新视野大学英语第四册读写教程 词汇练习+答案+补充

Unit 1

1) This disease is caused by a tiny worm which can _______ the skin of a human being and cause a potentially serious illness.

A) transmit B) plunge C) penetrate D) filter

2) The prime minister has made it clear that no _________ will be made to the strikers.

A) sessions B) recessions C) concessions D) conferences

3) The noise was so loud that it was a _________ to the neighbors.

A) nuisance B) trouble C) worry D) anxiety

4) It's only by _____ luck that I can remain in the company when so many employees have to be dismissed.

A) perfect B) total C) sheer D) thorough

5) He is ______ on all kinds of wine - beer, whisky, and so forth.

A) willing B) ready C) eager D) keen

6) The government would not dare to ________ taxes on such needed foods as bread or milk.

A) put B) impose C) force D) emphasize

7) Oh, the steak I had last night was so ________! It was delicious.

A) mild B) slight C) light D) tender

8) While they did not __________ any good results, they were still trying their best.

A) count in B) count on C) count up D) count out

9) They did not ________ to the enemy and determined to go on fighting.

A) yield B) apply C) resort D) appeal

10) I said I might be late for dinner but he made such a _____ that I thought I'd better arrive on time.

A) confusion B) initiative C) fuss D) bark

11) I at last surrendered to the ________ and ate the last piece of chocolate.

A) intention B) appeal C) temptation D) charm

12) I refused to tip the ______ , who left with an angry expression.

A) porter B) employee C) servant D) assistant

13) Divorce rate in the US is very high, which is often _________ by money problems.

A) associated B) connected C) assisted D) accompanied

14) Y ou take everything too _______! Relax and enjoy yourself.

A) carefully B) gravely C) seriously D) critically

15) Y ou look thoroughly _______. Why don't you take a week's holiday?

A) run up B) run down C) run over D) run off

16) Would it be more ______ in the long run to buy a second-hand television rather than to rent one?

A) sensible B) sensitive C) sentimental D) sensational

17) If you have not signed a contract, you are under no ______ to pay them any money.

A) instinct B) influence C) sympathy D) obligation

18) She no longer believed in him for his _______ promises all these years.

A) vacant B) empty C) bare D) hollow

19) They all believed that internal peace and stability cannot be _______ by force.

A) protected B) guaranteed C) preserved D) ensured

20) It must've taken a lot of courage for an adult to be _______ to such shame and stress.

A) subjected B) attached C) related D) resisted

Unit 2

1)If a ________ were to reach the gas it would go off at once.

A)spot B) spill C) spark D) spray

2) After about an hour and a half the party ______ because there was not enough wine that evening.

A)broke off B) broke away C) broke up D) broke through

3) House purchase is the biggest decision that most people make and the easiest one to ____ for various reasons. A) postpone B) conduct C) replace D) last

4) Somewhat to my _______, the police will soon eliminate her from their inquiries.

A)entertainment B) judgment C) relief D) relaxation

5) The political weakness of these countries _________their economic weakness.

A)compromised with B) competed with C) communicated to D) corresponded to

6) A series of tragic _______ made Mr. Terres feel he has to face up to his life.

A)accidents B) inc idents C) events D) occurrences

7) The foreign-born Chinese are thought of as yellow on the outside and white on the inside because they only look like Chinese but never think or ______ like Chinese.

A)direct B) accustom C) adjust D) behave

8) For many young people, the late 1960s was a period of _______ against the moral values that had been the pride of the past generations.

A)revolt B) rebel C) chaos D) challenge

9) I promised to_________ the others at 5 a.m.

A)rouse B) stimulate C) motivate D) prompt

10) Prisoners are reported to have been deliberately _______ without trial.

A)murdered B) convicted C) executed D) punished

11) This swimming costume is made of ______ material.

A)elastic B) clumsy C) coarse D) delicious

12) Two drivers were killed in a head-on ________ down a car and a taxi last night.

A)collapse B) conflict C) collision D) crush

13) A few shots of this drug cleared up the disease ______

A)for long B) before long C) ever since D) for good

14) The citizens in the neighborhood all___ for the local government's decision to close the small paint factory. A) claimed B) cracked C) clapped D) crashed

15) The government attempts to put down the______ of the president's sex scandal.

