Ye Xiaogang

Module 3 Ye Xiaogang

Part 1: The analysis of the teaching material

1. The analysis of teaching content:

The reading passage in this section mainly introduces a famous Chinese composer---Ye Xiaogang. Meanwhile, the students will know his study and life experiences, his works as what great achievements he has made. This part is mainly designed to broaden the students’view and increase their background knowledge. After learning this part the students can learn more about composers of China. In this part, the students’ reading ability will be further trained and their reading skills will be improved greatly as well. Meanwhile, they could learn some important words and phrases.

2. The analysis of the students’ situation:

Students of this stage are quick in thought and they are eager to show what they know and they have a certain ability to read .But they are lack of knowledge about smoking, and vocabulary to express their ideas of it.

Most of the students are afraid to talk in public, so the class atmosphere is not very easy.

Part 2: Teaching aims

1. Knowledge and skills

1.1. Knowledge objectives

⑴Important words and phrases:

lecturer, mix, a group of, show musical ability, at an early age, from…till…, be famous for, mix…with…, part of

⑵Important sentences:

It is a good idea to …(It 作形式主语)

From that time, he has been ...

He is famous for mixing ... with ...

Since 1993, he has worked part of the time in ... and part of the time in ...

1.2. Skill goals

(1) Develop students’ communicating skills.