Mr.Dohetty Builds His Dream Life原文和翻译

In America many people have a romantic idea of life in the countryside. Many living in towns dream of starting up their own farm, of living off the land. Few get round to putting their dreams into practice. This is perhaps just as well, as the life of farmer is far from easy, as Jim Doherty discovered when he set out to combine being a writer with running a farm. Nevertheless, as he explains, he has no regrets and remains enthusiastic about his decision to change his way of life.

Mr.Doherty Build His Dream Life

Mr.Dohetty Builds His Dream Life原文和翻译

Jim Doherty

1、There are two things I have always want to do – write and live on a farm.

Today I’m doing both. I’m not in E.B. white’s class as a writer or in my neighbors’league as a farmer, but I’m getting by. And after years of frustration with city and suburban living, my wife Sandy and I have finally found contentment here in the country.

2、It’s a self-reliant sort of life. We grow nearly all of fruits and vegetables.

Our hens keep us in eggs, with several dozen left over to sell each week. Our bees provide us with honey, and we cut enough wood to just about make it through the heating season.

3、It’s a satisfying life too. In the summer, we canoe on the river, go picking

in the woods, and take long bicycle rides. In the winter, we ski and skate, we get excited about sunsets. We love the smell of the earth warming and the sound of cattle lowing. We watch for hawks in the sky and deer in the cornfields.

4、But the good life can get pretty tough. There month ago when it was 30

below, we spent two miserable days hauling firewood up the river on a sled.

There months from now, it will be 95 above and we will be cultivating corn, weeding strawberries and killing chickens. Recently, Sandy and I had to retile the back roof. Soon Jim, 16 and Emily, 13, the youngest of our four children will help me makes some long-overdue improvements on the outdoor toilet that supplements our indoor plumbing when we are working in the outside. Later in this month, we’llspary the o, clean the bar, plant the garden, and clean the hens house before the new chick arrive.

5、In between such chores, I manage to spent 50 to 60 hours a week at the

typewrite or doing reporting for the freelance articles I sell to magazines and newspapers. Sandy, meanwhile, pursues her own demanding schedule. Besides the usual household routine, she oversees the garden and beehives, bakes