted a full discussion, is to be presented to our teacher at

class. (朝阳)

A.which B.where C.to which D.for which

14. The site is fairly near the city center, ______ it can only be reached by a series of

narrow streets.(崇文)

A.and B.but C.or D.so

15. Even if there is no scientific proof yet ______ secondhand smoke causes cancer,

there is no reason why nonsmokers should be forced to take this risk.(崇文)

A.which B.that C.when D.where

16. My parents send me to a school _____ rules are just as important a part of

education as the academic subjects.(崇文)

A.that B.which C.where D.when

17. __ __ many Chinese women have received higher education, there are still

obstacles that prevent them from enjoying the same opportunities for education and employment as men.(崇文)

A.Whether B.Because C.When D.Although

18. Always read the label ______ you wash your clothes.(宣武)

A.before B.unless C.since D.until

19. I had reached a point in my career _____ I needed to decide which way to


A.why B.which C.when D.where

20. ______ I'm willing to help, I do not have much time available.(宣武)

A.While B.When C.Once D.Since

21. After driving for five hours, they arrived at they thought was the place th ey

had been dreaming of. (宣武)

A.what B.that C.which D.where

22. The researchers determine what type of plants the virus can infect(感染) and insects can carry the virus. (丰台)

A.those B.why C.which D.how

23. Mr Brown arranged for the taxi to come at six she would not have to wait long at the station. (丰台)

A.so that B.even if C.before D.because

24. Peter was sure that he drank any more of this good red wine he would fall asleep. (丰台)

A.if B.when C.as D.since

25. Unemployment is on the increase. A growing number of young people, , are finding themselves out of work. (丰台)

A.in case B.all in all C.in particular D.as a result

26. About seven years ago she felt she had to ask herself she really wanted to spend her life

farming. Now she has make up her mind to quit farming. (丰台)

A.when B.whether C.what D.where

27. I feel sorry for those young people who don’t care for their aged people mine.(丰台)

A.as I do care B.do as I care C.do as I D.as I do

28. Mike is handsome, kind and full of energy. , I can’t speak too highly of him.


A.As a result B.By the way C.In a word D.On the contrary

29. , you’ll never be able to persuade him.(石景山)

A.However hard may you try B.Try however hard you may

C.However hard you may try D.Try hard however you may


1. Today,rapid transportation and communication, the whole word seems to be smaller.(海淀)

A.regardless of B.in spite of C.instead of D because of

2. You didn't believe John won the first prize at the speech competition, ______?(宣


A.did he B.didn't he C.did you D.didn't you

3. that Ding Junhui, an 18 – years – old boy, won the champion in the 2005 World

Snooker China Open.(石景山)

A.The news comes here B.Here comes the news

C.The news here comes D.Here the news comes

4. I’m afraid I’ve little time to spare these days. I’ve a pile of papers to before the meeting.(石景山)

A.get through B.put on C.set up D.send for

5. --- You’re going to publish my book. Are you serious?

--- . It’s to be p ublished next month.(石景山)

A.No, I am not B.No, I was just joking

C.Yes, I do D.Yes, I have never been more serious