新概念3 测试卷

Test Paper (Lesson 18-20)

III.Choose the best answer

1.If you thought he intended to be impolite, you were _______.

A. mistake

B. mistaken

C. mistakes

D. mistook

2. The problem of water shartage is not ______ this country.

A. peculiar in

B. particular about

C. peculiar to

D. particular of

3. The meseum has a fascinating collection of ______ ranging from Stone Age pottery to Inuit clothing. A. exhibitions B. shows C. galleries D.exhibits

4. Her mother’s death came as a great ______ -----it was so unexpected.

A. shock

B. break

C. shake

D. crash

5. His room had the dusty smell of an apartment whose windows were _____ opened.

A. regularly

B. timely

C. frequently

D. rarely

6. The ______ of a schoolgirl was very worrying among the teachers.

A. disappearance

B. appearance

C. disappear

D. presence

7. The fire caused ______ damage to the local church.

A. considerate

B. considering

C. considerable

D. considered

8. She was only twenty _____ she had her first baby.

A. until

B. when

C. while

D. till

9. “Exercise” is a word which ______ a vast range of activies.

A. fills

B. hides

C. while

D. covers

10. He has ______ driving since his illness.

A. given up

B. given way to

C. given in

D. given off

II. 选词填空

Familiar sphere attach response orderly take off dear force to set off worry

1.The house looked strangely _________, though she knew she’d never been there before.

2.He lost everything that was___________ to him.

3.I will email my report to you as an ________ as soon as possible.

4.If we __________ early in the moening we should reach the coast before dark.

5.Frances ____________ too much about the way she looks.

6.Mitchell’s grteatest achievements have been in the diplomatic _______________.

7.Due to the recent economic depression, many companies have been _______ close.

8.I looked in her face for some ______, but she just stared at me blankly.

9.She needs to organize her ideas in a more _________________ way.

10.______________ your boots please, gentlemen ---it’s healthier to sleep with your boots


Test Paper (Lesson 21-23)

I.Choose the correct answer

1.That song was ______ with people from my father’s feneration.

A. populous

B. populated

C. population

D. popular

2. There’s no carpet in the room, just _____ floorboards.

A. barren

B. bare

C. barely

D. empty

3. She _____ her grandchildren and is always buying them presents.

A. adores

B. worships

C. admires

D. awes

4. I think my mother and I ______ in many ways.

A. like

B. likes

C. are like

D. are alike

5. One-way traffic was not _____ until the 1930s, so passing the streets was dangerous, especially when the carriages came from the hill.

A. introduced

B. created

C. invited

D. discovered

6. Y ou are ______ by law to wear a seat belt when driving a car.

A. begged

B. advised

C. required

D. drsired

7. “ It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.”“Well, ________, we won’t go.”

A. a case in point

B. not the case

C. in that case

D. in case

8. The winner were ______ medals.

A. presented with

B. presented to

C. presenting

D. presented by

9. The little dog kept chasing after its own tail, much to the ______ of the passers-by.

A. astonishment

B. amusement

C. boredom

D. surprise

10. Unable to go out because of the deep snow, he felt ____ in his own house.

A. imprisoned

B. sentenced

C. judged

D. doomed

11. Although Monica was _____ in London, she has always been a country girl at heart.

A. bred

B. planted

C. fed

D. brought up

12. “ I didn’t know you were looking for some new shoes.”

“ Oh, I wasn’t. I just bought them _____.”

A. on impulse

B. intentionally

C. on purpose

D. deliberately

13. Most people ______ this brand ______ good quality.

A. regard… with

B. think by

C. look in

D. associate … with

14. In some parts of the world, sheep’s eyes are considered a great ______.

A. delicious

B. delicate

C. delicacy

D. deliciousness

15. Y pu’re soaked! Did you get caught in the _____.

A. bath

B. shower

C. water

D. dust

II. 选词填空

Draw up turn against bitter highly fame proceed to stick to appeal cast illogical for instance various reveal by heart simply

1.Sammy took off his coat and ___________________ undo his boots.

2. If you make a promise, you should ___________________ it.

3. I don’t like my job, I _________________ do it for the money.

4. Her biography ______________ that she was not as rich as everyone thought.

5. We need to rethink the way we consume energy. Take, ____, our appraoch to tranport.

6. He had a nice smile and a/an ___________________ personality.

7. There is no easy way to learn this; you will have to remember every detail ____________.

8. I’ve _________ a list of candidates that I’d like to interview.

9. She learned through _________________ experience that he was not to be trusted.

10. After six years of prolonged fighting, public opinion has ___________ the war.

11. There are _______________ ways to answer your question.

12. The entire ________ of the play deserves praise for this performance.

13. Listen to your child’s worries and fears, however, __________ they may seem.

14. She moved to London in search of ________ and fortune.

15. He is ____________ estimated among his cilleagues.

Test Paper (Lesson 24-25)

II.Choose the correct answer

1.In English language, the expression “one’s hair stands on end” is used to describe the feeling of ______.