A)news B) rumor C) saying D) proverb

16) The fact that we underestimated our ______ led to our bitter defeat.

A)opponent B) candidate C) colleague D) advocate

17) The girls were all _____ of Grace because she was so pretty, with beautiful hands and a face like a film-star's. A) greedy B) controversial C) competitive D) jealous

18) The Watergate ______ was exposed by two investigative journalists working for the Washington Post.

A)shame B) conviction C) rumor D) scandal

19) Japanese banks, once _____ competitors in the British banking market, have all but disappeared.

A)bold B) fierce C) wild D) harmful

20) 5000 people held a protest march and_____ against sexual discrimination.

A)rally B) conjunction C) episode D) riot

Unit 3

1) Prices of goods are governed by the cost of the ______ materials, as well as by the cost of production.

A) primitive B) rough C) original D) raw

2) In the countryside there are no ________ and no free medical care for the aged.

A) wages B) pensions C) profits D) rewards

3) Y ou are legally _________ take faulty goods back to the store where you purchased.

A) entitled to B) involved in C) associated with D)assigned to

4) The headmaster has_______ views about what his pupils should wear.

A) noble B) flexible C) liberal D) liable

5) She made a _______of $200 to the Children's Hospital.

A) publication B) donation C) acquisition D) quotation

6) It is frightening for a youngster to feel that he is in charge of himself; it's like being in a car without ________.

A) brakes B) controls C) gears D) signals

7) Environmental protection is _________ national and local economic development.

A) related to B) involved in C) included in D)subjected to

8) She made a _____ of $ 69,000 for the flat, which was accepted.

A) currency B) proposal C) bid D) purchase

9) After the recent bomb attacks, members of the public are being warned to be _____ at all times and to look out for any suspicious packages.

A) alert B) aware C) cautious D) nervous

10) If the rain doesn't stop, people will be ________ serious flooding.

A) facing with B) faced with C) subjecting with D) subjected with

11) It was _______ to the media that the president had resolved to fight.

A) leaked B) loosened C) relieved D) issued

12) How do you _______your long absence from classes without asking for leave?

A) account for B) count on C) account of D) count for

13) They were ___ of armed robberies and sentenced to 15 years and 14 years respectively.

A) convicted B) convinced C) sentenced D) condemned

14) Most flowers will not ____ without sunshine.

A) cultivate B) boom C) sustain D) thrive

15) I decided to keep a low ______, after all I was a guest.

A) profile B) position C) attitude D) mood

16) If you throw away your credit card _______ and someone else gets it, they can use the number to buy things in your name.

A) cheque B) ticket C) receipt D) label

17) I eventually found the letter I was looking for under a ____ of papers.

A) stock B) stack C) piece D) sequence

18) A small ______ plane crashed into a hillside in Northern England yesterday, killing six people.

A) assembled B) dominated C) monitored D) chartered

19) Mr. Thomson is strongly opposed to the proposal of constructing a power plant in the area that is ____ populated.

A) densely B) vastly C) enormously D) largely

20) In the ______ of physics, Albert Einstein was a genius.

A) settlement B) operation C) realm D) scope

Unit 4

1) The prisoner remained _________ throughout his trial.

A) clumsy B) deaf C)dumb D) still

2) The Olympic Games began with a _______ of all the competing nations.

A) exhibition B) display C) parade D) show

3) The editor ______the manuscript to half of its original length.

A) condensed B) condemned C) concealed D) concentrated

4) Bombing, which was _______ in the city center, has destroyed most of the major buildings.

A) integral B) intentional C) intensive D) intense

5) His ________need to be loved springs from a deep sense of insecurity.

A) crucial B) terminal C) intensive D) desperate

6) The child finished the dessert and then _______ the plate.

A) scratch B) clicked C)licked D) scraped

7) In 1974 and 1975, the economy plunged into the worst ______ since the Great Depression of the 1930's.

A) reservation B) recreation C) reversion D) recession

8) Be careful with the cat. It may ____ you if you make it angry.

A) punch B) scrape C)tear D) scratch

9) They have all ______ significant amounts of time and energy in this project.

A) invested B) involved C) invented D) integrated

10) My job could be at ________ if I make an error of judgment.

