Unit 9

1. The idea might panic the international bankers. = create anxiety and fear in

2. He smothered the flames with a blanket. =covered up thickly

3. She was ready to resume the duties. = begin again

4. The car accident obstructed the road for five hours. = blocked

5. Tilt your head back so that I can look down your throat.”Said the doctor. = lean

6. His income is inadequate to meet his basic needs. = not enough

7. He lit his pipe and exhaled clouds of smoke. = breathed out

8. He slapped his son across the face. = Hit with the palm of the hand

9. She compressed her nostrils to stop bleeding. = pressed together

10. The child cracked the nuts with a hammer. = broke

1. a motor vehicle for carrying sick or wounded people to hospital = ambulance 急救车

2.very important or needing to be dealt with quickly or first = urgent 紧急的,急迫的

3.situation or occurrence demanding immediate action = emergency 紧急情况

4.the act of rubbing parts of the body to promote circulation or relaxation =

5. shout loudly = yell 叫喊,大叫

6.one of the vessels that convey blood to the heart from all parts of the body = vein 静脉

7.one of the muscular elastic tubes that carry blood away from the heart to all parts of the body = artery 动脉

8.the crashing or breaking of a bone = fracture 骨折,断裂

9. a thin watery swelling under the skin = blister 水泡

10. a fatal disease caused by bacteria getting into wounds = tetanus 破伤风

Synonyms: render = give 给予

Halt = stop 暂停,终止

Sterile = antiseptic 无菌的,

Prevent = block 防止,阻止

Pierce = penetrate 洞察

Unit 10

1. The house appeared as a blur in the mist. = a indistinct shape 模糊的点

2. A little girl was sitting sobbing in the corner. = weeping 抽泣

3. With an intense will to recover, the patient follows the doctor’s orders quite willingly. = a strong 强烈的

4. Mary’s friend sent her a telegram to offer his condolences over the

death of her mother. = expressions of sympathy 吊唁

5. Some words are very hard to define because they have many different meanings. = describe 定义

6. They went to the shooting lodge in the Scotland for the weekend. = a hut 小屋

7. This poem conveys the poet’s deep love of his wife. = expressed 传达,表达

8. He is very quick-tempered. He can rarely restrain his anger in front of others. = control 控制,抑制

1. quotation : a sentence or passage taken from a book

2. artificial: not natural

3. anguish:very great pain and suffering, esp. of the mind

4. anniversary: a day which is an exact year or number of years after something has happen

5. superstition: a belief based on association of ideas instead of reason or fact

6. bouquet: a bunch of flowers

7. heed: to give attention to

8. escort: to accompany

9.confetti: small pieces of colored paper thrown on weddings

10.conceal: to hide

11.consent: agreement

12.asunder: apart

13. vow : a solemn promise or declaration of intention

14. rites: forms of behavior with a fixed pattern for a religious purpose

15. sermon: a talk usually based on a sentence form the Bible and given as part of a church service

Synonyms: mischievous = naughty 淘气的

Heavenly = divine 神授的,天赐的

Shatter = break 分离,打碎

Deliver = give 给予

Capture = seize 抓住,获得,捕获

Unit 11

1. I assume you’ve all read the text carefully. Now I’ll ask you some questions. = suppose 认为,假定

2. The old general has started to write his memoirs. = autobiography 回忆录,自传,备忘录

3. Being highly perceptive, she is very likely to develop into a successful writer. = a quick to notice and understand things 感知的,理解力强的

4. He has been occupied with collecting stamps for many years. = absorbed in

5. I had a weary day yesterday; I couldn’t even move my legs by the time

I went back home. = an exhausting

6. Christians believe that the mountains and the oceans are among the mighty works of God. = powerful 强大的

7. When the door were flung open, a crowd surged in. = entered in a mass 涌入

8. Take it easy! You won’t fall off this ladder as it is quite stable. = steady 稳定的,安定的

Glow: go give out heat or light 发热,发光

Instinctive: natural, not based on learning or thinking 先天的,天生的Exemplify: to serve as example 举例子,例示