A. disgust

B. fear

C. anger

D. dislike

2. Under the _____ peaceful surface of the sea, a huge ocean wave is spreading fast.

A. seemingly

B. seems

C. seem

D. seeming

3. The temperature _____ throughout the day.

A. various

B. varying

C. varied

D. vary

4. He was petrified with _____ as I held my knife in front of him.

A. fright

B. delight

C. emotion

D. rage

5. His entire career will be _____ if he agrees to do this terrible thing.

A. promoted

B. broke

C. ruined

D. elevated

6. She was taking drugs and trying to _____ it from me.

A. conceal

B. uncover

C. reveal

D. disclose

7. Every language has some idioms or sayings which describe a situation ______.

A. vividly

B. with vivid

C. vividness

D. vivid

8. Will you ______ me when I’m in hospital? I guess I would have to stay there for a long time.

A. interview

B. tour

C. visit

D., drop

9. He was enjoying the fun and couldn’t ____ himself ______.

A. tear….away

B. tear…up

C. put …up

D. pull…..together

10. When we say two things are identical, it means that they are _____ the same.

A. probably

B. hardly

C. exactly

D. rarely

11. Y ou look so tired! _____ you’ll want to unpack and have a rest before dinner.

A. I doubt that

B. No doubt

C. There’s some doubt

D. No doubt about

12. Out car broke down halfway on the road and we found that two tyres had to be _______.

A. replaced

B. reduced

C. reviewed

D. renewed

13. Y ou might want to consider ______ work until you decide what you want to do.

A. full-time

B. temporary

C. permanent

D. fixed

14. Any _____ in the production process is costly to a company.

A. progress

B. trace

C. achievement

D. delay

15. Their visit was quite unexpected….the sofa had to _____ a bed.

A. serve as

B. serve with

C. serve

D. serve on

II. 选词填空

Instead of worse than unpack proud of reputation mark(v.) reminder excite certain steer on board match dramatic respectable vessel

1.To our dismay, we found that the violence was ________________ we expected.

2. Tony was always in trouble with the police when he was young, but now he’s a ________ married man.

3. Here’s the book you’ve been looking for, I’ve ___________ the pages you need to look at.

4. Don’t be so unset about it. I’ve got some very ________________ news for you.

5. _______________ going straight home after work, he went to a pub for a drink.

6. The expression on his facee were too _________________ to be sincere.

7. I’m absolutely __________ that I left the keys in the kitchen.

8. The damaged church was preserved as a ________________ of the horrors of war.

9. None of the passehgers ________________ survuved that terrible plane crash.

10. Y ou have every reason to be ________________ yourself. This is an achievement of a lifetime.

11. A heart attack is caused by the blood __________________ that supply the blood to the heart muscle getting blocked.

12. Judge Karl has a __________________ fgor being strict but fair.

13. That shirt’s a perfect _________________ for your blue skirt.

14. She carefully _________________ the car across the poles during the driving license test.

15. Maggie carefully _______________ the gifts she had bought.

Test Paper (Lesson 26-27)

III.Choose the correct answer

1.The Council had considerable ____ over many government decisions.

A. effect

B. result

C. influence

D. efficacy

2. The ____ words “ a milliom pounds” will get everyone’s attention.

A. magician

B. magic

C. magically

D. magics

3. When you go to the post office, will you please ____ some stamps back for me?

A. send

B. put

C. mail

D. bring

4. The criminal was _____ when trying to escape from the city.

A. captured

B. released

C. set off

D. set free

5. There are plans to enlarge the runway to _____ super size airplanes to land.

A. enable

B. make

C. let

D. force

6. Until we can talk about this in a cicil manner, I consider the discussion _____.

A. closing

B. closely

C. closed

D. closure

7. The pictures are similar at first glance, but there are _____ differences between them.

A. details

B. subtle

C. suspicious

D. conspicuous

8. _____ this tragic event, we have cancelled the 4th of July celebrations.

