1.You look excited\angry\disappointed\upset\frightened. 你看


2.感官系动词:look 看起来smell闻起来taste尝起来sound

听起来feel 摸|感觉起来

3.系表结构:系动词+形容词go mad get wet get

angry turn green fall asleep

feel a little more(confident\ comfortable) be lost=get lost

4.go to the movies=go to the cinema=watch\see a film 看电影

5.one of + 可数的复数形式It’s one of my favorite movies.

6.prepare…for…为……做准备 6.say

thanks to sb. 向某人致谢

7.be popular with 受……欢迎8.be kind\

cruel to sb. 对某人友好|残忍

9.a ticket to………的入场券10.set the

table 摆放餐具

11.s eem +adj.\n.\to do sth. It’s seems that

12.W e are moved by the moving story. 前者修饰人,后者修饰

13.be proud of be pleased with be worried about be excited about \at sth. be

sorry for be interested in sth. be grateful to sb. be strict with sb. be strict about\in sth. be angry with\at sb.be angry at\about sth. be nervous about be tired of

sth.=be bored with sth.

be surprised at sth. be surprised to do sth. be afraid of (doing) sth

14.can (not)=be(not)able to will be able to(其将来时)

15.have a temperature \fever发烧16.ring sb. up=call sb. 给某人打


17.care for=take care of=look after 照顾18.on the way to ……在去……的


18.feel lonely live alone 前者形容词修饰系动词,后者副词修饰动词

19.because of +n.\代词|名词短语because+句子

20.on+具体描述的时间段21.fall into 掉入fall down 倒塌

22.in the end=at last=finally 最后http://m.wendangku.net/doc/3d2d82c8dd88d0d232d46a26.htmle into being 形成、成立于(一般为过去式


24.be full of=be filled with 充满了,被填满了25. make peace with 与某人和解

1.do well\ badly in 在……做得好|不好

2.have a talk with sb. 与某人交谈

3.at one’s age 在某个年纪

4.make friends with sb. 与某人交朋

4.tell jokes 讲笑话

5.fail the exam= not pass the exam考试不及

5.some suggestions=some pieces of advice 一些建议(前者可数,后者不可数)

6.happen to sb.\sth. (事情)发生在……身上happen to do sth. 碰巧

7.take part in activities 8.with the help of sb. 9.clap one’s hands鼓

10.make faces 做鬼脸11.all the time 一直12.take a wlk=go for a walk 散步1.calm down 2.at the end of the months在月末 3.smile at life笑对人生

4. learn by oneself=teach oneself 自学learn sth. from sb.向某人学习

5. get along(well)with sb. 与某人相处(融洽)

6.put on a play 上演剧目

7.in a bad\good mood in good\bad health in good\bad\high\low spirits

8.make+宾语+do\adj.\n. make her laugh\excited\monitor let sb. do sth.

9.get together with sb. 与某人团聚10. get bake to sth. 回到某事上

11.bring bake a sense of happiness找回快乐的感觉


1.go on a three-day visit a one-meter-tal l boy

2. find out 查明

3. make a decision=decide to do sth. 做决定

4. hard \soft sleeper 硬|软卧

5.at the price of 60 yuan

6.in bad\good condition 条件糟糕|好

7.arrive at+小地方

in+大地方= reach to = get to 8. total cost总花费

9. book a room=make a room reservation 预定一个房间10. tell|ask sb. (not) to do sth.

11.a room withou t a bathroom or air conditioning 12.a standard room for one person 13.work out the cost of the trip计算work out the problem 解决14. come up with an idea提出

15.each≥2(river\street)every≥3 either(两者之一) both=2

all≥3(肯定) none≥3(否定)16.be drawn 被抽到

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/3d2d82c8dd88d0d232d46a26.htmlnd safe ly18.have a good rest好好休息19.in the open air在户外

20. an exciting experience have no experience (前者经历、可数,后者经验、不可数)

21. places of interest 名胜古迹22.local people stranger


1.be busy doing sth.忙于做某事

2. on vacation 在度假

3.help sb. (to) do sth.

4.make a plan plan to do sth. 计划做某事

5. come along with sb.跟随


6.at the foot \top of 在……的脚下|顶上

7.spread over an area of 40 km2

8. the beginning of ……的开始

9. by the way顺便问一下10.take out 拿出来11.on both side s of on each\either side of 12.tell good from bad 辨别好坏

13.in on to 的区别14.pull-push拉-推15.step on 16.in all directions 四面八方

17.look for space to park bikes 18. walk through the passage 19.take photos 拍照片

20. push one’s way out挤开、推进(道路)21.out of sight看不见22.get on\off上|下车

23.can’t help doing sth. 忍不住做某事24.shout at sb. to do sth .

