Chapter 2 Phonology 音系学(现代语言学)

Chapter 2 Phonology 音系学

1.The phonic medium of language 语言的声音媒介

Linguists are not interested in all sounds ;they are concerned with only those sounds that are produced by the human speech organs in so far as they have a role to play in linguistic communication .These sounds are limited in number .This limited range of sounds which are meaningful in human communication and are of interest to linguistic studies are the phonic medium of language ;and the individual sounds within this range are the speech sounds.



2.Phonetics 语音学

2.1What is phonetics? 什么是语音学?

Chapter 2 Phonology 音系学(现代语言学)

language; it is concerned with all the sound that occur in the world’s languages.

Chapter 2 Phonology 音系学(现代语言学)


These three branches of phonetics are labeled articulatory phonetics, auditory phonetics, and acoustic phonetics respectively.


Of the three branches of phonetics, the longest established, and until recently the most highly developed, is articulatory phonetics.


Acoustic phoneticians try to describe the physical properties of the