I. Vocabulary and Structure (30 points)

Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the ANSWER SHEET.

1. These figures are a ______. The real situation is much more

complicated than this.

A. complication B. simplification

C. diversification D. certification

2. The man we are looking for is of ______ height or smaller, with

a long hooked nose.

A. middle

B. core

C. medium

D. central

3. My work is ______ to train people to help other people.

A. basically

B. accurately

C. optimistically

D. generously

4. I will ______ if he is the right person for the post.

A. check out

B. check in

C. check up

D. check through

5. The army has remained ______ to the government.

A. elegant

B. contributed

C. clever

D. loyal

6. Besides ability, the other essential ______ in political success

is luck.

A. element

B. portion

C. role

D. percentage

7. To my surprise, the Marvins' house ______ to be an old converted


A. turned down

B. turned in

C. turned aside

D. turned out

8. He is the ______ owner of the enterprise. He doesn't like to deal

with business partners.

A. one

B. sole

C. single

D. special

9. Data can be presented in ways that are ______.

A. substantial

B. equal

C. misleading

D. heavy

10. They had ______ someone to watch me twenty-four hours a day.

A. put

B. given

C. assigned

D. contributed

11. Within two weeks of arrival, all foreigners had to ______ with

the local police.

A. inquire

B. consult

C. register

D. resolve

12. July 13, 2001 has become a ______ day for China--Beijing succeeded

in the 2008 Olympic bid.

A. history

B. historical

C. historic

D. historian

13. I'm going to do all I can to ______ the unpleasant impressions

you have of me.

A. remove

B. move

C. get

D. leave

14. Many retired British people are now ______ in Spain.

A. residents

B. presidents

C. assistants

D. attendants

15. The government ______ the existence of poverty among 16-and


A. refused

B. offered

C. regretted

D. denied

16. The workmen ______ down the old house and built a new one in its


A. put

B. closed

C. tore

D. broke

17. She clearly remembers the excitement she felt when they ______

the train.

A. aboard

B. abroad

C. board

D. broad

18. It doesn't ______ to buy that expensive coat when these cheaper

ones are just as good.

A. make sense

B. make sure

C. make clear

D. make good

19. I don't think John would ______ his friends if they were in


A. forget

B. abandon

C. damage

D. protest

20. The lion is often used as a ______ of courage.

A. sign

B. signal

C. expression

D. symbol

21. Women have fought long and hard ______ equally in language as well

as in society, because they know that changes in language can cause changes in attitudes.

A. be treated

B. to be treated

C. being treated

D. treated

22. Sometimes new words may seem ______ and silly, such as chair for

chairman, fisher for fisherman, and drafter for draftsman.

A. awkwardly

B. awkwarding

C. awkward

D. awkwarded

23. Do you want to look younger? Do you want to feel strong, avoid

illness, and reduce ______?

A. stressful

B. press

C. stressness

D. stress

24. Physical exercise is really an effective way of ______ pressure

for most people.

A. release

B. released

C. releasing

D. being released

25. Walking is a ________ form of exercise the old man can do to recover

from his operation.

A. stress

B. moderate

C. intensive

D. modern

26. I know nothing about that girl ______ the fact that she lives next


A. apart from

B. apart

C. except

D. expect

27. His speech ______ the importance of attracting industry to the


A. being emphasized

B. emphasized

C. was emphasized

D. to emphasize

28. If you ______ that novel last night, you wouldn't be sleepy now.

A. haven't read

B. didn't read

C. hadn't read

D. wouldn't have read

29. The school started ______ three hundred pupils; now the number

is doubled.

A. from

B. with

C. off

D. out

30. If you had told her the truth, she ______, but she is now still

in the dark.

A. will not be angry

B. would not be angry

C. had not been angry

D. would not have been angry

II. Reading Comprehension (40 points)

Directions: There are three reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose one best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Passage One

In the United States there are two major political parties, the Democratic and the Republican. The Democratic Party is the older of the two, tracing its history back to the time of Andrew Jackson in 1820s. The Republican Party, which followed the Federalist Party and the Whigs, was organized in the 1850s primarily as an antislavery party. Since antislavery sentiment was strongest in the manufacturing area of the North and East, the Republican Party logically adopted the protective tariff and other ideas furthering the growth of manufacturing in the United States. In 1860 the Democratic Party was split into two factions, the northern and the southern Democrats, each putting up its own candidate for president. While the two factions together polled more votes than did the Republican ticket, the Republicans received a total higher than that of either faction of the Democrats, and Abraham Lincoln was elected president.

From 1860 to the present day, there have been many attempts to find new parties. But whenever a third party has had considerable appeal at the polls, one of both of the major parties in the next election has embraced the platform accounting for its appeal, and the

third party has faded away.