A) danger B) stake C) loss D) threat

11) Studies showed that June is the _____ month for suicides and for admitting patients to mental hospitals.

A) high B) peak C) common D) rush

12) He has put his car entirely at our ____ for the holiday.

A) usage B) application C) disposition D) disposal

13) The government's _________ is made up chiefly of the money people pay in taxes.

A) efficiency B) privilege C) revenue D) validity

14) He ______ in working twelve hours a day in his laboratory in spite of his rapidly declining health.

A) persisted B) insisted C) resisted D) assisted

15) We must not _______ behind other nations in our efforts to help those people made homeless by the great floods. A) decline B) delay C) lack D) lag

16) Communication is the process of ____ a message from a source to an audience via a channel.

A) transmitting B) submitting C) transforming D) switching

17) The computer has become smaller and cheaper and ____ more available to a greater number of people.

A) yet B) hence C) still D) nevertheless

18) Decrease the _______ of medicine as you feel better.

A) therapy B) prescription C) injection D) dose

19) He was a war________ in Europe during the Second World War.

A) resident B) correspondent C) ambassador D) applicant

20) _________ rubbers are widely used as a substitute for natural rubber.

A) Practical B) Compound C) Raw D) Synthetic Unit 5

1) He made great efforts to _______ her violent temper after she became his wife.

A) tend B) cultivate C) breed D) tame

2) There is a strong possibility that the fire was started on _________.

A) choice B) purpose C) intention D) design

3) Carefully _______, clear speech can now be understood by computers with only a 4-5 percent error rate.

A) passed B) talked C) dictated D) declared

4) This film is about a young man of________ origin, who wants to marry the beautiful daughter of a rich banker.

A) humble B) harsh C) wicked D) wrecked

5) By the time he reached the shelter of the station he was soaked ________.

A) wet B) to the skin C) on the skin D) over

6) The old woman almost _______ to death in the thick fumes.

A) blocked B) provoked C) choked D) stroked

7) Soldiers who die for their country are said to have made the __________ sacrifice.

A) supreme B) superficial C) supplementary D) superior

8) __________ has prevailed and the guilty man has been punished by law.

A) Judgment B)Jury C) Justice D)Justification

9) He will first give you a summary of the situation and then discuss it at________.

A) detail B) extent C) degree D) length

10) Nothing seems to be sure for certain about the prediction of earthquakes __________.

A) for a long time B) for the first time C) for the time being D) from time to time

11) Immediately, she felt the floor ____ as the children started to beat drums in the small room.

A) shiver B) shake C) vibrate D) tremble

12) _______ vegetables are believed to be healthful and environmentally friendly.

A) Superb B) Organic C) V igorous D) Rotten

13) She felt their relationship had lost its initial excitement and had become __________.

A) static B) stained C) stable D) stale

14) They were of the generation that had gone through the Great ______ and a world war.

A) Boom B) Nightmare C) Depression D) Disadvantage

15) They ______ no flaws in their plan because some VIPs will be present in the meeting.

A) resist B) sustain C) undergo D) tolerate

16) Employers therefore ________ to the reduction of costs, most particularly in wages, in

order to compete in world markets.

A) resorted B) appealed C) proceeded D) inclined

17) The _____ listened carefully to the evidence and concluded that the man was guilty.

A) panel B) jury C) court D) legislation

18) It is generally acknowledged that engineering science is an extremely ______ and theoretical science.

A) abstract B) practical C) concrete D) superficial

19) She ____________ in delight upon hearing the good news.

A) grasped B) gripped C) claimed D) exclaimed

20) This beef is rather tough; you have to ____ it for a long time.

A) chew B) bite C) eat D) swallow Unit 6

1) The boss always encourages his employees to go all out for a ___________business.

A) preliminary B) prosperous C) primitive D) punctual

2) The badly wounded take __________ for medical attention over those only slightly hurt.

A) privilege B) precision C) priority D) protein

3) He had little idea as to how far they had come and had ________ how many times they had fallen.

A) lost count of B) lost account of C) lost desire of D) lost deposit of

4) Change is a word that can bring either fear or excitement. It is human nature to ______ to change because it requires us to cross into the unknown.

