1.As a result of careless washing, the jacket _____ to a child’s size.

A. contracted

B. compressed

C. shrank

D. decreased

2. Franklin’s ability to learn from observations and experience _____ greatly to his success in public life.

A. contributed

B. owed

C. attributed

D. related

3. I’m not sure whether I can gain any profit from this investment, so I can’t make a

_____ promise to help you.

A. refined

B. defined

C. confined

D. definite

4. It is _____ impossible to find a good educational computer program in this part of

the country.

A. barely

B. hardly

C. merely

D. nearly

5. Grain production in the world is _____ but still millions go hungry.

A. staggering

B. shrinking

C. soaring

D. suspending

6. The ball _____ two or three times before rolling down the slope.

A. swayed

B. bounced

C. hopped

D. leapt

5. Grain production in the world is _____ but still millions go hungry.

A. staggering

B. shrinking

C. soaring

D. suspending

6. The ball _____ two or three times before rolling down the slope.

A. swayed

B. bounced

C. hopped

D. leapt

9. He didn’t have time to read the report word for word: he just _____ it.

A. skimmed

B. observed

C. overlooked

D. glanced

10. Y our advice would be _____ valuable t o him, who is at present at his wit’s end.

A. excessively

B. exceedingly

C. extensively

D. exclusively

11. No one had told Smith about _____ a lecture the following day.

A. there being

B. there be

C. there would be

D. there was

12. The teacher doesn’t permit _____ in class.

A. smoke

B. to smoke

C. smoking

D. to have a smoke

13. After _____ for the job, you will be required

to take a language test.

A. being interviewed

B. interviewed

C. interviewing

D. having interviewed

14. Y our hair wants _____. You’d better have it done tomorrow.

A. cut

B. to cut

C. cutting

D. being cut

15. I would appreciate _____ it a secret.

A. you to keep

B. your keeping

C. that you keep

D. that you will keep

16. There is more land in Australia than the government knows _____.

A. what to do with

B. how to do

C. what to do with it

D. to do it

17. We agreed to accept _____ they thought was the best tourist guide.

A. whatever

B. whomever

C. whichever

D. whoever

18. The match was cancelled because most of the members _____ a match without a

standard court.

A. objected to having

B. were objected to have

C. objected to have

D. were objected to having

19. When I try to understand _____ that prevents so many Americans from being as happy

as one might expect, it seems to me that there are two causes.

A. why it does

B. what it does

C. what it is

D. why it is

20. He is late again today. I’ll _____ that he will not be late tomorrow.

A. be sure

B. hope for

C. see to it

D. make it so

21.H is doctor prescribed some foods that can _____ needed protein and vitamins to the diet.

a. facilitate

b. furnish

c. supply

d. equip

22. The troops ____ the area before the civilians were allowed to return.

a. secured

b. ensured

c. stored

d. provided

23. She ____ her family by working in a hospital.

a. provides against

b. provides for

c. provides with

d. provides to

24. Y ou may keep the book a further week ____ no one else requires it.

a. provided that

b. if only

c. in case

d. even if

25.He has ____ his small company into a corporate giant.

