综合英语4 Unit9-Unit14 课文课后翻译



1、It was traumatic moving from the warm,easy ways of catfish country to the harsh

climate of the north,where people seemed so different.


2、I stood amazed and floated back to my desk in a daze,and wild applause.


3、That awful feeling of of my voice being trapped got worse as I grew older.


4、Though my mentor could no longer see,he was still living in a world vibrant with

all of the beautiful treasures he had stored.




With the development of economy, large numbers of farmers flooded from the countryside into cities to seek a job.


美。(come close to)

Young as he is, all judges share the opinion that his performance at the

international piano competition has come close to perfection.

3、也许是因为喝了烈性酒的关系,她在去伦敦的路上一直恍恍惚惚的。(in a


Perhaps because of the spirits she had drunk, she was in a daze all the way to



In this mountain retreat you can find the best climate in the country.


He leaned back into his seat and relaxed, savoring the comfort.


(recite …from memory)

What makes this young couple proud is that their child could recite poems from memory at the age of three.

7、他当众重复了他私下说过的话。(in public)

He repeated in public what he had said in private.

8、建立一个充满生机和爱意的家庭需要全家人的共同努力。(vibrant with)

A family vibrant with life and love is to be built with the joint efforts of all its

memb er s.


From age eight to eleven,I attached a parochial school in Bath,England.It was a small school composed of four classes with about 25 children in each class according to age.For the most part,one teacher was responsible for teaching all subjects to the children in their class.However,occasionally the headmaster Mr.Ronald Broackes would come in and spend an hour or so,teaching some subject in which he was

specially interested.He took a great interest in me and he quickly discovered that I loved puzzles.He would often waylay me as I was going to class and produce a piece of paper from his pocket,often with a puzzle already on it.The puzzles were usually mathematical or logical.As time went on,they slowly got more difficult,but I loved them.They kindles within me a love of mathematical and problem-solving that stays with me to this day.They also served to show me that intellectual activity was rewarding when the correct answer were found ,but perhaps more importantly it was great fun.




1、Now and then a car comes out of the silent and cruises easily through the blinking

traffic lights.


2、No effort is spared to let city dwellers imagine they are living anywhere out in

city:patches of glass in the more modern suburbs,broader spreads in the richer ones further out.


3、Even outside at home in their suburbs the city dwellers may know that sometimes

it's hot,and sometimes it's cold.but on true sense of the rhythms of the seasons is to be had from a lawn in the backyard,and a few spindly trees struggling to live.


4、It is from this day-to-day existence of unreality, pretence,and idiocy that the city

people,slumping along their streets even when scurrying,never looking up at their buildings ,far less the sky,have the insolence to disdain and mock the useful and rewarding life of the country people who support them.



1、政府承诺将不遗余力地支持我们的环保哦项目。(spare no effort)

The government promises that it will spare no effort to support our environmental

protection projects.

2、她来之前对中国的历史,地理和文化一无所知。(have no knowledge of )

She had no knowledge of Chinese history, geography and culture before she came to China.


The fire that broke out in the kindergarten endangered 23 children’s lives.


We tried our best to head Henry off the topic, because we knew he would reveal confidential information.


The sonorous voice of the speaker is echoing round the hall.

6、勤勉和忠诚有时可以弥补能力不足。(compensate for)

Industry and loyalty sometimes compensate for the lack of ability.

7、就我所知,他是从激烈的竞争中挣脱出来的少数人之一。(rat race)

As far as I know, he was one of the few people who got out of the rat race.

8、他留下了一些士兵来清除敌人的最后阵地。(clean up)

He left a few men behind to clean up the last of the enemy positions.


Why are so many people so anxious to get away from the small town or village where they were brought up ,and to make for the big cities?They usually describe their hometown "boring"or "dead," or -the harshest criticism of all-as "provincial."

If we examine the question from a distance,as if we were viewing the whole country from a long way off,we start to get a clue about what it is that lures us into

the big city.The main point to notice about big cities is that they are big:there are a lot of people,and there are a lot of things going on,If you look down on a city,literally from a great distance,from an airplane at night,you will be struck by the incredible brightness of a city:there are so many lights that you cannot help feeling that all the bright things of life are down there waiting for you.But a feeling of disappointment will set in shortly after you land,because you will discover as you drive into the city center from the airport that the lights are just that:lights,miles and miles of streets lights and neon signs.They are not in themselves sources of joy and happiness:city lights are not friendly ,they are merely lights.In fact,the effect will probably be to make you feel lonely and isolated.





1、All the shrewed contrivances and safeguards of man had been thrown out of gear

by thirty seconds' twitching of the earth-crust.


2、Day and night this dead calm continued,and yet,near to the flames.the wind was

often half a gale,so mighty was the suck.


