The Internet has made English learning much easier. English learners

used to be 1) obliged to spend their time in libraries looking for the books that would help them in their language studies. It was very inconvenient because a lot of materials could only be found in 2) tedious and uninteresting textbooks and readers. But today authentic content on a variety of subject is only a click away. This is

especially 3) beneficial for those who wants to learn English earnestly.

In order to achieve fluency in English, you need to be comfortable using

at least 10,000 words. The 4) abundant materials on the Internet make it possible for you to choose appropriate content to read and

listen to. These materials can be 5) adjusted to your level if you input some key words in the search engine. But how can you

remember the 6) bulk of unfamiliar words?

In this case, the Internet 7) evidently makes it easier to learn vocabulary. You can use online dictionaries to instantly find out their

grammatical 8) functions and the specific meaning of these words. The Internet helps you to 9) efficiently accumulate vocabulary based on lively and interesting language content, which greatly reduces

your 10) distress caused by inability to remember the new words. The efficiency of this vocabulary learning is one of the reasons why the

Internet has become an ideal place to learn English.

UNIT 1译文





There is a special life stage that our generation goes through. It is the 1) transition period, during which we move from teenage to adolescence. We learn who we are and what we stand

for and what inspires us. Also, in this period we are 2) saddled with a lot of pressure from our parents who want us to make something out of ourselves.

My parents have already expressed feeling of 3) anxiety over my future with academics and life. When I expressed to

then recently that I would not mind graduating in five years instead of four in order to study abroad to 4) acquaint myself with the world, they seemed so shocked .That idea sounded foreign and to them was 5) equivalent to lack of ambition.

Apart from that, my mother has 6) expressed to me that she is worried that I am not searching for a boyfriend. I

7)resent this stupid idea of marrying out of college since it does not suit me one bit. Women today can get what they want

out of life without a man ,even children, as it becomes more

8) sensible acceptable for women to adopt children.

I personally want to stay in school as long as I can to 9) reinforce my academic work, possibly complete a law degree and start a career, and then after, and only after, begin to think about 10) shifting marriage. If my math is correct, that means I will be more or less “ready” for marriage at the age of 29 or 30, the age when my mother had me.

UNIT 3译文



除此之外,我妈也向我expressed(表达)了我还不找男票的担心,我十分resent(怨恨)这种一点也不适合我的毕业就结婚的观念。如今没有男人的女人们可以得到她们需要的任何生活,甚至是孩子。因为收养孩子对女人来说更加的sensible(明智) acceptable(可接受的)。



To spend or save is a question which many people have.There is always a(n) 1) dilemma whether one should spend the

money that he has earned or save that money for the future.

Well, there is no 2) explicit answer to the question as different people have different 3) perspectives on their life, and that is the reason why some people tend to spend

all the money earned while others 4) retain control over their money.

People who spend all the money do not think much about future. The only things that enjoy doing most is to 5) derive pleasure from spending money. For example, if they like a particular car, mobile phone or laptop, they will buy it without giving it a thought. For them, the most important thing is to satisfy their material 6) appetite. People who have their first job or who haven’t married often fall in this category.

In the long time, saving is good 7) option for one’s life as saving helps an individual to plan for future 8) urgent needs. That is also the reason why many people save money for

a rainy day. Individuals who can 9) suspend their spending save money successfully. Instead of buying on impulse, they

delay their purchasing decision and won’t be easily 10) manipulated by commercial ads. Individuals who have responsibility for their family belong to this category.

Unit 5译文

或花或省钱,这是一个众人皆有的问题。面对是否应该花掉我们为以后省下的,或是赚到的钱的时候总会dilemma(困境)进退两难。然而,不同的人有不同的perspectives(观点,视角)来explicit (明确)的回答这个问题,这也是在许多人在retain(保持)控制他们的钱的同时,有许多人会花掉他们所赚的钱的原因。


在很长的一段时间里,省钱对于个人来说是很好的option(选择)。也会帮助个人未来的urgent(紧急)的需求。这也是为什么许多人愿为雨天备伞的原因之一。一个人能suspend(推迟)来成功的省钱。而不是冲动的消费,他们会推迟他们的采购计划也不会过早的被商业广告manipulated(操控)这就是有家庭责任的一类人。Unit 7

It’s obvious that women have come a long way as successful professionals. Women in the workplace are 1) flourishing as an increased number of women have made their presence felt in many industries and professions. the sector of the female workforce has 2)expanded with more and more strength and

thus has its 3) genuine importance in the professional word.

Whether they like it or not, men have to accept that women are

marching up the management ladder confidently and 4) diplomatically. Women used to be much more “quiet and passive”due to the relatively small number of female employees in 5) comparison to males. Women today, on the other hand, have begun seeking their 6)administrative positions by using all their powers of intelligence.

Men are hierarchical and 7) jealous of the “beauty power”that allows women to get certain things based on their

physical assets. Even though there is a(n) 8) dispute whether many professional females got into positions of power

by using their appearance to their advantage, the 9)valid fact is the majority of women have worked hard to achieve their

desired success.

Women were considered as 10)bystanders in the workplace for many years and it was believed that the only jobs that they

could handle were those of teachers or secretaries, but today’s women can not only hold their own positions in the workplace, but they also have the dual task of raising their


Unit 7 译文

女性已经在成为成功人士上取得了很明显的进展,它在许多产业上取得了一席之地,并在工作场所增长的女性工作者数量flourishing(繁荣)。女性职工数也在大力expanded (扩展)。并且成为这个专业世界genuine(真实的)重要点了。