Do you think celebrities make good role models for young people

Do you think celebrities make good role models for young people? 你认为名人为年轻人做了好的榜样吗

I partly agree with this view. Most celebrities make good role models for young people,but not all of them.

Some people think the celebrities are famous because of their appearance and wealth rather than their achievements which will lead to bad effect to young people. While from my point of view, not all celebrities are admired for their glamour and money, some of them reached great achievement due to their hard working and effort.

I believe there are some celebrities who are acting good example for young people because they get what they have through their effort. Firstly, some sports player they are payed more effort only if they got good score and won the game, which motivate young people to contribute more to the society and community to get more for themselves. For example : Deng yaping邓亚萍郭晶晶

Secondly, some famous entertainment popular stars, people fond of them because they can deliver good movies or TV series to people to make people's life more enjoyable. For example : 王勃汪涵王力宏

Finally, some great novel authors they use their talent to born the great article for us, which is also make our life more beautiful. For example :JK. Rowling ,The English brilliant writer who wrote the famous magic series movies –Harry Potter.

However, it is true that some celebrities they are known well for their beautiful appearance and luxury life style. For example, some actors they always post expensive cloth and luxury bags pictures to the Internet as they want to get more attention from public. When young people see these pictures, they will looking forward to this kind of life like these actors and it indeed affect their motivation to get more for them through working. If every young people have this idea, all of them want to get stuff without effort, then it will give negative effect for the society. In addition, some celebrities does some improper things like drugs or drive after drunk, which is also make bad role model for young people. For example : 陈道明撒贝宁,

In conclusion, there are some celebrities which contribute to guide young people to right direction, while for the

celebrities which have bad effects to society, We hope the Celebrities can give more healthy energy to our young people. Also ,young people should learn the good side from the Celebrities, not the bad side.