a. varied

b. altered

c. converted

d. transformed

26. I want to ____ some Hong Kong dollars into American dollars.

a. modify

b. turn

c. convert

d. transform

27. The river ____ through beautiful country.

a. strolls

b. wanders

c. saunters

d. patrols

28. At night these busy streets during the day become ____ of traffic.

a. vacant

b. empty

c. hollow

d. blank

29. Theirs is at best a ____ form of flattery.

a. vacant

b. void

c. hollow

d. sunken

30. Don't walk on that broken glass with ____ feet.

a. bare

b. barren

c. sterile

d. nude

31. On no account ____ feed the animals.

a. are the visitors allowed to

b. the visitors are allowed to

c. are allowed the visitors to

d. the visitors are to allowed

32. Scarcely ____ lost his temper.

a. never he has

b. never has he

c. ever has he

d. he has ever

33. Not until yesterday ____ his mind.

a. he changed

b. he didn’t change

c. he did change

d. did he change

34. No sooner ____ he was asked to leave again.

a. he had arrived than

b. he arrived when

c. had he arrived than

d.when he arrived

35. Jack is ____ hardworking than his sister, but he failed in the exam.

a. not less

b. no less

c. not more

d. no more

36. His humour was ____ make everyone in the room burst out laughing.

a. so as to

b. such as to

c. so that

d. such that

37. A pen is to a writer, ____ a gun is to a fighter.

a. as


c. that

d. what

38. He is a good man and is known ____ to everyone.

a. such as

b. as that

c. as such

d. so that

39. ____ the spirit is exhausted by overwork, ____ it is destroyed by idleness.

a. So…that

b. Such…that

c. Such…as

d. As…so

40. That trumpet player was certainly loud. But I wasn’t bothered by his loudness ___ by his lack of talent.

a. than

b. rather

c. as

d. so much as

41.Only___ those conditions can we live __ each other.

a. under, in peace and harmony with

b. by, in peace and harmony with

c. with, under peace and harmony with

d. under, in peace and harmony for

42. ___ we seem to have conquered nature. But this is not true. Many scholars actually say that we should stop __ nature before it is too late.

a. On the surface, tampering to

b. On the surface, tampering with

c. On the appearance, tampering with

d. In the surface, interfering with

43.The other day I came across a book, which came out quite recently. It argued that education should not be too closely ___ market needs.

a. geared with

b. geared to

c. link to

d. connect with

44. We were ___ a great dilemma. But then Wei Ming came ____ a brilliant idea.

a. facing to, up

b. faced with, up with

c. thrown into, across

d. confronted with, to

45. __ New York is a world in itself because many different races and ethnic groups ___ each other.

a. In a certain extent, intermingle with

b. In a certain degree, live with

c. In a certain way, are mixed up with

d. To a certain extent, intermingle with

46. The reform and opening policy has changed our life ___.

a. in every way

b. for the way

c. on every way

d. in many ways

47. We have already ___ the terms, but the contract will have to be ___ higher authorities for approval.

a. settled on, subjected for

b. settled on, subjected to

c. agreed on, taken for

d. agreed with, referred to

48. Don’t let us put it ____ until tomorrow. Let’s get it ____ the way.

a. aside, out of

b. off, out of

c. away, off

d. off, outside

49. One problem is the lack of strict inspection. People actually either know or ____ those who ___ garbage.

a. know of, raise their pigs in

b. know about, feed their pigs to

c. know of, feed their pigs on

d. know, raise their pigs with

50. What happened that day had a great ____ on people’s lives. Now they all know that no country can be completely ____ terrorist attack.

a. effect, immune to

b. impact, immune from

c. influence, free to

d. result, free from

51. Products tend to sell well that are packed in____ catch the consumer’s eye.

a. such ways as to

b. such way as to

c. ways so as to

d. a way that

52. True friends do not abandon each other ____ of danger.

a. at all times

b. at one time

c. in no time

d. in times

53. ____ he gets an operation, the boy may lose

his hearing forever.

a. If

b. Given

c. Even though

d. Unless

54. His remarks were ____ annoy everybody at the meeting.

a. so as to

b. such to

c. such as to

d. as much as to

d c

55. At the top of the cliff____the deep valley stood a ten-foot pine tree.

a. there

b. overlooking

c. where

d. towering

56. ___ his poor health he had to retire at the age

of 50.

a. Thanks to

b. Because

c. Owing to

d. For

57.There are times when children feel that they could manage very well ___ their parents would leave them alone.