A) intend B) inc line C) subject D) oppose

5) This virus can _______ antivirus and firewall software, so that victims have to reinstall the software in order to prevent future infections.

A) disable B) digest C) disguise D) dispose

6) We really should meet sometime soon to discuss the details. What's the ______of fifty pounds in dollars?

A) episode B) equivalent C) evolution D) estate

7) One striking side effect of iron supplements is that they may produc e a feeling of wanting to _______and may be poisonous in some cases.

A) throw out B) throw off C) throw up D) throw away

8) It seems that James has a talent for acting because he can _______his teacher's speech perfectly.

A) intimate B) investigate C) internalize D) imitate

9) Consequently, the brains of people who exercise may be better equipped to ______mental challenges.

A) trim B) twist C) torture D) tackle

10) Do you mean there will be less ______when civil servants' salaries increase, say, several times?

A) battery B) burden C) bribery D) barrier

11) She racked her brains, staring unseeingly into the glowing fire and trying to ______a solution for the problem. A) hit at B) hit off C) hit upon D) hit up

12) Despite earnest public awareness to address the need for organ______, there appears to be little prospect of increasing supplies to meet current shortages satisfactorily.

A) donation B) defect C) density D) destruction

13) He claimed that the way he'd been treated was a _______of his civil rights.

A) victim B) violence C) variation D) violation

14) I'm afraid his right arm will have to be taped to a board to ______a needle so that fluid may drop in.

A) sanction B) secure C) substitute D) sweat

15) Few of his ministers are saying, even_______, that they expect him to lose the next election.

A) in practice B) in theory C) in effect D) in private

16) If you lose consciousness, even for a second, you have suffered brain damage and must ______from further competition.

A) withstand B) wax C) withdraw D) wreck

17) The shop assistant said they could give me a big _______if I bought three at once.

A) distribution B) division C) diversity D) discount

18) If you can help him with the passage of a business deal, you can get a _______of about ten thousand Y uan.

A) commission B) compound C) commitment D) consumption

19) He _______making a false statement prior to entering the US, which carries a sentence of up to five years in jail.

A) is starved of B) is accused of C) is charged of D) is spoken of

20) Demands for change will continue, but it is difficult to imagine _______progress being made in the immediate future.

A) successive B) sufficient C) surplus D) substantial

Unit 7

1) Now that house prices have fallen, the _________ related to the prices no longer seems so attractive.

A) account B) count C) discount D) donation

2) The difference of attitudes from the schoolboys lies in the ________ between the home environment of the Asian and English children.

A) adjustment B) variation C) variety D) modification

3) With various dreams in mind, many well-trained professionals steadily ________ to the United States in search of a good life.

A) migrated B) accelerated C) illustrated D) integrated

4) This expert will ___________ his remarks to e-business this time.

A) concern B) concentrate C) condemn D) confine

5) Ever since the discovery of AIDS there has been a growing concern about our ability to

______________ it successfully.

A) convey B) consult C) confront D) conduct

6) We were equally annoyed that all of what we heard was so _____________, and based on such a shallow understanding of today's true environmental problems.

A) superb B) superficial C) superior D) supreme

7) Most people ________ the lack of success is the result of his carelessness.

A) assume B) arouse C) accuse D) assess

8) None of these could be regarded as solutions in themselves, but ___________ other measures outlined in the new deal, they can make a substantial improvement.

A) in respect to B) in relation to C) in connection with D) in combination with

9) Hoping that he might be able to _____________ the problem, I asked Mario to look at the engine.

A) in the light of B) shed some light on C) have an impact on D) in view of

10) Now that Tony was no longer present, there was a __________ change in her attitude.

A) distinctive B) diplomatic C) distinct D) disgusting

11) It is said that everybody living in this valley ________ from those two families and their people.

A) decreases B) departs C) declines D) descends

12) In fact we make choice between "flight or fight" and in more ________ days the choices made the difference between life or death.

A) primary B) primitive C) prime D) principle

13) The opposition parties will always ________ government problems to their own advantage.

A) explore B) exploit C) exhaust D) exhibit

14) I'm afraid you can't see him today because he was sent on an important ________ just an hour ago.

A) mission B) marine C) missile D) memorial

15) If the project is a success, similar constructions may _________ elsewhere in the country.

