Unit_3.doc_New Development College English

Unit 3

Passage One

Questions 1to 5 are based on the passage you have just heard

1. A. He is always happy B. He is optimistic.

C. He is full of hatred.

D. he makes you love to hate

2. A. He disagrees with Michael B. He is curious

C. He is very puzzled about Michael’s behavior.

D. He is indifferent

3. A. He chooses to learn from the experience and tries to avoid it next


B. He chooses to be in a bad mood.

C. He chooses the positive side of life.

D. He chooses to be a victim.

4. A. You choose how you react to situations.

B. You choose how people will affect your mood.

C. You choose to be in a good mood or bad mood.

D. You choose how you live life.

5. A. Michael is pessimistic.

B. Attitude determines your life.

C. Attitude determines your life

D. Life is not easy.

Passage three.

Questions 1to 5 are based on the passage you have just heard

1. A. Knowing what to eat. B. Knowing how to eat

C. Choosing nourishing foods.

D. All of the above

2. A. Arguing while eating.

B. Listening rock music

C. Rushing through meals.

D. Eating with relaxation.

3. A. This can help you feel your best. B. It is polite to do so.

C. This can help you sleep well.

D. This can protect your teeth.

4. A. It can release your stress. B. It can start your metabolism.

C. It can help you take in nutrition

D. It can help your digestion

5. A. Eating smart can help you keep a healthy diet.

B. Taking some deep breaths after the meal can help you eat more.

C. it is more efficient to eat while working.

D. Standard three large means are healthier than small meals throughout the day.

Compound Dictation

Collections range from the (1)______ to the truly strange.

“ I have always collected things,” says Holly. “ As a kid, my parents forced me to collect (2) ________ spoons. I supposed I was(3) ______against them when I began to collect the meats. “collect”and “meats”aren’t words that usually (4) _____ together, but Holly has been collecting canned meats for over 10 yeas and today her Chicago Potted Meats Museum is “ the world” a largest and most (5) _____ canned meats collection.”

Everybody has hobby, some rather odd. Fortunately only a few people feel the (6) _______ to share their (7) ______ with the rest of the world. The result is a string of strange collections in tiny museums (8)______ across the world. There are museums of beer cans, bad art and navel lint.

So why do people collect things in the first place ?

(9)________________________________________________________ (or even one). Anthropologists say there are many good reasons for people to collect things.

(10) ___________________________________________________________ Collecting is also social behavior which connects us with other people.

(11) ____________________________________________________


Whether you collect matchbooks or Van Gogh’s, collecting specific things shows that you are different from other people. Of course, not everyone’s as different as the guy who collects navel lint.

If you could see only a few words to describe what friendship means to you, what words would you choose? I choose (1) ______, honesty, support, open mindedness, harmlessness, and (2) ________ love. I have learned through the years that to have a friend requires being a friend. Friendship is a state of being. It is not about doing something for another or having lots of possessions to (3) _____ another. It is about being a mirror in which the other sees himself. In a (4) _______ open and honest friendship, growth is the miraculous process (5) ________ to each friend. Communication is a key component to a (6) _____ and authentic friendship. When full (7) ______ is given by both friends to speak the (8) _____ and create mutual growth, anything is possible.

In my life, (9) _________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________________. True friends keep reminding me that I am not alone. I no longer have to take this journey of life by myself. My friends are the signposts along the road.(10) ___________________________________________________________________ . Friendship is about giving and receiving. (11) ______________________________ __________________________________________________________________. We are all one. Friendship is God’s magical, miraculous looking glass, through which we see each other with the eyes of Soul.