How to protect cultural relics

How to protect cultural relics?

When talking about protecting the cultural relics, I think the following aspects may be focused on.

Firstly, we should improve people’s awareness of protecting cultural relics, letting people know that destroying them means destroying ourselves. Secondly, the government should shoulder the main responsibility to protect them, and if necessary, laws should be made to punish those who destroy them on purpose. Last but not the least, as a student, we can help to raise money for the work on cultural relics.

In conclusion, only with our joint effort can we protect the cultural relics.

Charles Dickens, a famous novelist of England, was born in February, 1812 and passed away in June, 1870. When he was young, his family lived in poverty and therefore he was forced to work in the factory.

Later, he developed an interest in writing and came up with many novels which showed the poor situation of the inferior group. Deeply affected by his childhood experiences, his writings reflected the darkness and unfairness of the society of his time. Many of his works are still popular in the world.