Over the years, therefore, the positions of the two major parties have been changing and adapting themselves to the currently important problems of public policy. At one time the Democratic Party was considered to be a party standing up for state fights, and the Republican Party a party representing the interests of business and industry. A clear-cut difference between the two parties, however, has not existed for more than half a century. If one reads the platforms of the two parties, one finds that there is very little difference between them. Each party seems to be appealing to practically every group of voters. Unlike the political parties of Europe, and unlike the Conservatives and Laborites in England, the political parties in the United States are the collections of many disparate (不同的) elements.

31. At first, the platform of the Republican Party was centered around


A.antislavery policies

B. B. developing manufacturing

C. settling the disputes between factions

D. solving social problems

32. According to the passage, Lincoln was elected because ______.

A.his antislavery policies

B. the Democratic Party was split up

C. Iris penetrating speeches

D. the Democratic Party was for him

33. The third parties cannot survive in America because ______.

A. they don't have appealing policies

B.the two major parties always adapt their policies to the

public's interest

C. they are lack of funds

D. they are not allowed to take part in the election

34. Nowadays, the two major parties ______.

A. have quite similar platforms

B. don't' have any conflicts

C. appeal to different groups of people

D. have strayed away from the values they cherished in the past

35. The two major parties in Britain are ______.

A. similar with those in America

B. similar with those in Europe

C. the collection of many different elements

D. different from those in America

Passage Two

Not only politeness but an attitude of reverence(尊敬) is demanded in church. If one is not familiar with the service, he may maintain a respectful silence, standing when others stand, sitting when they sit, and bowing during prayer. On entering a church an usher will probably show you to a seat and it is polite to take the one indicated by him, though it is quite proper to whisper a suggestion that one does not want to sit too far to the front, or that one is a little deaf and would like to sit well forward.

It is usual for anyone attending church to take some money along for the offering, as it is a regular part of every church service and is used for the work of the church. Good clothes, but never evening clothes, are worn to a church service. In some churches it is improper for a lady not to wear a hat. It is impolite and disrespectful to talk or whisper, to eat or chew anything, or to enter

or leave during the service. One must come on time and stay till the service is over. When the service is over, one passes quietly out of the church with the other worshippers. In many churches it is considered irreverent to talk before one has reached the entrance hall.

Sometimes the "Lord's Supper" or "Communion" is observed at the end of the service. This is a special service for the fellowship of Christians, and one is not supposed to participate unless he is

a Christian. He may sit quietly and observe the service if he wishes.

36. If you don't know the procedures quite well, you'd better ______.

A.sit there silently all the time

B. stand by and observe the others

C. do as the others do

D. sit in the front seats

37. On entering a church, you ______.

A. can speak loudly to your friends

B. may whisper to the usher where you prefer to be seated

C. must follow the usher's direction

D. should always try to sit near to the front

38. It is desirable to go to a church wearing ______.

A. your best clothes

B. your evening clothes

C. clothes neat and formal

D. a hat

39. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. You'd take some money with you to the church.

B. Women are allowed to wear a hat in some churches.

C. You cannot be late for the service.

D. You may start talking when the service is over.

40. At the end of the service, ______ can take part in the "Communion".

A. only Christians

B. all the people present

C. only Americans

D. all the natives

Passage Three

“I ask you to drink to his health as a young man full of the spirit of adventure who has lit up the world with a flash of courage.” With these words the British Minister of Air turned and raised his glass to the young man who sat beside him — a young man who, only a month before, was completely unknown. Yet on that summer day in 1927 his name was on the world’s lips —Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly the Atlantic alone.

He had been an airmail pilot, flying back and forth between Chicago and the city of St. Louis. Determined to win the $25,000 prize offered by a fellow-American for the first flight from New York to Paris, Lindbergh had persuaded a group of St. Louis businessmen to finance the building of a special plane for him.

The news that Lindbergh intended to fly the Atlantic alone was received with disbelief. “The plane would never fly,” people said. It would run out of fuel. It had only a sin gle engine. Lloyd’s of London refused to insure the flight. Men called Lindbergh the “flying fool”.

But on May 20th, 1927, just after ten to eight in the morning, Lindbergh’s “Spirit of St. Louis”,heavily laden with fuel, struggled into the air from a New York airfield. For several hours the weight to the petrol prevented the young pilot from flying more than a few feet above the wave-tops. Night came, and thick fog covered up the stars. Lindbergh flew steadily on, hoping that his course was the right one. He struggled to keep a wake, checking the fuel all the time to keep his mind active. Throughout the next d ay the “Spirit of St. Louis” flew on over the seemingly limitless sea. Then a fishing boat appeared, and an hour later, land. It was Ireland. Lindbergh set a compass course for Paris.

By ten o’clock the lights of France’s capital were shining beneath him. Tired, unshaven, suddenly hungry, the “flying fool” came own to Le Bourget Airport, and landed in front of a huge crowd of wildly cheering people. After 34 hours of continuous piloting, the flight of 3,600 miles was over.

41. The British Minister of Air ________.

A.praised Lindbergh for his intelligence

B. encouraged Lindbergh to be adventurous

C. congratulated Lindbergh for his bravery

D. warned Lindbergh to be sensible

42. “His name was on the world’s lips” means _________.