3、An enumeration of the buildings destroyed would be a directory of San

Francisco.An enumeration of the buildings undestroyed would be a line and

several addresses.An enumeration of the deeds of heroism would stock a library and a bankrupt the Carnegie medal fund.An enumeration of the dead-will never be made.


4、The exhausted creatures.stirred on by the menace of bayonets,would arise and

struggle up the steep pavements,pausing from weakness every five or ten feet.



1、我整个上午的工作都由于那件不幸之事而陷于停顿。(out of gear)

My whole morning’s work has been put out of gear by that mishap.

2、他躲在树丛中,终于甩掉了追赶的人。(fling off)

By hiding himself among the bushes, he at last flung off his pursuers.

3、我们应该尽力消除制度中不公正的东西。(wipe out)

We must make every effort to wipe out the injustice in the system.

4、士兵们坚守在那个孤立无援的阵地上,直到援兵的到来。(hold on to)

The soldiers held on to that isolated position until reinforcements arrived.


In front of all the facts, he was compelled to admit that he had stolen that

confidential document.

6、他不会说英语,这使他在参加国际会议的时候处于不利的地位。(at a


His inability to speak English puts him at a disadvantage when he attends

international conferences.

7、这个地方几英里内都看不到一个人,这使我感到十分的孤独。(in sight)

Here there was no one in sight for miles, which made me feel very lonely.



At the beginning of May 1945, it was clear even to the most zealous of Hitler’s followers that his “Thousand Year Reich”was doomed.


In nineteenth century when gold was discovered thar,the town of Deadwood in South Dakota attracted many fortune-hunters good or bad and came to be known as the place where"the coward never started and the weak died on the way."But the biggest villain in Deadwood has always been one thing:fire.The little town is built on the steep sides of a deep valley.If a fire break out ,this valley acts like a chimney and sucks the flames up to the house.

In our times,a great fire threatened the town again.It all began when some waste paper caught alight at the foot of the valley.In less than an hour the flames were leaping through the treetops.The wind roared through the forest carrying the frame almost to the edge of the town.The panic-stricken inhabitants prepared to leave the clothing packed the streets.Whenever the wind changed direction ,the cars were compelled to change anew the line of their retreat.

Firemen desperately fought the flames for twenty-four hours,and in the end aeroplanes were used as well.The planes began "booming"the fire with water and so prevented the spread of fire.The big fire began to lose the battle and people who had left came home.They found a blackened valley,but their houses were still standing.Deadwood had been saved from its worst enemy just in time.







1、None of these things defines who I am,nor do they describe the other black people

I've known and worked with and loved and befriended over these forty years of my life.


2、Day after day,week after week,this message-that black America is dysfunctional

and unwhole-gets transmitted across the American landscape.


3、In this scenario,millions of blacks are relegated to a sort of twilight zone,where

who we are and what we are isn't based on fact but an image and perception.



4、That is the real portrait of black America-that we're strong people ,surviving

people,capable people.




The film is about an elderly lady and a young nurse who befriended her.


要的角色。(play a role)

In a family, a cell of society, women as mother and wife play an unregarded but important role.


Having experienced many changes of history, many rises and falls of fortune, it is at present a city vibrant with life and energy.

4、当地的俱乐部已被降级编入乙级队。(be relegated to)

The local club has been relegated to the second division.

5、董事会正在调查总经理是否有严重违背职业操守的行为。(be guilty of)

The board is investigating whether the general manager has been guilty of serious professional misconduct.



We cannot interpret his words in a modern light, but must understand the

limitations imposed on him by the time in which he wrote.


one's eyes to)

The jury pronounced him innocent of fraud, though the evidence against him is a fact to which we can not close our eyes.


不用说提前发现冰山了。(let alone)

The tragedy of the Titanic can never occur in modern society. The shipboard

computer can automatically alter the course, let alone discover an iceberg in



I am a son of a black man from Kenya and a white woman from Kansas.I was raised with the the help of a white grandfather who survived a depression to serve in Patton's Army during World War II and a white grandmother who worked on a bomber assembly line at Fort Leavenworth while he was overseas.I've gone to some of the best schools in America and lived in one of the world's poorest nations.I am married to a black American who carries within her the blood of slaves and slave-owners-an inheritance we pass on to our two precious daughters.I have brothers ,sisters,nieces,nephews,uncles and cousins, of every race and every hue scattered across three continents,and for so long as I live,I will never forget that in no other country on Earth is my story even possible.

It's a story that hasn't made me the most conventional candidate.But it is a story that has seared into my genetic makeup the idea that this nation is more than the sum of its parts-that out of many ,we are truly one.





1、I could not help wondering ,as I read this sentence,where one can meet these

conventional people who think,or pretend to think,as conventional people do.


