Unit 1 My First Job

Unit 1 My First Job

(8 periods)

I.Teaching Objectives and Requirements

1. To let students fully understand the cultural implications of the proverb “A good beginning is half the battle”;

2. To let students learn to use English for talking about greetings and farewells, making friends, work and responsibilities and personal aspirations;

3. To let students master words and phrases for talking about doing good jobs, personal qualities and working schedule;

4. To let students learn to understand and talk about the value system in western culture, such as team spirit and royalty through reading, discussion and task-based activities;

5. To let students learn to understand, talk and write about doing a new job and proper work ethics through listening, reading and writing activities;

6. To let students learn cultural information on getting jobs;

7. To learn how to use a proper English-English dictionary for vocabulary development.

II. Teaching Focuses

1. Topics and functions

●Talking about greetings and farewells

●Talking about making friends

●Talking about work and responsibilities

●Talking about personal aspirations

2. Language knowledge

words and phrases for talking about

●doing good jobs

●personal qualities

●working schedule

3. Improving the students’ reading ability by analyzing the text “My First Job”.

4. Improving the students’ writing ability by commenting on the following opinions:

1) Children should get paid for anything they do for the family.

2) Intelligence is most important for success in doing anything.

III. Teaching Difficulties

1. Teaching how to approach people and respond appropriately through practicing the conversations, listening and the role-play activities.