1. 洗盘子__________________

2. 倒垃圾________________

3. 叠衣服__________________

4. 扫地____________________

5. 铺床___________________

6. 打扫起居室______________

7. 出去吃晚饭______________

8. 去看电影_______________

9. 为了____________________ 10. 借一些钱_______________11. 搭车_________________12. 去商店_________________ 13. buy some drinks and snacks____________ 14. invite my friends to a party_____________

15. use your CD player____________________ 16. stay out late_____________________


A) 根据所给中文完成下列句子。

1. Throw these __________ (垃圾) in the bin.

2. I don’t want to see the film and __________ (而且) I haven’t got any money.

3. I _________ (折叠) the letter and put it in the envelope.

4. There was a terrible _________ (杂乱) after the party.

5. He can’t swim. ________ (也不) can I.

6. Could you _______ (递) me the salt?

7. She _______ (厌恶) the smell of smoke.

8. The telephone rang __________ (在……期间) I was having a shower.

9. I tried to find a job in order to _______ (提供) clothes and food for my family.

10. He ________ (依靠) on you to help him.

B) 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. Could you please _________ (sweep) he floor?

2. You will find several shops in the _________ (neighbor).

3. He __________ (develop) the little shop into a big store.

4. The streets were littered with __________ (rubbish).

5. Could you make your bed and _________ (fold) your clothes?

6. Did you receive ________ (fairness) treatment?

7. Could you please _________ (pass) me that book?

8. Don’t do that. It’s a _________ (waste) of time.

9. The climber __________ (drop) and hurt himself.

10. When you’re scared but you still do it _________ (anyway), that’s brave.


1. To protect the environment, supermarkets don’t __________ free plastic bags for shoppers.

A. take

B. show

C. provide

D. carry

2. —Paul, could you please ______ the TV? Jim is sleeping now.

—Sorry. I’ll do it right now.

A. turn up

B. turning up

C. turn down

D. turning down

3. —Could you lend me the book you bought last week? —_________.

A. Yes, here you are

B. No, I can’t lend

C. It’s not interesting

D. A good idea

4. —Could you finish the task in two days?

—_____. I have something else to do these days.

A. I could not

B. Yes, I think so

C. I’m afraid so

D. I’m afraid not