Thirty years ago golf legend Gary Player, now 72, won his third and last Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Yesterday, a second golfer from South Africa won the Masters. “Finally!” said Gary, proudly.

Sunday, April 13, was cool and very windy. Only nine of the 45 golfers managed to shoot par or better. Trevor Immelman, 28, struggled throughout the day. But he managed to maintain his lead, finally beating Tiger Woods by three strokes. Tiger finished in second place for the third year in a row.

Trevor was PGA Rookie of the Year in 2006. But since 2006 he had won only one PGA tournament. He missed the first two months of the 2008 golf season after surgeons removed a benign tumor on his diaphragm. The tumor, coincidentally, was the size of a golf ball. Trevor played poorly in the tournaments he entered after recovering from the surgery.

In the Houston tournament just one week before the Masters, Trevor missed the cut. In professional golf tournaments, the cut occurs after the first 36 holes. Half the golfers—the ones with the worst scores—are dropped from the tournament. They earn no money.

In Britain, where bookies always post the odds for the Masters, Trevor was a long shot. But anyone who bet $10 on him before Thursday


would have won $800 on Sunday. In two weeks, Trevor had gone from worst to first—from failing to win a dime in Texas to wearing the prized green jacket in Georgia (and $1.35 million). When asked what contributed most to his victory, Trevor said it wouldn’t have been possible wi thout his parents’ loving support during his years as a junior golfer.


1. The old man arrived tired and b at the top of the stairs.

2. The Ox Team has won the match because it is s to the other.

3. I would like to ask you to a me to the hospital because I don’t fell well.

4. When I was young, I had a r idea of becoming a poet.

5. Babies are treated like d followers needing special treatment.

6. It’s obvious that she(喜欢)English very much.

7. He is used to (恢复精神)himself with a cool shower.

8. Slowly (弯曲)from the waist and bring your head down to your knees.

9. Strange thought just (突然想起)me when I saw a bird flying in the sky.

10. A new teacher is (推荐)to our school?




However difficult you find it to arrange your time, it will pay off in the long run if you set aside a certain part of the day for studying -and stick to it. __1__ But don't forget to make sure that you have enough left for recreational activities or simply to be “with” yourself: reading a novel or watching a television programme.

As part of your weekly schedule, it is also advisable to consider exactly what you have to do in that week, and make sure that you handle the most significant tasks first. __2__

On a physical level, make sure you have an area or space for studying. __3__ If you always study in the same place, preferably a room of your own, you will find it easier to adjust mentally to the activity when you enter that area. You should have everything that you might need at hand.

Make sure that all the physical equipment that you use, such as a desk, chair etc. is at good height for you. If you use a personal computer, there are plenty of guidelines available from the movement on angles, lighting and the like. __4__

If you are working on topic your teacher has set, but finding it hard to concentrate, it may be that you actually need to take your mind right


off it for a period of time. __5__ After a period away from the test, having not thought about it at all, you may return to it refreshed and full of ideas.

A.It's wise to leave the easier or less urgent areas of your work until later.

B.It's all too easy to read something and then forget where it came from.

C.Consult these and avoid the typical student aches and pains.

D.“Airing the mind”can work wonders some times.

E.Make use of equipment that is available to you.

F.It is best to make a weekly schedule.

G.Don't do it just anywhere.



Every country has its heroes. The heroes are the people the nation and especially the young people admire. If you get a list of the heroes of a nation, it will tell you the potential of that nation.

If today in America, you ask the high school students to list their heroes, their choice would probably fall into three groups. The first group of heroes would be the rock stars—the people connected with rock music. There is no doubt that such people do have talent but one wonders if one


should hold up rock stars as a model. The rock stars too often are involved with drugs and their personal life is not all that good. The rock stars are rich and wear the latest fashion styles. However, one should seek more in a hero than such things as money and good clothes.

A second type of hero for the American youth is the sports star. Again you have a person who has a great ability in one area—SPORTS. However, too often the personal life of the sports star is a bit of a mess. Too frequently drugs and drinking are a part of life of the sports star.

