down the street 沿着街

need you to carry all the bags 需要你拿所有的包buy Simon a present 给西门买一个礼物have some ideas 有一些想法

be interested in music 对音乐感兴趣

just a minute 等一会儿

take a look 看一眼

only one yuan each 每个仅一元

buy a gift for my friend 为我的朋友买一个礼物match her pink coat 和她得粉色外套相配take them 买它们

here’s your change 这是找你的零钱

cost two yuan each 每一个花费两元

have enough money for the hair clips 有足够的钱来买发夹different from 与……不同

paper cups 纸杯

exercise books 习题书

not far away from my school 离我的学校不太远enough snacks 足够多的零食

in some poor areas 在一些贫困地区

need books most 最需要书本

use our pocket money to buy them these things 用我们的零花钱给他们买这些东西

try them on 穿上它们试一试

fit very well 非常合身

too expensive 太贵了

see another pair 看看另一双

speaks quite quickly 说的很快

bus stop 汽车站

from different areas 来自不同的地区

clothes shops 服装店

get different kinds of clothes here 在这得到不同种类的衣

on the top floor 在顶层

meet friends 会见朋友

Language point:

1,There is a new mall down the street.

down the street:沿着街道

I like to walk down the street with my son in the spring.我喜欢在春天和我的儿子沿着街走。2,I don’t have any money.我没有钱。Do you have any ideas? 你有一些主意吗?

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