2、"Marriage," he declared,"hath in it less of beauty and more of safety than the

single life-it hath more care but less danger;it is more merry and more sad;it is

fuller of sorrows and fuller of joys."


3、"Sir,"he declared,"it is so far from being natural for a man and woman to live in a

state of marriage that we find all the motives which they have for remaining in that connexion and the restraints which civilized society imposes to prevent

separation are hardly sufficient to keep them together."



4、As social reformers we are all for happiness,but as thinkers and aesthetes we are

on the side of misery.




beset with)

Nigeria’s oil industry is beset with corruption. The result is higher oil prices and human rights abuses.

2、我们非常清楚所面临的挑战有多严重、多巨大。(under no illusion)

We are under no illusions about the seriousness the size of the challenge.

We are under no illusions about how serious and enormous the challenge is.

3、即使你拒绝我们的建议,我也想对你的无知谈谈看法。(in regard to)

Even if you refuse our suggestion, I still want to say something in regard to your ignorance.

4、我们注意到他的诗句如何打动了她的心。(go home to sb.'s heart)

We have noticed how his poem went home to her heart.


(refrain from)

If the world were populated with all upright men, we would be able to refrain from many ceaseless arguments.


(be desirous of )

Do not be desirous of having things done quickly. Desire to have things done

quickly prevents their being done thoroughly.


The guard near the big clock cannot be decoyed away from his post.


Taking a regular walk every day is probably one of the most feasible forms of exercise to prolong life for the elderly.


Many women are unhappy with their status at home.They complain that as a typical wife,a woman is heavily burdened.She is supposed to take care of his husband and children.When children are sick,she should be around even at the expense of a cut in her income,as her husband can never afford to miss anything in his work or study.She

is supposed to do all the household chores.She should keep the house clean,cook the meals every day and do the grocery shopping.She is even supposed to take care of the trivial details of her husband's social life.When friends of her husband's are invited to their home,she should show their hospitality by preparing a special meal and satisfying their needs so that they may feel comfortable.She could be ready to understand her husband's needs at any time and do everything to please her husband without complaints.It seems that her happiness derives chiefly from the happiness of her husband and children.




1、In general,despite the rhetoric of "identity,"young people do not live in



2、The antagonism and the dependency are inseparable,for the media

flood-essentially American in its origin,but virtually in its reach-represents,like it or not,a common imagination.


3、America's bid for global unification surpasses in reach that of the Roman,the

British ,the Catholic or Islam;though without an army or a God,it requires less.


4、That is a conundrum that deserves to be approached with respect if we are to

grasp the fact that Mickey Mouse and Coke are everywhere recognized and often enough enjoyed.



1、国会有责任确保在诉诸于武力之前已经用尽所有的和平手段。(resort to)

Congress has the responsibility to ensure that all peaceful options are exhausted before resorting to wat.

2、我们10点钟下班,由夜班接手。(take over)

We stop work at 10 o'clock, and then the night shift takes over.

3、我十分天真地把信息给了他,没想到他会用它来图谋私利。(in all innocence)

I gave him the information in all innocence without realizing he would use it for

his personal gain.

4、他不用服国家兵役,因为他从事的是免于征兵的职业。(exempt from)

He was exempt from national service because he was in a reserved occupation. 5、他感到莫名其妙的不安。(account for)

He was seized with a restlessness he could not account for.

6、那样的房子我租不起,更不用说买了。(let alone)

I can't afford to rent a house like that, let alone buy it.

7、她属于那类惯于我行我素的人。(be accustomed to)

She belongs to that kind of people who are accustomed to having their own way.

8、他在尘世间所拥有的财产总共不过随身衣物而已。(amount to)

His total worldly possessions amounted to the clothes he stood up in.


Movie ticket sales reached an estimated $8.35billion in 2001,up 8.4% from $7.7billion in 2000,the largest gain since 1998.Moreover,the number of tickets sold-a more reliable indicator of movie attendance ,given ticket-price inflation-rose to an estimated 1.49billion,according to box-office tracking firm Exhibitor Relations Co.That is an increase of nearly 5% from the previous year,but just barely above 1998 levels.The strong sales were aided by the post-Christmas,pre-New Year's weekend,when box-office receipts reached $170billion,up 22% from last year,lifted by Lord of the Rings,Ocean's Eleven and Ali.Although many observers thought people would stay away from the movies after Sept.11,the numbers have been up 5% industry-wide since then from year-earlier levels,thanks mostly to hits such as Harry Potter and Monsters Inc.Those positive trends,however,gloss over deeper problems

facing the Hollywood studios and movie-theater chains,where real audience growth has been marginal.Box-office totals have nearly tripled during the past decade,while the number of tickets sold has risen 30%,indicating the box-office record id driven by higher ticker prices,not increases in movie attendance.