modifier exercise 英语写作

1. Add an initial modifier to "The storm roared across the countryside."

To express the power of nature, the storm roared across the countryside. 2. Add an initial modifier to "Paige listened to music."

To charm away his sadness, Paige listened to music.

3. Add a mid-sentence modifier to "The horse rolled in the mud."

The horse, wearing pure white skin, rolled in the mud.

4. Add a mid-sentence modifier to "Taylor ate the cookie."

Taylor, being fond of dessert, ate the cookie.

5. Add a terminal modifier to "Leaves are falling."

Leaves are falling, like a lot of butterflies dancing in the sky.

6. Add a terminal modifier to "The computer broke."

The computer broke, lying on the ground silently.

7. Add a terminal modifier to "She called her friend."

She called her friend, who is a starlet struggling into the entertainment circle.

8. Add both initial and terminal modifiers to "The children laughed."

happily and childishly, the children laughed, running to the amusement park.

9. Add both mid and terminal modifiers to "The cat chased the mouse."

The cat, with its eyes sparking, chased the mouse, attracted by a fired fish suddenly.

10. Add all three types of modifiers — initial, mid and terminal — to "The wedding was approaching."

Happily and excitedly, the wedding, a romantic and unforgettable moment, was approaching, blessed by all the attendants.