A) take up B) make up C) spring up D) come up

16) Roommate contracts give the residential adviser the right to ________ and urge the

students to observe the terms they've agreed to follow.

A) supervise B) cultivate C) perform D) instruct

17) The foreigner is so _________ by the Summer Palace that he's bound to visit it at least once a year although he has visited it dozens of times.

A) frustrated B) fantastic C) fascinated D) crazy

18) If the restaurant in ________ adds a service charge, then there would be fewer customers.

A) issue B) problem C) concern D) question

19) The ________ in his article is that being a housewife is greatly inferior to every other occupation.

A) implication B) reference C) inference D) illustration

20) As a minister, judge and professor, I feel I am in _________ to speak about the history of marriage, its importance in society, and the duties of the married couple to each other and the wider community.

A) in a good position B) in a good condition C) in a long run D) in the long term Unit 8

1)There is now a trend away from an ______________ academic curriculum towards teaching more practical subjects in schools.

A) excessively B) exclusively C) extensively D) exceedingly

2) Allen and Marian passed the beast ________, keeping as far as possible, with their swords ready in hand.

A) casually B) creatively C) crucially D) cautiously

3) He ________ his holiday to attend a business meeting.

A) broke up B) broke off C) broke down D) broke through

4) We are very grateful to all people who ____________ their money.

A) have given out B) have given up C) have given of D) have given back

5) The surprise and shock _____ on Owen’s face were so real that even I wo uld have thought them genuine.

A) registered B) recorded C) registering D) recording

6) Three police officers ____________ the intense heat and smoke from the fire and saved the children.

A) beat down B) beat up C) beat out D) beat back

7) The annual dinner is a chance to _________ acquaintance with old friends.

A) regain B) refresh C) recover D) renew

8) The enormous importance people _____________ these issues seems to have eventually encouraged the committee to address them in a more practical way.

A) attached to B) attaching to C) attach to D) have attached to

9) When the post finally fell _________, they offered it to Frank.

A) empty B) vacant C) bare D) hollow

10) The people should be offered relaxation ______ and stress management, and advice on diet and exercise.

A) remedy B) treatment C) therapy D) method

11) The list of _________ included 500g of sugar and 200ml of cream.

A) ingredients B) elements C) materials D) compounds

12) In the event of the horse _____________, perhaps by a strange noise or object, the muscles around the mouth will be contracted, resulting in tightened lips.

A) to be stimulated B) being stimulated C) stimulating D) stimulated

13) The hastily arranged visit has been _________ by growing concern in Russia over the state of economi c ties between the two countries.

A) prompted B) persuaded C) imposed D) reinforced

14) Exposure to the sun can ____________ the ageing process.

A) access B) increase C) exceed D) accelerate

15) The students complained that they were _________ access to the computers.

A) refused B) declined C) denied D) rejected

16) They are likely to do so only if the ___________ benefits exceed the expected costs.

A) interpreted B) interpreting C) perceived D) perceiving

17) These results _____________ convincingly that our publicity campaign is working.

A) demonstrate B) determine C) illustrate D) symbolize

18) Wool has a ______________ to shrink if it gets wet.

A) trend B) tendency C) feature D) factor

19) The students burned the midnight oil because the final examination was close _________.

A) at their elbow B) at will C) at length D) at hand

20) We can have the dress _________ to fit you.

A) changed B) varied C) altered D) modified

Unit 9

1)Robots are commonly used in factories to ______________ machines such as cars.

A) assemble B) resemble C) gather D) organize

2) The company has worked out an __________ management training scheme for graduates.

A) subtle B) elaborate C) careful D) cautious

3) A business needs __________ and balanced growth, stable exchange rates, steady and competitive interest rates and low inflation. A) sustained B) supported C) retained D) attained

4) It was very ______ of you to tell her about your pay raise when she has been unemployed since last year.

A) sensitive B) correct C) incorrect D) insensitive

5) The lawyer _____________ that her client had never been near the scene of the crime.

A) condemned B) condensed C) contended D) consented

6) Often an _____________ helps you figure out ahead of time what your reading will deal with.

A) illusion B) illustration C) implication D) inspiration

7) Officials directly responsible for the occurrence of major activities that ________ the law and regulations should resign and get corresponding punishments in administration.