Funnel: a wide-mouthed tube used for pouring liquids into a narrow-necked container 漏斗

Prelude: a short piece of music that introduces a large musical work 前奏,序幕

Applaud: to praise by clapping one’s hands 喝彩,鼓掌

Flash:to shine suddenly and brightly 闪光

Attend to: to direct one’s interest and effort to 注意,致力于Potential: the ability to develop, achieve or succeed 潜力

Impulse: a sudden wish to do something 冲动

Doze: to sleep lightly 打盹,小睡

Evaluate: to judge the value or degree of 评估

Resurgence: a return to power, life and activity 复活,再现

Stuck: unable to go 阻碍

Sketch: to describe roughly 略图,草样

Antonyms : retrieve重新获得* lose失去

Vertical垂直的* horizontal 水平的

Prolific多产的,富饶的* sterile 贫瘠的

Novel 新奇的* old 陈旧的

Diverse 不同的,多样的* identical 同一的,相似的

Unit 12

1. What a nuisance!I’ve forgotten my ticket. = something that causes annoyance or inconvenience

2. She slung her coat over her shoulder. = hung loosely

3. He checked in at the hotel at 9 o’clock in the evening under a false name.= arrived

4. The sales director is preparing the company’s advertising budget for next year. 预算

5.Diligence is an important factor of success in the field of scientific research.. = element

6. We cannot rely solely in television for news. = only

7. She skipped out of the restaurant without paying the bill. = left secretly

8. You may deposit your valuables in the hotel safe. = place 放置

1. to reduce by half = halve

2. to obtain by paying a price = purchase

3. the residence of a consul = consulate 领事馆

4. money paid for transportation in a train, taxi, plane, etc. = fare 费用

5. a reduction from a usual price = discount 折扣

6. a place to which people go for rest or recreation, as on a vacation = resort 胜地

7. exclusive control of a commodity for service in a given market = monopoly 垄断

8.chief, main = principal 主要的

9. public enjoyment and merrymaking = carnival 嘉年华

10. dullness = boredom 单调,沉闷

Synonyms : major = chief 主要的

Investigate = examine 调查

Reputation = fame 名声,名气

Regional = local 局部的,地区的

Unique = sole = single 独特的

Unit 13

1. I interpreted his silence as a refusal. = understood 理解

2. He was more involved in sports than scholastic achievements. = academic 学究气的,学校的

3. She showed great aptitude for learning languages. = natural ability 天资,才能

4. The purpose of the social reform is to achieve a fairer distribution of wealth. = division 分配

5.They accept that what you are doing is relevant to their problems. = practical 相关的,实际的

6.It was a contest in verbal skills. = using words 字句的,言语的

7.You are distorting his argument. = giving a false account of 扭曲,曲解

8.Can you see what this note says—his writing is almost illegible. = unreadable 可阅读的,可识别的

1. to understand completely and be able to use properly = assimilate 同化,完全理解、吸收

2. the way in which something is said, shown, explained, etc. to others = presentation

3.to take away an amount from a total = deduct 扣除,减除

4. to make stronger or firmer = reinforce 加强,巩固

5. a collection of quantitative data = statistics 数据

6. one who has committed a crime = offender 触犯者

7. to prevent from = thwart 阻扰,妨碍

8. certainty of not being punished = impunity 免除(惩罚、伤害)

