1. I will hold your note until Christmas Day, _______ you certainly will have received your allowance.

A. by that time

B. at that time

C. by which time

D. at which time

2. The Prime Minister commanded that farmers ________ loans from the government.

A. would receive

B. received

C. ought to receive

D. should receive

3. They packed the instruments carefully ____ they would be broken during transportation.

A. so that

B. on condition that

C. for fear that

D. provided that

4. Lots of people pretend that they never read advertisements, but this claim_______.

A. may be hardly doubted

B. may be seriously doubted

C. may be hard doubting

D. may be doubted serious

5.______ hostels may not offer the most comfortable quarters, they are convenient, inexpensive, and attractive to traveling students and young people.

A. When

B. While

C. Now that

D. If

6. He has recently ________ golf for relaxation.

A. taken up

B. taken with

C. taken on

D. taken over

7. Although they met with many difficulties, I hear they succeeded ________.

A. over all

B. after all

C. above all

D. all in all

8. When you enter the quiet room, be sure ________ the silence.

A. not to break

B. not breaking

C. to not break

D. not to breaking

9. Elliot followed his friend to her own club where everyone treats him as if he ________ the president.

A. were

B. should be

C. be

D. had been

10. After several months' study, I was able to easily read Japanese novels in the ________.

A. origin

B. reference

C. source

D. original

11. This diploma (毕业文凭) ________ that you have completed high school.

A. entitles

B. certifies

C. secures

D. approves

12. If the rain doesn't stop, people will be faced ________ serious flooding.

A. to

B. about

C. with

D. by

13. The giant corporation was making a take-over ________ for a fertilizer plant.

A. control

B. bid

C. effort

D. proposal

14. Yet in a ________ democracy, such a declaration cannot easily be made; indeed the opposite

must be proclaimed.

A. liberal

B. liable

C. liberated

D. reliable

15. The article ________ China's educational achievements during the past 20 years and outlined

its development plans for the new century.

A. predicted

B. witnessed

C. highlighted

D. intensified

16. The little boy and the dog ________ each other as soon as they met.

A. took after

B. took to

C. took in

D. took up

17. Within the hour the show is cancelled and everyone returns to the hotel to ________ their


A. pour

B. swallow

C. suffer

D. drown

18. You should ________ three days ago.

A. hand it in

B. have been handing it in

C. have handed it in

D. be handing it in

19. People expect technology to ________ a lot ________ the quality of life.

A. owe... to

B. contribute... for

C. owe.... for

D. contribute... to

20. We have still one more problem ________.

A. to solve

B. to be solved

C. is solving

D. solved

21. His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any ________ of it at all.

A. interpretation

B. explanation

C. meaning

D. sense

22. Two of the children have to sleep in one bed, but the other three have ________ ones.

A. complete

B. singular

C. separate

D. different

23. I remember seeing him some years ago, but I don't ________ what he said.

A. remind

B. recognize

C. recall

D. reflect

24. If you think you can do my job better than I can, you are welcome to ________.

A. take it over

B. take it off

C. take it down

D. take it in

25. His results are not very ________. He does well one week and badly the next.

A. invariable

B. consequent

C. consistent

D. continuous

26. By the time John retires from the hospital, Jane ________ from medical school.

A. will have graduated

B. will be graduating

C. has graduated

D. will graduate

27. Unlike most students, he doesn't learn English ________ learning.

A. with the excuse of

B. at the cost of

C. for the sake of

D. in the name of

28. Most of ________ scientists know of the Sun's outer atmosphere comes from studies of solar

eclipses (日蚀).A. that B. what C. which D. those 29. A student messenger interrupted our history lesson with the news ________ I was to report to

the principal's office immediately.

A. that

B. which

C. because

D. of

30. My mother bought me a new pair of boots on my birthday ________ she had promised.A. which B. what C. with D. as


1. 这种植物只有在培育它的土壤中才能很好地成长。(other than)

The plant does not grow well in soils other than the one in which it has been developed.