A.everybody was drinking his health

B. everybody was jumping about because of him

C. he became suddenly unpopular

D. everybody was talking about him

43. A group of St. Louis businessmen has been persuaded to _________

the building of a special plane.

A. arrange for

B. organize with

C. stop to

D. pay for

44. Which of the following statements is true?

A. Nobody heard the news that Lindbergh was going to fly the


B. Everybody believed that it was foolish for anybody to try to

fly the Atlantic at all.

C. Everybody knew that Lindbergh was very brave and adventurous.

D. People didn’t believe tha t Lindbergh really meant to fly the

Atlantic alone.

45. The “Spirit of St. Louis” here refers to __________.

A. the plane Lindbergh flew in

B. the “flying fool”

C. the British Minister of Air

D. the city of St. Louis

Passage Four

Some people hate everything that is modern. They cannot imagine how anyone can really like modern music; they find it hard to accept the new fashions in clothing; they think that all modern painting is ugly; and they seldom have a good word for the new building that are being built everywhere in the world. Such people look for perfection in everything, and they take their standards of perfection from the past. They are usually impatient with anyone who is brave enough to experiment with new or to express himself or the age in materials original ways. It is, of course, true that many artists do not succeed

in their work and instead produce works that can only be considered as failures. If the work of art is a painting, the artist's failure concerns himself alone, but if it is a building, his failure concerns others too, because it may damage the beauty of the whole place. This does sometimes happen, but it is completely untrue to say, as some people do, that modern architecture is noting.

We can't judge every modern building by the standards of the ancient time, even though we admire the ancient buildings. Technologically, the modern buildings are more advanced, The modern architect knows he should learn from the ancient works, but with his greater resources of knowledge and materials, he will never be content

to imitate the past. He is too proud to do that.

46. Some people hate everything that is modern because ______.

A. they are aged

B. they find it hard to accept modern things

C. they take their standards of perfection from the Greek

D. they look at things by the standards of the past

47. The writer of the passage thinks that ______.

A. it is true to say artists fail in their work

B. it is untrue to say artists fail in their work

C. it is true to say some artists fail in their work

D. it is true to say only painters fail in their work

48. The writer thinks the failure of a building _____,

A. means nothing

B. concerns others

C. concerns only the artist

D. concerns all the people in the world

49. The writer thinks that ______.

A. we can't judge buildings by the ancient standards

B.we can't judge all the buildings by the ancient standards

C. we can't judge all the modern buildings by the ancient


D. we can't judge modern buildings

50. "Technologically, the modern buildings are more advanced. " The

sentence means ______.

A. the ancient architects had no technology

B. the modern architects use more advanced technology

C. the modern buildings are advanced because they are completely

different from the ancient buildings

D. the modern buildings are more beautiful

III. Cloze (10 points)

Directions. There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should choose the answer that BEST fits into the passage. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a pencil.

In North America, the number of people who work for 10-12 hours

a day is increasing. More people are working night shifts( 夜班), from

11 PM (51)________ 7 AM. But most adults need about 7-10 hours of sleep

a day. On (52)________ , North Americans are only getting about 6-8 hours of sleep. In fact, over the past century, North Americans have reduced the number of nightly sleeping hours by about twenty percent. These lost hours of sleep have been (53)________ mainly by work and work-related activities.

Some exports are worried that tired workers are becoming a danger in the workplace. A tired worker is (54)________ to forget important information and make mistakes. Mistakes can (55)________ to serious work accidents. Tiredness has been linked either (56)________ or indirectly to some of the worst accidents in history. Allowing workers to nap could be a (57)________ response(回应) to the problem. Studies have also shown that an afternoon nap(小睡、打盹) can significantly(58)________ mental abilities and improve mood. Research into allowing people in the airline industry to take short naps is (59)________ some interesting results. Researchers at NASA have studied the (60)________ of taking forty-minute naps for pilots on overseas international flights. They found that when pilots napped, they were more alert afterward and could function better.

51. A. until B. to C. from D. for

52. A. special B. abnormal C. normal D.average

53. A. replace B. replaced C. to replace D. replacing

54. A. like B. liking C. likely D. unlikely

55. A. leading B. to lead C. leaded D.lead

56. A. directly B. indirectly C. direct D. indirectly

57. A. helpful B. helpless C. help D. helping

58. A. increases B. increasing C. increase D. to increase

59. A. produce B. produced C. producing D. to produce

60. A. effect B. effects C. affect D. affects

IV. Translation from Chinese into English (20 points) Directions: Complete the sentences by translating the Chinese given in brackets into English. Your translation should be written clearly on the Answer Sheet.

61. If _______________(我们精打细算),we’ll be able to afford a new


62. In order to complete the project on time, ___________(全组人员


63.It is not wise to expect that all your children will like drawing


64.______________(政府官员号召工厂企业尽量回收利用废料废水) so

as to reduce production costs.

65.Thanks to the open-door policy, our industrial production is

going up steadily, ___________ (人民生活水平也在稳步提高).