Synonyms : frustrate = thwart 挫败,沮丧,阻挠

Tremendous = huge 巨大的

Breach = break 违背

Apparent = obvious 明显的

Attain = accomplish 获得,得到

Unit 14

1. They have the exclusive use of the machine. = sole 唯一的,排外的,独有的

2. This contract is renewable after two years. = can be extended 可更新的

3. According to the provisions of the agreement the interest on the loan must be paid monthly. = condition 规定,条款

4. The car is registered in my name. = formally recorded 登记

5. Government makes the laws and the police enforce them. = implement 实施

6. Many factories suffered substantial damage. = severe 大量的

7. They have a reciprocal hatred for each other. = mutual 相互的

8. Most western nations are signatories of this treaty. = signer 签约者

1. a set of actions necessary for doing something = procedure 程序,步骤

2. a number of different things = variety 多样性,不同种类

3. many, manifold = multiple 多样的,复合的

4. a written and official request = application 申请

5. to advance = promote 促进,提升

6. hardworking; showing steady careful effort = diligent 勤奋

7. the quality of being different, new and unusual = novelty 新奇,奇异

8. related to a court of law, judges or their judgments = judicial 司法的,法庭的

9. the act of making known publicly = disclosure 揭露,透露

10. something that causes activity = stimulus 促进因素,刺激

Synonyms:competitive = rival 对手,敌手

Ultimate = final 最终的

Diversity = variety 多样性

Private = personal 私人的,个人的

Exclude = bar v. 阻挡,禁止


1.The mayor proclaimed Monday as a city holiday. Pro-claim forth, cry out = declare 宣布,公布

2. percentage: per-centage 百分比,百分数

3.confirm : con-firm 强调

/together, fixed 确定,确认

4. affirm : af-firm toward, fixed 确认,证实

5. centigram : centi-gram 百分,克 厘克,0.01克

6. exclaim : ex-claim out ,cry out 呼喊出,惊叫


http://m.wendangku.net/doc/447700222f60ddccda38a02d.htmlpose: com-pose together , put 组成

2。Contract: con-tract together , draw 收缩

3。 Dispose of: dis-pose 否定,put 去掉,丢掉= throw out

4。 Impose: im-pose into, put 强加

5。 Subtract: sub-tract below/under/away, draw 减去,取走

6。Deposit: de-posit 否定、相反, put 储蓄,存储


1。Transmit: trans-mit from one place to another, send 转移

2. deduce: de-duce 向下, lead 推测,推论

3.eject: e-ject out, throw 喷出,喷射

4. compel: com-pel together/强调,push/drive 强迫,强求

5.project: pro-ject forth, throw 向前投掷,射出

6. conduct: con-duct together, lead 指引,引导


1. division: di-vision separate 分支,分配,部门

2. evident: e-vid-ent out, see = obvious 明显的,显而易见的

3. individual:in-di-vid-ual 否定,separate 个体,个人

4. sustain: sus-tain sus/sub: below, hold 支撑,支持

5.visible: vis-ible see, able 可看见的

6.Obtain: ob-tain toward, hold 获得,拥有



1. expression ex-press out, press 表达

2. depression de-press 反义,press 压抑

3. impression im-press into,press 留下印象

4. oppression op-press toward,press 压迫,压抑

5. consist con-sist together, stand 组成,构成

6. persist per-sist through, stand 坚持

7. assist as-sist toward, stand 帮助,协助

8. exist e-xist out, stand 存在,生存

9. suppress sup-press below/under, press 镇压,抑制

10. compress com-press together, press 压制,压缩

11. exceed ex-ceed out,go 超过,胜过

12. succeed suc-ceed under, go 继任,继承

13. subsist sub-sist under, stand 继续存在,活下去

14. resist re-sist back, stand 抵制,抗拒


1. evolution: e-volu-tion out, roll/turn 进化论,发展

2. ascend: a-scend toward, climb 上升,登高

3. devolve: de-volve 向下down, roll/trun 被转移,移交

4. migrate: migr-ate move, 成为迁移、移居

5. export:ex-port out,carry 输出,出口(经济)

6. condescend: con-de-scend together, below, climb 屈尊,不摆架子


1. tendency:tend-ency stretch,状态倾向,趋势

2. conservative: con-serv-ative together, keep, 起…作用保守,守旧的

3. preserve: pre-serve forth, keep 保存,维持

4. valuable: val-u-able worth, 提供…的= of great worthy 有价值的

5. available: a-vail-able toward, worth/strength, 提供…的可用的,可利用的

6, prevail: pre-vail forth, worth 胜过,战胜


1. prescribe: pre-screibe before, write 开药方

2. description: de-scrip-tion through, write 描述n.