2. 要是这部喜剧中的人物更幽默些的话,就会吸引更多的观众。(if…had +past participle,

would + have + past participle)

If the characters in this comely had been more humorous, it would have attracted a larger audience.

3. 据报道有七八位官员收受贿赂,市长决定亲自出马调查这件事。(be reported to ; look into)Seven or eight officials are reported to have taken bribes and the mayor has decided to look into the affair in person.

4. 如今,人们用于休闲娱乐的开支是过去的两倍。(twice as…as)

Today, people are spending twice as much on entertainment and relaxation as they did in past.

5. 假设你发现你自己的同事受贿,你会不会无动于衷呢?(Use “suppose” as a conjunction)Suppose you found out that your colleague takes bribes, would you just ignore it?


1. If you move into any place other than your own private home, make you sure you know what

the rules are about pets if you have one.


2. If there had been no Charlie Chaplin, the history of world cinema would have been different.


3. The man is reported to have said in private that “We are been made fools of by many of our

clients, so we are entitled to have them bow to us compensation.”


4. The developing countries see information technologies as a means to accelerate their economy,

but some lack experience in weighing costs and choosing between technologies.


5. The new mechanism is not so effective as they had expected, for months passed and these has

been no big improvement in management.


1. When he hurried to the airport, he found, to his great disappointment, his ticket and passport ________ at home.

A. were left

B. had left

C. have been left

D. had been left

2. Were the wire of a smaller diameter(直径), its resistance ________.

A. had been increased

B. was increased

C. might have been increased

D. would be increased

3. He went to work on foot yesterday, though he ________ by bus.

A. must have gone

B. might have gone

C. would have gone

D. could have gone

4. He always prefers to start early rather than ________ everything to the last minute.

A. leave

B. leaving

C. leaves

D. left

5. Frank was advised to give the assignment to ________ he believed had a strong sense of responsibility.

A. whom

B. whoever

C. whomever

D. that

6. He had a ________ escape from the gas explosion.

A. slim

B. thin

C. small

D. narrow

7. Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor was ________ dangerous an undertaking ________ be scarcely believable.

A. so... as to

B. such... as to

C. very... to

D. so... that to

8. We hurried on, our heads ________ against the wind, to the bright light ahead.

A. being bent

B. bent

C. was bent

D. was bending

9. In the old days people only had a ________ idea of what other countries were like.

A. cough

B. tough

C. rough

D. crude

10. This is a group of six boys ________ 14 to 17.

A. aged

B. ages

C. aging

D. age

11. The manager promised to have my complaint ________.

A. looked through

B. looked into

C. looked over

D. looked after

12. He is watching TV? He's _______ to be cleaning his room.

A. known

B. supposed

C. regarded

D. considered

13. I recognized him at once, but his name ________ me for the moment.

A. escaped

B. missed

C. failed

D. ignored

14. I have already commented that colours will not show up unless the ________ of the light is

sufficiently great.

A. intensity

B. density

C. intention

D. temperature

15. It is well-known that the retired workers in our country are __________ free medical care.

A. involved

B. associated with

C. entitled to

D. assigned to

16. The man asked for a divorce because he could no longer ________ his noisy wife.

A. take care of

B. make use of

C. put up with

D. put out of

17. My landlady wanted me to pay the rent in ________.

A. progress

B. advance

C. development

D. ahead

18. I'm looking forward to ________ some time this year.

A. my parents to come

B. my parents are coming

C. my parents' coming

D. my parents come

19. I have a dentist's appointment to get my six cavities (洞) ________.

A. to be filled

B. filling

C. to fill

D. filled

20. Lions don't harm domestic animals if wild ones are ________.

A. adaptable

B. available

C. acceptable

D. achievable

21. The government is determined to _____ the established policy of developing agriculture.

A. go after

B. go by

C. go ahead

D. go on

22. Shortly after his retirement, the former president ________ gardening and hunting.

A. took to

B. took on

C. took in

D. took after

23. Most nurses are women, but in the higher ranks of the medical profession women are in a ________.

A. scarcity

B. minority

C. minimum

D. shortage

24. He looked ________, as if he'd missed a night's sleep.

A. worn out

B. worn off

C. worn away

D. worn through

25. The patient's progress was very encouraging as he could _______ get out of bed without help.

A. nearly

B. only

C. merely

D. barely

26. But for the heavy traffic, I ________ late.

A. will not be

B. would not have been

C. would not

D. had not been

27. On the day of my ________, all my friends in the city came to see me off.A. adventure

B. absence

C. departure

D. arrival

28. ________ scientists may find a way to send a portion of the earth's population to the moon.

