1. Mrs Brown is supposed _______ for England last week.

A. to have been left

B. to have left

C. to leave

D. to be leaving

2. He is ______ qualified of the two candidates for the position.

A. more

B. most

C. the more

D. the most

3. The night was so ______ that not a sound could be heard.

A. dark

B. quiet

C. dangerous

D. beautiful

4. _______the first to use nuclear weapons.

A. At no time China will be

B. Never China will be

C. Will China never be

D. At no time will China be

5. If only we ______ as we were told! This would never have happened.

A. had done

B. would come

C. do

D. did

6. _______hard, he would have succeeded.

A. Had he worked

B. If he worked

C. If he were to work

D. If he was to work

7. Is there anyone against ________?

A. to do it this way

B. doing it this way

C. done it this way

D. do it this way

8. from space, our earth, with water covering 70% of its surface, appears as a "blue planet".

A. To see

B. Having seen

C. Seeing

D. Seen

9.1 have explained everything __ I can explain to you.

A. what

B. which

C. all

D. that

10. It__being now pretty late, we took our candles and retired to our room.

A. is

B. turned

C. being

D. got

11. Only then _______how important ________ to study English.

A. did I realize / it was

B. did I realize / was it

C. I realized / was it

D. I realized / it was

12. He ____ have left the campus, for I saw him in the classroom just a minute ago.

A. mustn't

B. needn't

C. couldn't

D. oughtn't

13. At the beginning of this semester, our history teacher ___ a list of books for us to read.

A. put up

B. wrote out

C. passed by

D. set up

14. Jack was very ___ on watching football matches on TV.

A. eager

B. interested

C. keen

D. good

15. This new dress, ____ a hat and gloves, has cost me $ 250.

A. and

B. also

C. together with

D. in addition with

16. We could not do anything except just ___ for him to come round.

A. wait

B. to wait

C. waited

D. waiting

17. A group of people have organized to make sure that the school children will be ____ no danger while crossing the street.

A. for

B. with

C. on

D. in

18. Although ____ happened in that country sounds like science fiction, it could occur elsewhere in the world.

A. which

B. what

C. that

D. when

19. She has grown up in ________ areas and knew very little about the crops.

A. urban

B. suburb

C. rural

D. country

20. It was proposed that this matter ________ at the next meeting.

A. would consider

B. would have been considere

C. should have been considered

D. should be considered

21. The boy can't concentrate ______ his lesson.

A. in

B. on

C. of

D. at

22.Pay attention ________ details.

A. to

B. for

C. with

D. in

23.He is not ________ he used to be.

A. which

B. /

C. that

D. what

24.0ur teacher had us __________ a composition on Our College Life.

A. to write

B. writing

C. to be written

D. write

25. "Don't worry, he'll soon be accustomed to _________ here.