25.have fun doing sth.高兴地做某事26. realize one’s dream=come true

27.everywhere= here and there 28. especially 29. make sure确保


1.a traffic accident

2.Many passengers were hurt. be badly hurt= hurt……badly

3.be crazy about sth. 热衷于be crazy about sb. 迷恋、爱上.

4.cause air pollution造成空气污染

5.get used to doing sth. 习惯于做某事used to do sth. 过去常常做某事

6..in public 在公共场合


8.slow down 减速9.the opposite direction相反的方向10.avoid doing sth. 避免做某事

11.run into 撞到12.rush to冲向13.careful-careless 细心-粗心


14.get a fine 罚款15.in danger处于危险中16. instead of doing sth 而不是……

17.warn sb. (not) to do sth. 警告、提醒某人(不)做某事warn about\of against sth.

18.in trouble cause trouble I’m sorry to trouble you. 不好意思打扰你了。

19.lead…to…led(过去式)20.ride into跻身于21.in one’s life 在某人一生中

22.go on doing sth go on with sth. 继续(做)某事23.the final result 最终结果

24.from…to…=from…till…从……到……25.beat sb. at sth.在某方面打败某人

26 .beat the record打破记录set a new record设立一个新纪录27. once again再一次

28.deal with the problems 处理这些问题29. 21 timed stages 21个计时阶段


1.know about了解,知道……情况

2.know\hear of 知道听说

过 3.be born出生于

4.have \hold\organise a food festival

5.raise money 筹钱

6.on the Internet

7.when and where 8. cheer sb. up使振作(高兴)起来

9.western culture西方文化

10.keep\get in touch with 与某人保持|取得联系

11.fried rice \noodles炒饭、炒面

12. get sth. about sb. 获得关于某人的信息13. would like to do=’d like to do=want to do

14.turn to =ask sb. for help 向某人求助take turns to do sth.轮流做某事

15.think about 思考,考虑think over 考虑

16.imagine (sb.) doing sth. Sb. imagine (that) +句子

17.have a sweet tooth=enjoy eating sweet food 喜欢吃甜食

18.what’s worse 更糟糕的是what’s more 更有甚者

however 然而

19.形、副+enough Eg: good\well enough enough+名词

Eg: enough time\food

20.India- Indian Italy- Italian Greece-Greek America-

American Russia- Russian

Japan-Japanese Britain-British Canada-Canadian

Asia-Asian Europe-European

Africa-Africa Astralia-Australian China-Chinese (前者名词


21.decide (not) to do sth. decide on sth. 22. over\on

the phone=by phone

23. send out 发送send for sb. 请某人来send off 送行send sth. to sb. 发送某物给某人

24. an internation al food festival 25. make an invitation to sb.=invite sb.

26. at…school at 11:00 am. on Sunday 27. We students 28. work at sth.致力于、努力做

29. in order (not) to do sth. in order that=so that 为了30. enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事

31. win(动)won(过去式)winner(名)win a match 赢得比赛beat

a team 打败一个队


supply sth. to sb. 提供某物给某人

supply sb. with sth. 提供某人某物33. success(名)successful(形)successfully(副)succeed(动)U7T2

1.try to do sth. 尽力做某事try doing sth.试试做某事

2. cook


3. boiled water 开水(完成、被动)boiling water正在沸腾的水(进行、主动)

4. cut sth. finely 细细地切fry lightly cut sth.up 将某物切碎cut…into pieces 切片

5. add to …添加在…上add…to…将…加在…add up 加起来add up to总计为

6. in another pot 任何一个

7. at once=immediately 立即

8. advantage优点(可数)

9. first second next then after that finally 首先、其次、再次、然后、之后、最后10.how to do it=what to do 11. mind (one’s) doing 介意(某人)做某事

12. well-better-best(副)good-better-best(形)hard-harder-hardest(形|副)

13. Help yoursel f to sth.,单人。Help yoursel ves to sth.,多人。

14. for the first time 第一次15. table manners 餐桌礼仪 a friendly manner 友好的态度

16. had better (not) do sth.=’d better not do sth. 17. at the table 就餐

18. begin\start with 以…开始end with 以…结束19. in your right hand

20. eat sth. up 吃完ate(过去式)21. speak loudly\quietly

22. drink to sb.\sth. 为……祝酒Let’s drink to her health. 23. eat soup 喝汤

24. take a sip of sth. 喝一小口…25. point at sb. with sth. 用某物指着某人

26. remember to do sth. 记得要做某事remember doing sth. 记得做过某事

27. finish doing sth. 完成做某事28.around\ all over\across\throughout the world 全世界29. different eating habits 不同的饮食习惯30. be far away from 远离