A. In light of

B. Light of

C. Under light of

D. Lighted by

9. I see people who have opportunities I don’t have, and I get ______.

A. satisfied

B. envious

C. contended

D. happy

10. I was impressed by the ease _____ the information could be retrieved.

A. which with

B. with which

C. by which

D. on which

11. He broke the law, and now he must face the _____ of his actions.

A. consequences

B. productions

C. benefits

D. outcomes

12. Thousands of people crossed the border, _____ refuge from the war.

A. looking

B. wanting

C. seeking

D. fleeing

13. I like games in _____, and especially football.

A. particular

B. commom

C. general

D. brief

14. This was a very impressive _____ by the young basketball player, who scored 12 points within the first 10 minutes. A. performance B. pretension C. acting D. action

15. The official report of the Games described the scores only ____ points.

A. in terms of

B. in term of

C. on terms of

D. by the tem of

II. 选词填空

remove truly sample exert classfy before long anticiapte no longer Pay for deliberate occasionally sell dignity afflict sacrifice

1.He gave his life as a __________________ for his country.

2. Her eyelids began to droop and ___________ she was fast asleep.

3. We are _________________ sorry for all the inconvenience we’ve caused you.

4. __________________ we got out to restaurants, but mostly we eat at home.

5. Don’t pretend that you do not know this… it’s ___________________ a secret.

6. We made a __________________ decision to live apart for while.

7. The college _______________ rules that prevented women from enrolling in 1960.

8. I think everyone should be able to die with ____________________.

9. Salesgirls are handing out free ___________________ of shampoo at the front gate of Wai-mart.

10. He tricked me and I am going to make him ____________________ it.

11. It is an illness which __________________ women more than men.

12. If you were to _________________ your influence they might change their decision.

13. We ______________________ heraing from you again.

14. Biologists __________________ animals and plants into different groups.

15. It’s the low prices but their quality which ______________ our goods.

(Lsson 28-29) genuine conceal eventually a single get rid of shrug favour impression compensate for pester console largely distasteful violent recovery

1.It had been a tirong day, ________________ because of all the tedious waiting.

1.He opened the windows to ________________ the smell.

2.Mother used to say when trying to ____________ me or reassure me that trouble times would


3.Dana _____________________ her pregnancy from her family and friends.

4.When it comes to job interviews, first ________________ are important.

5.Doctors at Strong Memorial Hospital said they expected the women to make a full


6.Jimmy looked enquiringly at him and Pete Just _______________ his shoulders.

7.Would you stop _____________ me? I got a lot of things to do this morning.

8.She helps me out when I have too much to do, and I return the ____________ when I can.

9.It might take his ages, but he will do it ____________.

10.The last two years has seen a dramatic increase in ____________ crime.

11.The very idea of cheating him is ______________________ to me.

12.No amount of money can _______________ my father’s death.

13.But after a few months, it became apparent that V icky did not have a _________ interest in

her job.

14.The plane was brought down safely and not _____________ passengers was killed

Test Paper (Lesson 28-29)

Choose the correct answer

1.One truck involved in the accident was carrying a heavy _____ of coal.

A. piece

B. bulk

C. load

D. amount

2. He made a _____ with his wife---“you take care of the children and I’ll cook.”

A. agreement

B. bargain

C. peace

D. fuss

3. We refused the offer even thou it _____ us.

A. upset

B. tempted

C. conquered

D. disgusted

4. If you look out of the window on the left of the bus, you’ll see we’re now ________ the Tower of Londow. A. coming B. arriving C. closing D. approaching

5. Some people go to ____ to make their homes attractive.

A. great lengths

B. great paths

C. great ways

D. great places

6. I’ve always thought it _____ that the poor have to pay for tax cuts for the rich.

A. rage

B. outstanding

C. outrage

D. outageous

7. Separation from someone you love can bring lonelineee and ______.

A. disappoint

B. despair

C. enjoyment

D. pleasing

8. In addition, a number of books on life insurance are _____ available at publice libraries.

A. readily

B. ready

C. real

D. read

9. We still don’t know whether we’ll have to move to a new house or not, it all ______.

A. depends

B. cares

C. decides

D. matters

10. I’m ______ that I’ll be asked to make a speech. I am never much of a speaker, you know.

A. afraid of

B. dreading

C. feared

D. wishing

11. Luckily the pilot saw the other plane just in time, and a ______ was narrowly averted.

A. dilemma

B. delivery

C. disaster

D. depression

12. They endured hours of backbreaking work in _____ conditions.

A. miserable

B. misery

C. miserly

D. miserably

13. I like a newspaper with one or two ________ articles, as well as all the serious stuff.

A. heavy

B. weighted

C. amusing

D. sorrowful

14. Within the field of electronis media, the film medium has the most _____ appeal amd impact.

A.. universe

B. united

C. unifying

D. universal

15. Jean hadn’t even asked Helen what she had said, the entire episode had ____ her mind.

A. slipped on

B. slipped

C. a slip on

D. slipped from