A) revolt B) regulate C) violate D) resist

8) As a ___________ to union demands, the firm promised to increase the workers' pay.

A) comparison B) assumption C) supplement D) concession

9) It is believed that a particular pattern of management behavior develops from a complex mixture of ________cultural factors.

A) unusual B) unique C) rare D) odd

10) They believed that the plans they made had figured __________ in achieving their goal.

A) immensely B) enormously C) prominently D) extremely

11) However, when the unions proved reluctant to make concessions, the employers would have to ____________ the possibility of a lockout.

A) contemplate B) implement C) think D) figure

12) Before marriage, one should ask oneself if one is ready to _________ one's responsibility for a family.

A) receive B) acknowledge C) secure D) consult

13) I _____________ to have an argument over this issue with her.

A) gear up B) geared up C) will gear up D) was geared up

14) We ___________ that we will meet a certain amount of resistance to our plan.

A) evaluate B) anticipate C) assess D) suspect

15) Finally, it became clear that no _________ conference would be possible without widening the discussions. A) preliminary B) ready C) ahead D) primary

16) It was not ____________ to cycling; in fact it was so different that comparison was nonsense.

A) complicated B) comprehensive C) comparable D) corresponding

17) The uncertainty of war __________ Europe for twenty-one years.

A) hung up B) hung over C) hung on D) hung out

18) The new high speed train will____________ 25 minutes ___________ the journey time.

A) cut…off B) put…off C) take…off D) shave …off

19) _________ plants need to be kept in a greenhouse during the winter.

A) Delicate B) Tender C) Weak D) elegant

20) He demanded a ___________ of a previous decision.

A) review B) reversal C) revise D) revival

Unit 10

1) He remained unchanged in his __________ commitment to his motherland no matter how the situation was. A) irrelevant B) inflexible C) intensive D) influential

2) Goleman believes that the ___________ ability is the key to survival.

A) adoptive B) adjustable C) adaptive D) adequate

3) The job of data mining has become critical to helping _________ the mountains of data available on the Internet and in very large databases.

A) sort through B) go through C) break through D) get through

4) Education should aim to __________ children's mind to its utmost potential.

A) exploit B) explore C) stimulate D) cultivate

5) Instead of congratulating us upon our success, our professor counseled us to be ________.

A) modest B) moderate C) medium D) minimum

6) Most of the major West European countries __________ the concept of high speed rail networks.

A) appreciated B) embraced C) seized D) grasped

7) To soften the blow, he would not ________ himself to giving brief information about his own health, but

he would also mention the things he had heard or the things that had happened.

A) concentrate B) concern C) contract D) confine

8) The practice can occur in actual business meetings where they _____________ some time to make it possible to reflect on their actions and to correct them.

A) set back B) set aside C) set forth D) set out

9) His lifelong ________ for natural history began in childhood, and he made it his prime duty to popularize the subject, writing fourteen books for ordinary people.

A) excitement B) thrill C) passion D) anxiety

10) Hearing news of wedding plans, Gail's mother, who was supportive ________ her daughter's marrying a black man, told her to be very certain Mark was the right life-long partner.

A) to B) with C) in D) of

11) Bilingual programs _________ language and content in an activity-based, child-centred manner so that the child is motivated to use the second language as a tool to transmit and receive messages related to social and academic interests. A) interact B) integrate C) internalize D) intensify

12) we have a __________ on the world beyond the confines of our occupation.

A) angle B) persuasion C) perspective D) point

13) Our program is different in that it stresses the technical skills that business and industry seek as they _________ the Internet into their enterprise systems.

A) coordinate B) connect C) import D) incorporate

14) Before the manager makes an important decision, he would __________ the possible results.

A) react to B) respond to C) reflect on D) rely on

15) Man's visual _______ may sometimes give people a false impression.

A) insight B) perception C) feeling D) conception

16) There are so many ways in which our intolerance will ________ an angry response in either ourselves or others. A) motivate B) switch C) trigger D) nudge

17) Y ou learn how to __________ other people, and you learn a considerable amount about life in a culture that is not your own. A) interact with B) interfere with C) involve with D) integrate with

18) In the era of fitness and health ___________, people have become obsessed with exercise.