31. be different from=not the same as 不同于32. pick up 捡起、接某人

33.main course 主菜two courses 两道菜|两个课程

34. in the southern part of China in the south of China

35. eastern\southern\western\northern\central 东南西北中(形)


http://m.wendangku.net/doc/3d2d82c8dd88d0d232d46a26.htmldies and gentlemen

2.on sale减价出售for sale待售



4. satisfy sb. 使某人满意be satisfied|pleased with 对…感到满意

5. a satisfying result一个令人没满意的结果

6. in fact 事实上in short 简言之

7. Let’s wish them success! wsh sb. sth. wish(sb.)to do sth.

8.order a meal 订餐order sb. to do sth. 命令某人做某事

9.e-mail sth. to sb.(动)send an e-mail to sb.(名)by e-mail (名)

10.at No.62 on Beisihuan Road 11. have a balanced diet 有个均衡的饮

12. The results were worth the effort. be well worth (doing)sth. 非常值得(做)某事

11.eat neatly cook properly eat regularly

12.It’s said that……Someione says that……

13.not only…but also…=both…and…不但……而且……neither…nor…既不……也

不……There be句型either…or…或者……或者……就近一致原则(both…



1.so …that+句子too…to do sth. not …enough to do sth .

2.so + adj. + a(n) + n.+ that= such +a(n) + adj. + n. + that so that

3.the cotton pants with two big pockets

4. nearly=almost 几乎

5. be made of\from\in (of为看得见的材料,from为看不见的,in为物品制造地)

6.natural materials : silk leather cotton wool(woolen)前三者名词形容词同形

7.afford sth.\to do sth. so expensive that …can’t afford…

8.人+pay…for…人+spend on sth. \in (doing) sth. 物+cost It +take

9.on birthdays at Chrismas in winter at noon in the daytime in the old days on special


10.rather similar 相当地相似11.dress oneself\sb. in sth.

12.not only A but also B=B as well as A 除……之外(也)13. catch one’s eye惹人注目

14. as well=too 也,置句末,否定用either 15. sportswear 不可数名词。

16. protect sb.\ sth.. from sth. 保护……不受……的伤害17. in a uniform

18. more than 不仅仅,比……更多19. do exercise(不可数)do eye exercises(可数)20. as the saying goes 俗话说21. scarf scarves 围巾及其复数


1.make sth. for sb.= make sb. sth.给某人做某物

2. look adj. on sb. 穿在某人身上看起


3. allow sb.to do sth. 允许某人做某事

4. at work’在工作时

5. plain clothes便服

6. make a survey about sth. 做关于……的调查

7. carry out special tasks 执行特殊任务

8. keep\stop sb. from doing sth. stop to do sth. 停下去做某事stop doing sth.停下手中的事

9. put on take off 穿上|脱下10. on every occasion 在每个场合11. in our lives

12. It’s + adj.+that……= It’s + adj.+(for sb.) to do sth. 13. try on 试穿

14. according to 根据15. advise sb. to do sth.=give sb. some advice on sth.

16. some…some…and others…一些……一些……另一些……17. hide----hid

18. be suitable for sb.\sth. 适用于……be suitable to do sth. 适宜、得体做……

19. look slim mer20. dress c orrectly 21. at the aitport 22. falling ceilings


1.There is going to be =There will be

2. model the clothes展示服装

3. in the middle\ center of 在……中间

4. a traditional dress 一条传统的裙子

5. in the world of 在……的领域

6. 55 minorit ies

7.stand for 代表

8. another 3 models= 3 more\other models 9. as for sb.\sth. 至于某人|某物

10. get one’s name 得名于11. design…as…把……设计成……

12. either of……两者中的任何一个,谓语为单数13. in the 1920s 20世纪20年代

14.become known to\as…=be famous to\for 被某人所熟知|作为……被人所熟知

15. express wearer’s personal style attractive 16. choice(名) choose(动)chose(过去式)

17.widely known=well-known 被……所熟知18. at one time 曾经in the past在过去

19. out of style过时in style 时髦20.o utside a clothing store= out of a clothing store


1.A: How are you doing?

B: Very well, thank you. 2.Take it easy. 放轻松,别紧张。

3.There,there! 好了,好了!

4.You bet! 那当然!的确!

5.Keep up the good work! Well done!

6.It’s a great pity.=What a shame!

