PartⅠ. Choose the best answers.

1. Only when they _______ the importance of the plan, will they make up their minds to carry it on

A. realized

B. will realize

C. have realized

D. will have realize

2. None of the machines ____ by the time we have to start working,I’m afraid.

A. will be ready

B. will have been ready

C. has been ready

D. is ready

3. To raise the labor _____ of our factory, the engineers, technicians

and workers made a lot of suggestions.

A. effect

B. efficiency

C. resolution

D. influence

4. _____ man must fear when traveling in space is radiation from

the sun and Van Allen Belts.

A. What

B. Which

C. How

D. That

5. ______Sundays, the elderly couple go to the park for a walk every evening.

A. Except

B. Except for

C. Besides

D. Beside

6. The doctor _______ is going abroad quite soon.

A. whom the nurse is talking

B. which the nurse is talking to

C. the nurse is talking to him

D. the nurse is talking to

7. _________ for you help ,we’d never have been able to get over the difficulties.

A. If we had not been

B. If it were not

C. Had it not been

D. Had it not

8. Looking at the cloudy morning sky, the mountain climbers decided to put off the plan ____________ the next weekend.

A. for

B. in

C. on

D. until

9. After several sleepless nights, Mr. Johnson ____________ a perfect solution to the financial problems of his company.

A. came up with

B. put up with

C. kept up with

D. ended up with

10._____more than 100 elements are known to us, only 25 of them are common and important.

A. Although

B. If

C. Because

D. Since

11.If you love plants, the chances are you buy them on _____and then wonder where to put them.

A) purpose B) display C) impulse D) cue1

12. Tom _________about his brothers never coming to see him, but when his brothers do come, he give them such a hard time it’s hardly surprising they stay away.

A) waken B) disturb C) complain D) publish

13. But it is _____that publishers, to stay in business, need to bring out a large number of titles every year.

A) spontaneous B) boring C) evident D) elementary

14. We should see ourselves as part of nature rather than in _____with it.

A) conflict B) connection C) argument D) crash

15. If you wish, we can_ _______for your luggage to be sent on ahead to each of o the vernight stops.

A) memorize B) contract C) commit D) arrange

16. Young pilots should _____ doing too many new things in one flight;

i.e. do not fly a new type of aircraft on an unfamiliar airfield.

A) deny B) manage C) decrease D) avoid

17. This technique is traditionally thought to be of Chinese _______.

A) origin B) architecture C) source D) criticism.

18. Although this law does not actually_________ the possession of weapons whose use is illegal, it is clearly moving in that direction.

A) allow B) prohibit C) stop D) promote

19. Mr. Trump would not _____details of his plan for a new factory to make mobile phones in China.

A) expose B) enclose C) indicate D) reveal

20. The overall length of gas pipeline was planned to reach 300,000 km---enough _____to the moon and back.

A) expose B) manage C) limp D) hover

21. They saw a great deal of each other, but, because Lindar was so much younger and usually just one of a party, no one who saw them together ever _____she was a girlfriend.

A) revealed B) suspected C) proceeded D) stretched

22. The report is _____with the relationship between politics and the law.

A) involved B) absorbed C) sustained D) concerned

23. Every man has moved into position and must remain silent and unobserved until the _____moment.

A) favorite B) emotional C) critical D) painful

24. Long after even the latest apple tree had finally broken into leaf, the

mulberry’s branches remained stubbornly _____.

A) bare B) empty C) stale D) dumb

25. As soon as we got there, we ______ repairing the machine.

A. started to

B. began to

C. decided to

D. got down to

PartⅡ. Fill in the blanks with the words or expressions given below.(5’)


3. A single worker can an entire assembly line if he fails to keep up with the work flow.

4. Professor Tom has come to our department to give lectures short term .

5. Their dialogue was so funny that we all laughter.

6. The doctor his hat and coat after he came into the room.

7. As the Spring Festival , the housewives are getting much busier.

8. Being a sailor long periods of time away from home.

9. A summer day in that area is hot and dry.

10. You should this opportunity and try to make a good impression on them.

Part V. Match (5’)

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/613c60777c1cfad6185fa753.htmlcation A. 成功,胜利

2. success B. 程序师,编程员

3.advantage C. 优点,好处,优势

4.lifetime D. 教育

5. part-time E. 参加,出席

6. programmer F. 一生,终生

7.discourage G. 业余的(地);兼职的(地)

8. focus H. 使泄气,使失去信心

9.software I. 软件

10.attend J. (使)集中,(使)聚焦

PartⅣ. Reading Comprehension.(20′)

Passage 1

Study regularly. Go over your notes as soon as you can after class. Review important points mentioned in class as well as points you remain confused about. read about these points in your textbook. If you know what the

teacher will discuss the next day, skim and read that material too. This will help you understand the next class. If you review your notes and textbook regularly, the material will become more meaningful and you will remember it longer. Regular review leads to improved performance on tests.