A. More or less

B. This or that

C. Sooner or later

D. Such and such

29. Many children want the same thing they see ________ on television.

A. advertising

B. advertised

C. being advertising

D. been advertised

30. The letter was written by someone unknown ________ me.

A. to

B. by

C. for

D. with


1.研究结果表明,无论我们白天做了什么事情,晚上都会做大约两个小时的梦。(may have done)

Research finings show that we spend about two hours dreaming every night, no matter what we may have done during the day.

2. 她从未对自己的能力失去信心,因此她有可能成为一名成功的演员。(it is a possibility to)She has never lost faith in her own ability, so it is a possibility for her to become a successful actress.

3. 这些工人后悔当时接受管理部门的意见重新回去工作。现在他们再次面临失业的危险了。(regret doing sth; yield to; be faced with)

These workers regret yielding to the management’s advice and doing back to work. Now they are again faced with the threat of losing their jobs.

4. 我父母不是对我的教育投资,而是把钱花在了买新住房上。(rather than)

Rather than invest in my education, my parents spent their money on a new house.

5. 对这个问题我已束手无策了,所以你不妨去求助一下王教授吧。(might as well)There’s nothing I can do about the problem, so you might as well turn to Professor Wang for help. B:将下列5个英语句子需翻译成汉语,每题2分,共10分

1. Some women could have made a good salary in jobs instead of staying at home, but they decided not to work for the sake of the family.


2. It was s relief that his hard work eventually gave him the result that he had long desired: He successfully discovered the cause of the disease.


3. After considering your background and experience, we regret to inform you that we don’t have an appropriate job opportunity for you at current stage.


4. The world is said to have about 3,000 times as much groundwater as water it has in rivers and lakes, and groundwater is far cleaner.


5. Nowadays, people wouldn’t put up with those terrible circumstances, but in those days it was accepted as a fact of life.


Campus Activities

1. 校园活动多种多样;

2. 参加校园活动的好处。

Campus activities have been organized in many universities and colleges. These activities range from academic to recreational, such as academic reports, speech contests, poet’s club, painting clubs, singing and dancing groups, etc.

These activities provide students with two major advantages. First of all, they play a positive role in improving students’ studies. Due to their heavy schedules, students are often buried in textbooks and seldom expose themselves to a colorful life. But the various activities provide opportunities for them to relax themselves and enrich their minds. In addition, the activities also serve students living in the “ivory tower” more chances to get in touch with society. From these activities, the participants have to leave the classroom and get to know the society.

All these offer an important means for students to broaden their horizons. By .participating

in campus activities, they have fulfilled university life and in turn help campus activities to .grow and flourish.

On Students’ Rating of Their Teachers(学生给老师评分)

On Students’ Rating of Their Teachers

1. 现在,学生给老师打分已经普遍;

2. 人们对这种做法持不同态度;

3. 我的看法。

On Students’ Rating of Their Teachers

Recently, it is common in colleges and universities for students to grade teachers. Almost every university has been installed the rating system.

However, this phenomenon has aroused great controversy. Some people are in favor of this rating system. They hold that students are the receiver of the knowledge and teaching activity and they have the right to evaluate teachers’ teaching. But other people are against it. They believe that the rating system is partial and will influence the normal teaching order.

As far as I am concerned, I students’ rating to their teacher is necessary. On the one hand, students can find a more effective way for their study. On the other hand, teachers can be aware of their teaching effectiveness and make some necessary improvement. In a word, it is a good method of benefiting both learning and teaching.