A. live

B. lived

C. living

D. life

26. Mary suggested _________ anything about it.

A. not to say

B. not saying

C. to say not

D. not say

27. As Teacher Wang was ill, I'll give you lessons ___________.

A. instead of

B. instead

C. of instead

D. in stead

28. Don't trust him, ________ he says.

A. no matter what

B. no matter whatever

C. what

D. however

29. My parents always regard me _____ a little child even though I am grown up.

A. as


C. for

D. with

30. He demanded that I ________ the money by Friday at the least.

A. must pay

B. paid

C. to pay

D. pay

31. Soon the sportsmen ________ to the changeable weather of the city.

A. adopted

B. adjusted

C. adapted

D. advised

32. So little ________ about English that the lecture was completely beyond me.

A.I know

B. I knew

C. Do I know

D. did I know

33. After the students painted the house, its ________ was quite different.

A. look

B. surface

C. expression

D. appearance

34. He has a ________of biting his fingers when he thinks hard.

A. habit

B. behavior

C. custom

D. manner

35. The work we are doing is ________ great value.

A. in



D. from

36. How ________ do you know about China?

A. many

B. much

C. more

D. most

37. We often associate the Yellow River and the Changjiang River

______the civilization of the Chinese people.

A. by



D. with

38. Once you have finished the design, you may have a whole week________.

A. off

B. down

C. in

D. up

39. The pants are too ________ for me , I'd like some loose ones.

A. short

B. close

C. tight

D. narrow

40. The population of China is bigger than ____________ .

A. India

B. India's

C. the one of India

D. that of India

41. It ___ weekend, we had no school.

A. is

B. was

C. were

D. being

42. Scarcely ____ he came to see me.

A. I went out when

B. did I go out than

C. had I gone out when

D. I had gone out than

43. ____ a little slower, I couldn't have missed seeing you.

A. If I drove

B. Had I driven

C. Were I driven

D. If I driven

44. They request that we ___ a meeting tonight.

A. have

B. had

C. having

D. has

45. No one except my parents ____ anything about the matter.

A. know

B. knowing

C. knows

D. known

46. Is there anything else ___ must be done?

A. what


C. which

D. that

47. ____ made us very happy.

A. She was chosen

B. That she was chosen

C. Which she was chosen

D. If she was chosen

48. He _____ you yesterday, for I didn't receive any call from him whole day.

A. mustn't call

B. mustn't have called

C. couldn't call

D. couldn't have called

49. Once ___ , it can never be forgotten.

A. seen

B. saw

C. seeing

D. sees

50.1 regret ___ that you fail.

A. saying

B. say

C. to say

D. to saying

51. Bob wishes that he __that house last spring.

A. bought

B. buys

C. had bought

D. has bought

52. ____, the examinees knew it was time to stop.

A. Hearing the bell

B. Heard the bell

C. To have been heard the bell

D. To hear the bell

53. "Isn't this a great recording?"

"Yes, but__ play it so loud?"

A. you must

B. do you must

C. are you must

D. must you

54. The doctor sat __ to the exit in case he had to leave early.

A. next

B. through

C. out

D. to

55. Ask him how much___.

A. did it cost

B. it did cost

C. it cost

D. it costed

56. ____from the tenth floor when the policeman pointed his pistol at him.

A. Jumped down the burglar

B. Down the burglar jumped

C. The burglar down jumped

D. Down jumped the burglar

57. It wasn't an accident. He did it on ____.

A. reason

B. determination

C. purpose

D. intention

58. We will put off the picnic until next month ___the weather may be better.

A. where

B. that

C. when

D. which

59. No matter how __, it is not necessarily worthless.

A. dry a desert may be

B. a desert may be dry

C. may a desert be dry

D. a desert dry way be

60.1 met the man ____.

A. whom you told me

B. you told me about

C. about whom you told

D. you about me told

61. The temperature can fall to - 60 °C. _______is, 60 °C below freezing point.

A. Which



D. That

62. I've got a lot of books, ______ are written in foreign languages.

A. and most of which

B. some of which

C. some of them

D. most of those

63. ——Which do you like better, real movies ______cartoons?

——I prefer cartoons_____ real movies.

A. and; than

B. or; than

C. and; and

D. or; to

64. Not until all the fish died in the river_______ how serious the pollution was.

A. the villagers realized

B. didn't the villagers realize

C. did the villagers realize

D. the villagers did realize

65. _______ money was spent on the electronic computer.

A. A great many

B. A lot

C. A large number of

D. A great deal of

66. Not enough_________ to stop the forests ____since the 1980's.

A. has been done; be cut down

B. has done; cutting down

C. has been done; from being cut down

D. has done; from being cut down

67. ——I didn't go to class last night because my car broke down.

——You_______ mine. I wasn't using it.

A. could borrow

B. could have borrowed

C. must have borrowed

D. should borrow

68. ——Has____ of your parents visited your university?

——No, neither.

A, both B. either C. all D. any 69. A man may usually be known by the books he reads ____by the friends he keeps.

