Advertisements advertise the meaning. Ad is to particular need, throughsome form of media, public andextensive advocacy tool for transmittinginformation tothe public. Advertising has both broad and

narrow thepoints,general advertising, including non- economicand economicadvertisements.Non-economic advertising refers to notto profit for purpose of advertising, and said effect advertising, as government administrative sector,and social career units andpersonal of variousannouncement, and notices, and statement, main purpose is promotion; narrow advertising only refers to economic advertising, and said commercial advertising, is refers to to profit for purpose of advertising main, to target market of consumers for object, to paid of way through spread media will enterprise of concept, and image, and commodity and labor, information passed to promote sales of way.

Since the commodityproductionand exchange,Advertisementsalso appear. Advertising is conducted through the voice of the world's first, called oraladve rtising, also known as hawking advertising, this isthe most original,the most si mple form of advertising. As humans become more scientific and technological progress updates, the main

performance of advertising media, From a simple poster street

hawkingto newspapers, magazines, radio and television,as well as today's online 3D billboards , advertising media is the time change.

Second ad content, already from the initialproduct,evolved into