3. terrain: ter-rain 地形,地域

4. subscribe:sub-scribe below, write 订阅,订购

5. territorial : 领土的,土地的

6, extraterrestrial: extra-terr-estrial outside, land 外星的


1. solo: sol-o single 单人表演

2. series: ser-ies join, 系列

3. isolate: i-sol-ate single 孤立,脱离

4. deserting: de-sert-ing 去掉,join 抛弃,离弃

5. peninsula: penin-sula almost(拉丁语),single island 绊倒6, exert: e-ksert out, join 发挥

7. insulate: in-sul-ate into, single 隔热,绝缘

8. insert: in-sert in, join 插入,嵌入


1.briefly: brief-ly short 总体,概括

2.astronaut: astr-onaut star, sailor 宇航员

3. abridge: a-bridg toward, short 精简,删节

4. fuse: fus-e melt 合并,融合

5. astronomy: astro-nomy star 天文学,航天

6. confuse: con-fus-e together, melt 迷惑,困顿

7. abbreviate: ab-brev-iate toward, short, 使…形成= shorten 缩写,简写


1. accordance: ac-cord-ance toward, heart 一致,符合

2. disclose: dis-close opposite, shut 揭发,透露,公开

3. inclusive: in-clus-ive within, shut 包含的,包括的

4. core: heart 果核

5.enclose: en-clos-e 在内,shut 围住,圈起

6, conclude: con-clude together/强调,shut 总结,结束

7. encouragement: en-cour-age-ment 使…处于,heart, 状态,行为激励,鼓励

8. closet: clos-et shut 壁橱,橱柜


1. dictation:dict-ation speak, 行为听写

2. fraction:fract-ion break 部分

3. indication: in-dic-ation toward, speak,行为指示,征兆

4. predict: pre-dict forth, speak 预示,预报

5.contradict: contra-dict 反的,speak 否认,矛盾

6. fragment: frag-ment break 碎片


1. occupation: oc-cup-ation hold, 行为=job,职业

2. broadcast: broad-cast wide, throw 广播,播送

3. captive: cap-tive hold 俘虏,囚徒

4. abroad: a-broad toward, wide 出国地

5. perceive: per-ceiv-e through, hold 发觉,察觉

6. conceive: con-ceiv-e together, hold 想象,设想

7, broaden: wide 开阔v.


1. densely: dens-ely thick 密集地

2. defense : de-fense 反的,protect 抵御,防御

3. on credit: cred-it trust/believe 赊账

4. condense:con-dens-e together, thick 浓缩,浓稠

5。Incredible:in-cred-ible not, believe, able = unbelievable 难以置信的

6. dense adj. dens-e 厚实的,浓厚的n. 密度


1.corruption: cor-rupt-ion 加强语气,break/burst =dishonesty behavior 腐败

2。Pendulum: pend-ulum hang, thing 钟摆,摆锤

3。Erupt: e-rupt out, burst 爆发(火山)

4. bankruptcy: bank-rupt-cy 银行,burst/break, 状态破产,倒闭

5. dependable: de-pend-able 反的,hang, able 可靠的

6。Interrupt: inter-rupt 中间的,break/burst 打断,插话

7。Independence: in-de-pend-ence not, 反义,hang, 行为独立,


8. suspend: sus-pend below, hang 悬挂,暂时搁置


1. spectator: spect-ator look/watch, 者观众,旁观者

2. inspect: in-spect into, look 检查,视察

3. inspire: in-spir-e into, breathe (使精神进入内心)激发,鼓励

4. respectively: re-spect-ively back, look , adv 分别的,各自的

5. suspicious: su-spic-ious below, look = questionable 可疑的,怀疑的

6. expire: ek-spir-e out, breathe 断气;结束,终止

7. prospect: pro-spect forth/forward, look 期待,预期,前景

8.perspective: per-spect-ive though, look 透视图,洞察力

9. spectacle: spec-acle look, 奇观,壮观

10. circumspect:circum-spect round, look 环视,慎重


1. sensible: sens-ible feel/think, able = wise = practical 明智的,和实际的

2. structural:struct-ural build, 结构上的