a. only when

b.only if

c. when only

d. if only

58. People who speak and write well are generally ____ educated and intelligent and give a good impression.

a. being seen

b. to see

c. seen

d. see

59. The heat in the summer is no less____ in this mountain region.

a. concentrated

b. extensive

c. intensive

d. intense

60. Obviously, the chairman’s remarks at the conference were _____ and not planned.

a. substantial

b. synthetic

c. simultaneous

d. spontaneous

61. Unfortunately, he is heavily ___ to drugs.

a. addicted

b. absorbed

c. endowed

d. bothered

62. It was courageous of him to ____ the “One Family, One Child” policy at that time.

a. advance

b. minimize

c. repeal

d. advocate

63. Foreigners are ____ to visit some places such as military areas, top secret scientific research centers.

a. welcomed

b. labeled

c. banned

d. proposed

64. The people of that country have suffered a lot from years of economic sanctions. They hope that the punishment could be ____ soon.

a. lifted

b. disproved

c. cracked

d. pushed

65. Since you are adults now, you can not always rely on your parents, hoping that they will ___ you ___ when you are in trouble.

a. sell… out

b. bail… out

c. sail… out

d. bear… out

66. Man is ready to die for an idea, ____ that the idea is not quite clear to him.

a. if

b. offered

c. provided

d. although

67. As long as demand remains, the traffic is destined to find ways to get ____.

a. ever

b. in

c. out

d. through

68. If you are steadfast enough, you can ___ a bad


a. kick

b. forget

c. forgive

d. smuggle

69.The American people are as ___ to the idea of sin and its punishment as they are to making money.

a. resolved

b. legalized

c. devoted

d. glamorized

70. The world community refused to accept Japan’s ___ for its invasion to many Asian countries in WWII.

a. exhortations

b. justifications

c. consumptions

d. prescriptions

71. I wish that Henry ____ interested in reading good books.

a. will be

b. is

c. would

d. were

72. He ___ killed but for the arrival of the police.

a. might have been

b. was

c. has been killed

d. would not be

73. Look at the terrible situation I am in! If only I ___ your advice.

a. follow

b. had followed

c. would follow

d. have followed

74. The combination of temperature and pressure ___ the densities become equal is called the critical point.

a. in which

b. that

c. at which

d. on that

75. The people ____ you were talking are Swedes.

a. that

b. who

c. to who

d. to whom

76. I haven’t the least interest ____ he is doing.

a. on what

b. in what

c. for that

d. in that

77. She read the story twice, _____.

a. and so did Mary

b. and so Mary did

c. but Mary did

d. and neither did Mary

78. Never in my life ____ a TV program so much.

a. I have enjoyed

b. have I enjoyed

c. I enjoyed

d. do I enjoy

79. He is no more fit to be a minister ____ a schoolboy would be.

a. as

b. that

c. than

d. like

80. I think it is dreadful that anyone ___ be so miserable.

a. should

b. will

c. is

d. shall

81.Overbuilding overcharged unreadable inscapable______ at conveying her underlying message through topical plots and contemporary characters that by 1940 her book had sold some three million copies.

a.So successful, Grace Lee

b. So successful was Grace Lee

c. Grace Lee, so successful

d. Because Grace Lee was so successful

82. We must urge that delegates ______ from the various factories in a district.

a.should elect b. will be elected

c. be elected

d. must have been elected

83. It wasn’t such a good dinner ______ she had promised.


b. as

c. which

d. what

84. By the end of this month, we surely ______ a satisfactory solution to the problem.

a.have found

b. will have found

c. will find

d. will be finding

85. Since the family moved here last year, they ______ better health.

a.were enjoying

b. had enjoyed

c. have been enjoying

d. enjoyed

86. Living in the Central Australian desert has its problems, ______ obtaining watering is not the least.

a.of which

b. for what

c. as

d. whose

87. The heart is ______ intelligent than the stomach, for they are both controlled by the brain.

a.not so

b. not much

c. much more

d. no more

88. The millions of calculations involved, had they been done by hand, ______ all practical value by the time they were finished.