A third type of hero is the TV or movie star. This person may have lots of acting talent and is quite handsome. However, the personal life of too many actors is quite sad and they should not be held up as a model for young people.

Today, the rock star, the athlete and the actor all have become the models of the youth in America. Really, do you hear a young person say that his hero is a doctor, a teacher, or a scientist? These people are not rich and do not wear fashionable clothes. However, they are talented people who work hard to make the world a better place for everyone.

What is really sad is that the young try to imitate their heroes. They like to wear the same clothes and follow their styles. If the heroes of today for the American youngsters are limited only to rock stars, athletes and actors, the future does not look too bright.

1. The hero discussed in this article means a person ______.


A. who has done something brave

B. who plays an important role in a play

C. whom people greatly admire

D. who rides the waves and moves with the tides

2. American young people will not admire ______.

A. a university professor

B. a popular singer

C. a football player

D. a film actress

3. What is the writer’s attitude towards American youth’s admiration for their heroes?

A. He is understanding.

B. He is critical.

C. He is angry.

D. He is uninterested.


People in the United States honor their parents with two special days: Mother’s Day, on the second Sunday in May, and Father’s Day, on the third Sunday in June. These days are set aside to show love and respect for parents. They raise their children and educate them to be responsible citizens. They give love and care. These two days offer a chance to think about the changing roles of mothers and fathers. More mothers now work outside the home. More fathers must help with child-care.

These two special days are celebrated in many different ways. On


Mother’s Day people wear carnations. A red one st ands for a living mother. A white one shows that the mother is dead. Many people attend religious services(宗教仪式) to honor parents. It is also a day when people whose parents are dead visit their graves. On these days, families get together at home and in restaurants. These are days of fun and good feelings and memories.

Another tradition is to give cards and gifts. Children make them in school. Many people make their own presents. These are valued more than the ones bought in stores. It is not the value of the gift that is important, but it is “the thought that counts”. Greeting card stores, florists, candy makers, bakeries, telephones companies and other stores do a lot of business during these holidays.

4. Which is NOT a reason for children to show love and respect for parents?

A. Parents bring up children.

B. Parents give love and care to children.

C. Parents educate children to be good persons.

D. Parents pass away before children grow up.

5. What do you know from the passage?

A. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both in May.

B. Fewer women worked outside the home in the past.

C. Not all the children respect their parents.


D. Fathers are not as important as mothers at home.

6. Which do you think is right about “carnation”?

A. It only has two kinds of color.

B. It is a special kind of clothes people wear on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

C. It’s a kind of flower showing love and best wishes.

D. People can wear carnations only on the second Sunday in May.

7. What do you think “florists” do?

A. They sell flowers.

B. They made bread or pastry.

C. They offer enough room for having family parties.

D. They sell special clothes for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.


人们完成工作的方式通常有两种:独立完成与合作完成。两种方式各有特点,请你以”Working Individually or Working in a Team”为题,按照以下要点写一篇英语短文:

1. 独立完成:自行安排,自己解决问题。

2. 合作完成:一起讨论,相互学习。

3. 我喜欢的方式及理由。



___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ _______________________________

___________________________________________________________ ______________________________

___________________________________________________________ ______________________________

___________________________________________________________ ______________________________

___________________________________________________________ ______________________________

___________________________________________________________ ______________________________

___________________________________________________________ ______________________________




1. breathless

2. superior

3. accompany

4. romantic

5. delicate

6. adores

7. refreshing

8. bend

9. struck 10. recommended




1-3 CAB 4-7 DBCA


Working Individually or Working in a Team

There are basically two ways to get work done. One is to work individually. In this way, people can decide for themselves when to start work and how to do it. What’s more, they’ll be able to learn how to solve problems on their own.

People may also choose to work in a team where they can learn from each other and help each other. Besides, they may work out ways to get work done by discussion.

Personally, I prefer to work in a team, which offers me a chance to learn how to get along with others and to share my experiences with them. As the work can be divided among several people, it can be done differently. Teamwork is always important.




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