A) care B) miracle C) welfare D) worship

19) The company illegally substituted cheap bolts and crews __________ more expensive materials.

A) with B) of C) for D) in

20) It’s so easy to get credit---it’s _________ people to get into debt.

A) making B) inviting C) leading D) contributing

Unit 1

1-5 C C A C D 6-10 B D B A C 11-15 C A D C B 16-20 A D D B A

Unit 2

1-5 C C A C D 6-10 B D A A C 11-15 A C D C B 16-20 A D D B A

Unit 3

1-5 D B AC B 6-10 A D C A B 11-15 A AA D A16-20 C B D A C

Unit 4

1-5 C C A C D 6-10 C D D A B 11-15 B D C A D 16-20 A B D B D

Unit 5

1-5 D B C A B 6-10 C A C D C 11-15 C B D C D 16-20 A B A D A

Unit 6

1-5 B C A D A 6-10 B C D D C 11-15 C A D B D 16-20 C D A B D

Unit 7

1-5 C B A D C 6-10 B C D B C 11-15 C B B A C 16-20 A C D A A

Unit 8

1-5 B D B C A6-10 D D A B C 11-15 A B A D C 16-20 C A B D C

Unit 9

1-5 A B A D C 6-10 B C D B C 11-15 A B D B A16-20 C B D A B

Unit 10

1-5 B C A D A6-10 B D B C D 11-15 B C D C B 16-20 C A D C B

Part III Vocabulary (10 points)

36.The president defended the government policy, ______ the media _____ misinforming the


A) convicting…of B) accusing… of

C) speaking highly…of D) consisting…of

37. The European Union is made up of 27 nations with _______ cultural, linguistic and

economic roots.

A) distinguished B) distinguishing

C) distinctive D) distinct

38. Seeing the patient in good condition after the operation, the doctor breathed a sigh of


A) relaxation B) refreshment

C) entertainment D) relief

39. He had practically no money left in the world, but he went on buying things _______.

A) on credit B) on impulse

C) on purpose D) on approval

40. Apart from the _______ in Las V egas, our vocation was completely trouble-free.

A) accident B) incident C) event D) occurrence

41. This physical transformation, plus the skill with which he ______ it again and again, are

surely the secrets of Chaplin’s great comedy.

A) murdered B) convicted C) executed D) punished

42. The first mobile phones were heavy and _______ to use but nowadays they are much

lighter and easier.

A) elastic B) clumsy C) coarse D) delicious

43. Japanese banks, once _______ competitors in the British banking market, have all but


A) bold B) fierce C) wild D) harmful

44. Simply going for a walk can relax the mind and ______ the spirit --- and it will make you

fitter, too.

A) renew B) recreate C) reshape D) refresh

45. If you will require childcare in order to attend the meeting, please _______ us by leaving

a message for Jan’s office.

A) qualify B) certify C) notify D) purify

46. Y ou are legally _______ take faulty goods back to the store where you bought them.

A) likely to B) entitled to C) able to D) assigned to

47. I find it very difficult to ______ the fact that two of our best students failed the exam.

A) count for B) count on C) account of D) account for

48. Niagara Falls is a great tourist ______, drawing millions of visitor every year.

A) attention B) attraction C) appointment D) arrangement

49. Modern communications will give countries like China and Vietnam a huge advantage over

countries _______ old technology.

A) stuck with B) stuck in

C) loaded with D) loaded up

50. We are committed to taking all steps within our power to eliminate unlawful discrimination,

and _______ good will between different racial groups.

A) make B) lose C) promote D) reach

51. Now people can send telegrams, telephone each other, and ______ information much more

quickly than ever before.

A) transmit B) transact C) transform D) transfer

52. Every effort has been made to _______ that all information was correct at the time of


A) assure B) insure C) assume D) endure

53. Though he did not ______, he went at a pace slow enough for the listeners to take down a

lot of what he said.

A) declare B) copy C) dictate D) pass

54. Employees at ______ positions have to carefully weigh up the employer’s words and

closely watch his expression.

A) humble B) harsh C) wicked D) wrecked

55. Both sides hope that the disputes can be solved without _______ to military actions.

A) resorting B) appealing C) proceeding D) inclining

36—45 B D D A B, C B B D C

46—55 B D B A C, A B C A A