Death of a salesman

WILLY (suddenly conscious of Biff, turns and looks up at him, then begins picking up the packages of seeds in confusion.): Where the hell is that seed? (Indignantly.) Y ou can’t see nothing

out here! They boxed in the whole goddam neighborhood!

BIFF: There are people all around here. Don’t you realize that? WILLY: I’m busy. Don’t bother me.

BIFF (taking the hoe from Willy): I’m saying good-by to you, Pop. (Willy looks at him, silent, unable to move.) I’m not coming

back any more.

WILLY: Y ou’re not going to s ee Oliver tomorrow?

BIFF: I’ve got no appointment, Dad.

WILLY: He put his arm around you, and you’ve got no appointment? BIFF: Pop, get this now, will you? Everytime I’ve left it’s been a fight that sent me out of here. Today I realized something

about myself and I tried to explain it to you and I — I think

I’m just not smart enough to make any sense out of it for you.

To hell with whose fault it is or anything like that. (He takes Willy’s arm.) Let’s just wrap it up, heh? Come on in, we’ll tell Mom. (He gently tries to pull Willy to left.)

WILLY (frozen, immobile, with guilt in his voice): No, I don’t want to see her.

BIFF: Come on! (He pulls again, and Willy tries to pull away.) WILLY (highly nervous): No, no, I don’t want to see her.

BIFF (tries to look i nto Willy’s face, as if to find the answer there): Why don’t you want to see her?

WILLY (more harshly now): Don’t bother me, will you?

BIFF: What do you mean, you don’t want to see her? Y ou don’t want them calling you yellow, do you? This isn’t your fault;it’s me, I’m a bum. Now come inside! (Willy strains to get away.)

Did you hear what I said to you?

(Willy pulls away and quickly goes by himself into the house.

Biff follows.)

LINDA (to Willy): Did you plant, dear?

BIFF (at the door, to Linda). All right, we had it out. I’m going

and I’m not writing any more.

LINDA (going to Willy in the kitchen): I think that’s the best way, dear. ‘Cause there’s no use drawing it out, you’ll just never get along.

(Willy doesn’t respond.)

BIFF: People ask where I am and wh at I’m doing, you don’t know, and you don’t care. That way it’ll be off your mind and

you can start brightening up again. All right? That clears it, doesn’t it? (Willy is silent, and Biff goes to him.) Y ou gonna

wish me luck, scout? (He extends his hand.) What do you say?