综合英语教程3 课后翻译 中英互译unit


She doesn’t seem to get along with her new classmates.


I’d been out of touch with Mary for year, but I managed to reach her by phone yesterday.


The veteran enjoys showing off his medals to everyone who visits him.

4. 她丈夫似乎非常反对他出国

He husband seems very much opposed to her going abroad.

5. 因为托马斯不安心工作他父母很担忧

As Thomas couldn’t settle down in his job, his parents were very worried.

6. 我口袋里总装着各种各样的小东西

I always have all kinds of bits and pieces in my pockets.

7. 她母亲通过一些私人关系是他进入商界

Her mother pulled a few strings to get her into the business circle.

8. 我希望这些菜合你们的口味

I hope the food is to your liking.


__I told the boys off for making so much noise.

1. 他决定立即着手这项复杂的工程

He resolved to work on the complicated project immediately.

2. 他们看见对面的老人被对面驶来的汽车撞倒

They saw an old man knocked over by a car coming from the opposite direction.

3. 他在黑暗中摇摇晃晃搜索着电灯开关

He walked unsteadily / stumbled along in the dark, groping for the light-switch.

4. 病了三个月后她几乎站不稳了

After three month’s illness, he found it difficult to rise to his feet again.

5. 由于人手不足无法按期完成任务

Owing to the staff shortage, the task could not be fulfilled on schedule.

6. 在经济萧条期公司遭遇财政困难

During the period of depression, the company was running into financial difficulties.

7. 那盲女上了公车乘客们给他让出了地方

When the blind girl got on the crowded bus, the passengers made room for her.


__He at last managed to hold on to the rock on the cliff and stopped himself from slipping.__ 1. 母亲立刻派汤姆去叫医生

Mother immediately sent Tom for the doctor.

2. 由于糖用完了他没做成蛋糕

She failed to bake the cake as she had run out of sugar.

3. 我知道您现在忙极了

I know how desperately busy you are now.

4. 汤姆说错了话惹得全班同学哄堂大笑

The whole class roared with laughter at Tom’s slip o f the tongue.

5. 针剪刀这类东西必须放在小孩子够不到的地方

Such things as needles and scissors should be kept out of the reach of children.

6. 战士在烈日地下被晒得大汗淋漓

The soldiers stood under the burning scorching sun, drenched with sweat.

7. 他最后终于回到了他的祖国

__He returned to his own country / motherland in the end_____________________________ 1. 我显然是高估了自己的方向感下次一定要记着带地图

Obviously I overestimated my sense of direction. Net time, I will remember to bring along

a map with me.

2. 母亲对他那个自私不孝的儿子彻底失望了

The mother is not thoroughly disillusioned with her selfish unfilial son.

3. 她很不善于见什么人说什么话

She has no knack for saying the right thing at the right time.

4. 从一开始他就和足球结下了不解之缘

He and football were meant for each other from the start.


My boss assigned me the secretarial work for the first month.

6. 驾驶员违反交通规则出了罚款外还有别的处罚办法么?

If a driver breaks traffic rules, are there any alternatives to a fire?

7. 他老是笨手笨脚因而常遭他人嘲笑

__Being a clumsy person, he often subjects himself to ridicule.__________________________ 1. 那天晚上james和你一起吃完饭了么?

Did James have supper with you on the night in question?

2. 教练对比赛的最终结果表示感谢

The coach was satisfied with the ultimate victory of the match.

3. 为了排除各国人民交往的语言障碍许多语言学家都在研究新的世界语

To remove the linguistic barriers in communication among the people of the world, linguists have embarked on the study of a new universal language.

4. 合资企业的出现是我们有了更多接触外国人的机会

The emergence of joint-venture enterprises has increased our opportunities to have contact with foreigners.


Mother asked him to gather up the bits and pieces of his belongings from the desk and put them in the drawer.

6. 因为一句玩笑他们发生了争吵

Their argument arose out of a small joke.

7. 照片不清楚我认不出其中的女孩

The picture is too blurred for me to identify the girl in it.

8. 如果有人说他自己能和鬼神交流你会信么?

__If someone claims to have the ability to communicate with ghosts, would you believe it?__ 1.毕业后他先做工程师然后当了厂长

After graduation, he became an engineer to start with, then the director of a plant.

2. 我想我还是接受他的邀请为好因为你不能老是拒绝别人

I think I may as well accept his invitation, for you can't keep saying no to people.

3. 为了安全起见每个人都必须系上安全带

Everyone in the car must wear a seat belt for the sake of safety.

4. 把温度降到零度水会变成冰

Reduce the temperature to zero degree centigrade and water will freeze / turn into ice.

5. 他被指控犯盗窃罪事实上他是无辜的

He was accused of theft. But actually he was innocent.

6. 出了女主角的表演有点过火外这是一部优秀的影片

The heroine's performance is a little exaggerated, but otherwise it is an excellent movie. 7. 有时大人也会上小孩的当

Sometimes even adults will fall for children's tricks.

8. 如果她和你分手那是你活该谁让你老是对她撒谎呢?

__You lied to her again and again. So if she leaves you, it serves you right________________ 1. 我没按父亲的意愿去做生意他很生气

My father was very cross at my not learning business from him.


Although these kids are very naughty now, they will grow up one day understanding that creating trouble for others would not get away with impunity.

3. 她请人把东西用蓝布包好装进箱子

She had her things wrapped in a piece of blue cloth and put into the suitcase.

4. 我下个月回家度假

I'll be home on leave next month.

5. 我们费了九牛二虎之力把门弄开

We had a terrible job to open the door.

6. 他们不知道她就在附近

Unknown to them, she was nearby.

7. 这个罪犯被剥夺了一切政治权利

The criminal was deprived of all political rights.

8. 对不起是我错了

__I’m sorry, I'm in the wrong._____________________________________________________

1. 春天和秋天我都喜欢但我更喜欢春天

I prefer to spring to autumn though I love both seasons.

2. 我相信电子汽车有一天会取代汽油汽车

I believe that electric cars will one day supplant petrol-driven ones.

3. 他们提醒他攀登喜马拉雅山很危险可他不听

They warned him of the danger of climbing the Himalayas, but he wouldn’t listen.

4. 老师告诉学生他们的前途取决于教育

The teacher told his students that their future prospects hinged on their education.

5. 她获得了最佳演员奖大家都觉得她当之无愧

Everybody thinks that she deserved the award Best Actress of the Year.


Every time the girl came across a problem, she would turn to her mother for a solution, rather than trying to solve it herself.

7. 丈夫去世后他一如既往培养3个女儿

After her husband died, she continued to nurture her three daughters.

8. 现在人们学英语似乎不是在学习一门有实用价值的语言而是在学一种语法

It seemed that a lot of people learn English less as a practical language than its grammar.