7.Why all the smiling faces?

8.There was none left.

9.A: How does the food taste?

B:It tastes delicious.

10.I hope everything goes well.

11.When and where will the movie be


12.Why……?= What……for?

13.They were happy to be with each


14.It’s an important part of Chinese


15.Anything wrong?

16.What seems to be the problem?(to


The man seems worried.(形)

He seems a nice man.(名)

It seems that he was worried.(句)17.She has no friends to talk with.

The roads are very difficult to ride on.18.Thank you for doing sth.

19.Please call me at 267690.

20.The roads here are not so clean as

those in our hometown.

The weather in Beijing is different from that in Fujian.

21.My elder sister is 2 years older than


22.The old man does n’t live in the city any


The old man no longer live in the city.

23.I’m sorry about your illness, but it can’t

be SARS. 反义词must be

24.Follow the doctor’s advice, and you’ll

get well soon.

25.You see a snake lying on the road.

26.I hope to live in the countryside some


27.Please pay for the tickets before 5:30


28.May I have your name and telephone


29.We are sure that conditions here will

make you feel comfortable.

30.Why not do sth.?=Why don’t you do


How about doing sth?\

You’d better (not) do sth.

Shall we meet at the school gate at 8


31.A: How long have you felt like this?

B: One day.(一段时间)

32.A: How soon will……?

B: In 20 minutes

33.A: How much…?

B:Two pieces of bread

34.A:How far is it from herer to the Ming


B:It’s about two and a half hours by bike.

two hours and a half

35.The crowd of people became larger

and larger.

36.He wa s too frightened t o know what to


He was so frightened that he didn’t

know what to do.

37.His heart was beating fast.

38.He di dn’t raise his head until someone

called him. not …until…直到…才…

39.If people obey the traffic rules, there

will be fewer accidents. Break the


40.Work hard, or you will fail the exam.

If you don't work hard, you will fail the


41.Meters away, there was a sharp turn

to the left.

42.Cars often cost 100 times as much as


43.However, his path to success wasn’t

smooth. Did’t go well

44.It was 1500 miles long.

45.Let’s try our best to make it successful.

46.Let us go and watch it, will you?

47.Let’s make his dream come true, shall


48.What do you think you can do to help

the people there?

49.What a surprise it is !

How surprising it is!

Let’s give him a surprise.

50.I’m pleased with what you are doing

for us. I’m pleased to hear that.

51.Never mind.=It’s doesn’t matter.

52.I’ll send an e-mail to you later on.

53.Hold on,please.

54.They are as lovely as the children

everywhere else.

55.A:Would you like me to help you ?


56.It’s very kind of you.

57.A: What do I need to do after that?

B:You need to do sth.

58.A:Would you mind if we learn to make

it from you ?

B:Of course not.

59.Practice makes perfect.60.There is no need for knives, forks or


61.Remember not to drink too much.

62.Don’t take more food than you need.

63.Just do as other people do.

64.Do Americans eat foo d like chicken

legs with their fingers?

65.You will be as happy as before.

You will live as happily as before. 66.Here is your change.不可数名词

Here is a table for two. Here you are.

Here is the menu. There goes the bell.

67.Take a seat,please. May I take your


68.Anything else?

69.May I have the bill,please?

pay the bill=pay for the meal

70.This way, please.

71.We need to have enough food.

72.The more regularly we eat, the healier

we are.

73.Not all students have a regular

breakfast. Everyone\everybody 代词


74.It feels quite soft and smooth.

75.Do you have time? =Are you free?

76.Could you tell me where to buy a scarf?

Could you tell me where I can buy a


77.How do you like them?

What do you think of them?

78.A: What size would you like to take?

B: Size M.

79.What people wear depends on their

likes and dislikes.

80.It is certain that……

81.It seems impossible to beat his

seven-time record.

82.It’s true that suitable uniforms can

show good discipline.

83.It’s impoliteto eat so noisily.

84.Healthy eating is important for us.

It’s important for us to eat healthily. 85.It’s impossible to finish so much work

in an hour.

86.It’s normal to have these feelings.

87.I agree with you.

88.Hardly anyone wears komonos except

on special occasions like marriages

and national celebrations.

89.He works hard. 努力工作。(努力,副


He hardly works. 几乎不工作(几乎不)

90.How time flies! How I wish to visit you!

91.I’m sorry to see that you are unhappy

these days.

92.How are you these days? I have some

news to tell you.

93.I am looking forward to hearing from

you. look forward to doing sth.

hear from sb.= get\receive a letter

from sb

94.Please give my best wishes to your


95.Hope to see you then!