A. as well as

B. as if

C. as soon as

D. as usual

70. —— __________ have we to go? ——Just one mile.

A. How long

B. How often

C. How much farther

D. How further

71. About 100 people died in the plane crash, but the pilot ____ the accident.

A. survived

B. saved

C. escaped

D. avoided

72. ____ he's been learning English for no more than a year, he speaks it very well.

A. Now that

B. Considering

C. Supposing

D. Judging from

73. It is one of our family's ____ for eldest sons to be called John.

A. habits

B. customs

C. methods

D. traditions

74. Hearing the news, she could hardly ___ her tears.

A. keep off

B. end up

C. hold back

D. get off

75. "He gave me ____ $100!" he said with satisfaction.

A. something like

B. no less than

C. no more than

D. only

76. Someone proposed that a special committee ____ to look into the matter.

A. will be set up

B. is set up

C. be set up

D. would be set up

77. The chemical and fertilizers(化肥) are widely used in planting vegetables, ____is to increase productivity.

A. the main purpose of which

B. because the main purpose

C. which the main purpose

D. as the main purpose

78. The girls don't have to be made __; they all work very hard.

A. learn

B. learning

C. to learn

D. learned

79. We object to ___ in public places.

A. smoke

B. smoking

C. be smoking

D. have smoked

80. ____ for many years, the new communications satellite will be launched next month.

A. Being tested

B. To be tested

C. Testing

D. Having been tested

81. Betty thinks her dress is a little too long, so she plans to get it _________.


B.be shortened

C. shorten

D. to have shortened

82. "Did you see Monica before she left for Brazil ?" "No, I wish I __________ her."

A. saw

B. would see

C. have seen

D. had seen

83. You ___ yesterday if you were really serious about the job.

A. ought to come

B. ought to be coming

C. ought to have come

D. ought come

84. "Has Fred told anyone else about his dismissal?"

"Yes, he decided __________."

A. it's not being kept secret

B. not to keep it a secret

C. that it not be kept

D. not to keep it secretly

85. Give him an inch ___________ he will take a mile.

A. then

B. so

C. and

D. in result that

86. Physics is a subject ___________ the students are very interested.

A. where

B. in which

C. which

D. in that

87.1 would have paid ___ for my car if the salesman had insisted, because I really wanted it.

A. as much twice

B. much twice

C. twice as much

D. times two

88. ___ we have satisfied you , you have no further grounds for complaint.

A. Since that

B. Now that

C. Since now

D. By now

89. The door burst open _____________.

A. and in rushed the crowd

B. in the crowd rushed

C. in rushed the crowd

D. in did the crowd rush

90.1 want to finish __________ the novel this evening and return it to the library.

A. to read

B. read

C. reading

D. to have read

91. How many trucks will the factory ____ next year?

A. turn over

B. turn up

C. turn out

D. turn on

92. I told him that he ____ be present at the meeting.

A. could

B. should

C. would

D. might

93. In those days, the cost of living ____ quickly after the war broke


A. raised

B. arose

C. rose

D. araised

94. It was in that small village ____ we found the missing boy.

A. which

B. when

C. as

D. that

95. ____, he can quickly find out what's wrong with the car.

A. Having well trained

B. To be well trained

C. Having been well trained

D. To have been well trained

96. If I have to choose ____ Mary and Rose, I would say Rose is the better to be my secretary.

A. between

B. among

C. with

D. for

97. They have no objection to ____ the window to get some fresh air.

A. me to open

B. my opening

C. my open

D. me open

98. I don't think he has got over the serious illness after a rest, ____?

A. does he

B. doesn't

C. hasn't

D. has he

99. Documents ____ with chemicals will not become yellow with age.

A. treated

B. treating

C. be treated

D. treats 100. Please ____, everybody. The meeting will begin in a minute.

A. take the place

B. take your place

C. take place

D. take the place of you