a.could lose

b. would have lost

c. might lose

d. ought to have lost

89. ______ to deliver this letter to the secretary?

a.Would you be so kind

b. Would you be so kind as

c. Would you be as kind as

d. Would you be kind

90. Having no money but ______ to know, Tom simply said he would go without dinner.

a.not to want anyone

b. not wanting anyone

c. wanted no one

d. to want no one

91. It isn’t cold enough for there ______ a frost night, so I can leave Jim’s car out quite safely.

a.would be

b. being

c. was

d. to be

92 A hundred and thirty dollars ______ for that fur coat.

a.is a reasonable price

b. are a reasonable price

c. are not a reasonable price

d. is a too reasonable price

93. Mrs. Brown is supposed ______ for Italy last week.

a.to have left

b. to be leaving

c. to have been left

d. to leave

94. It seems absurd to wait any longer for those materials. We ______ start the project without them.

a.as well

b. just as well

c. may as well

d. well off

95. Frankly speaking, I’d rather you ______ anything about it for the time being.


b. don’t do

c. did

d. didn’t do

96. The professor can hardly find sufficient grounds ______ his argument in favor of the new theory.

a.which to base on

b. to base on which

c. on which to base

d. which to be based on

97. Hydrogen is the fundamental element of universe ______ it provides the building blocks from which the other elements are produced.

a.so that

b. but that

c. in that

d. provided that

98. We are taught that a business letter should be written in a formal style ______ in a personal one.

a.rather than

b. other than

c. better than

d. less than

1.There was a ________ expression on the child’s face. (content)

2.This part of the country is sparsely _________. (inhabit)

3.She talked to me without _______. (restrain)

4.He was responsible for ________ the supplies for the army. (procure)

5.He was accused of ________ his visa. (false)

6.He had _______ enough money to buy food. (bare)

7. I love my parents so much that I would not _________hurt their feelings. (intend)

8.Some fathers are too _________ towards their daughters. They wouldn’t let them

out of their sight. (possess)

9.I am sorry that I can’t keep the ________ because I will have a meeting this evening.


10.The _______ of too much time to sports leaves too little time for studying. (devote)

11.________ his age, the little boy reads very well. (consider)

12.He is worried about the ____________ use of antibiotics. (discriminate)

13. The press has _______ its scrutiny of the candidate's background. (intense)

14Technology without morality is barbarous; morality without technology is ______.


15 She was _______ with joy. (radiate)

16. They won by a__________margin. (substance)

17.This _________ dress material does not crush. (synthetics)

18. It's _______ wet when I take my holidays. (vary)

19. The Prime Minister’s policy ________ many back benchers. (alien)

20.The sentence is the _______ unit of grammatical analysis. (maximize)

21.The incident sparked a __________ over human rights. (controversial)

22.He underwent three ________ operations on the abdomen in two weeks. (succession)

23.Her first two books are ___________ to each other. (complement)

24.Alienated maximal controversy successive complementary

25There are more and more houses without people buying them. The real estate industry is _________. (build)

26.he cashier made a mistake and ________ me by at least $2. (charge)

27.He is not good at writing, and his prose is particularly _________. (read)

28.If you persist in doing it, you have to burden the ___________ consequences. (escape)

Contended inhabited restraint procuring falsifying barely Intentionally possessive appointment devotion considering Indiscriminate intensified impotent radiant substantial synthetic invariably


He drummed the table impatiently.


Can you help me fix a time to meet him?


He survived the car accident, but his car was damaged beyond repair


Solution to the problem unfolded/emerged as they spoke.


Brilliant career unfolded before him.


In many ways, children live, as it were, in a different world from adults.


The books are not supposed to be taken out of the library. We cannot stretch the rules.


What Bill did is totally beyond my comprehension.






19-28alienated maximal controversy successive complementary overbuilding overcharged unreadable inescapable

句子: The door snapped shut behind us.