Develop a good attitude about tests. The purpose of a test is to show what you have learned about a subject. The world won’t end if you don’t pass a test, so don’t worry excessively about a single test. Tests provide grades, but they also let you know what you need to spend more time studying, and they help make your new knowledge permanent.

What does the phrase-go over mean?

A. review

B. look through

C. pass by

D. read

What should you do after class?

A. go over the notes

B. do some exercises

C. consult the teacher

D. ask for your classmates to study

3. Why is it important to review the lessons regularly?

A. It can lead to the praise from the teacher.

B. It can stimulate your interest in study.

C. It can improve your English level.

D. It can lead to improved performance on tests.

4. Which does the word-permanent refer to

A. excellent

B. wide

C. lasting

D. good

5.What is the purpose of a test?

A. It is to make us receive much knowledge.

B. It is to show how much time we spend in studying.

C. It is to tell how to study English.

D. It is to show what you have learned about a subject.seldom buy


Passage 2

Television has now come to nearly every family. It has become a very important part in people’s life. School children in the US watch about 25 hours a week.

Some people feel that television is good for children because it helps them learn about their country and the world. With the help of programs of education, children do better in school. Other people feel that there are too many programs about love and crime on TV, and that even programs of education don’t help children a lot. Children simply watch too much television, so they don’t do a lot of other important things for their education. Children of three to six learn to speak their language and talk with people. When they are watching TV, they are only listening to

the language and they aren’t talking with anyone. When school children watch TV, they read less. Because of this, they don’t learn to read or write quickly at school.

All children learn by doing, and they need time to play in order to learn about the world. When they watch TV, they play less. They also have less time to do with their parents and friends, and they have less time to play.

Recently, fifteen families in Denver decided to stop watching TV for a month or more. At first it was difficult, but there were soon a lot of good changes. The children read, played, and exercised more, and the family became full of joy. But at the end of the month all the families began to watch TV as much as before. Not one family was able to give up television completely

6. Television _____.

A.is not important to school children

B.helps children learn to speak

C.has a lot to do with people’s life

D.must have more programs of education

7. Some people think that television is good for children because ____ .

A.some programs help children love their parents

B.the news programs are important to them

C.it makes them play less than before

D.they can learn something good from it

8. Some people think that TV is bad for children because _____ .

A.there are too many TV programs not good for children

B.its language is difficult to understand

C.it is helpful to their thinking and doing

D.their eyes work much every day

9. In the US, school children watch TV about _____ a day.

A.two and a half hours

B. four hours

C. twenty-five hours

D. five hours

10. Because school children watch too much TV, they _____ .

A.write more quickly than before

B.don’t learn to read or write as quickly as before

C.read a lot

D.read and write much more

Sports and games make our bodies strong: prevent us from getting too fat, and keep us healthy. But these are not their only use. They give us valuable practice in making eyes, brain and muscles work together. In tennis, our eyes see the ball coming, judge its speed and direction and pass this information on to the brain. The brain has to decide what to do, and to send its orders to the muscles of the arms, legs and so on, so that the ball is met and hit back where it ought to go. All this must happen with very great speed; and only those who have had a lot of practice at tennis can carry out this complicated chain of events successfully. For those who work with their brains most of the day, the practice of such skills is especially useful.

Sports and games are also very useful for character—training. In their lessons at school, boys and girls may learn about such virtues as unselfishness, courage, discipline and love of one’s country, but what is learned in books cannot have the same deep effect on a child’s character a s what is learned by experience. The ordinary day—school cannot give much practical training in living, because most of the pupils’ time is spent in classes, studying lessons. So it is what the pupils do in their spare time that really prepares them to take their place in society as citizens when they grow up. If each of them learns to work for his team and not for himself on the football field, he will later find it natural to work for their country instead of only for his own benefit

11. According to the author, sports and games are useful because they ____.

A.help us lose weight

B.bring us much practice in body

C.make us fat and strong

D.improve our bodily strength and coordination

12. The “complicated chain of events ” refers to ______.

A.the passing of information and making of decision

B.the meeting and hitting back of the ball

C.the coordination of our eyes, brain and muscles

D. a lot of practice before playing tennis

13. By character-training, the author means that sports and games can help children _____.

A.live a better life when they grow up

B.know better how to behave properly in their future life

C.understand better the virtues they learn in books

D.take a better position in society

14. According to the author, a child’s character can be most deeply

influenced by ____.

A.what he does after class

B.what he learns in books

C.his place in society

D.his lessons at school

15.What is of the greatest importance to a football team is _____.

A. its members

B. its team work

C. the football field

D. the climate

PartⅤ. Cloze(20’)

1. Fill in the missing words.

It is _____(1) in this article-Turning Off TV: a Quite Hour that television be _____(2) for a period of time each evening. As (3) scientists have long noted, excessive television watching damages a family’s ability to _____(4) with one another; and may _____(5) lead to some forms of _____(6) illness as well as a rising _____(7) of divorce. Forcing families to turn off their television set each evening may indeed be a way of _____(8) them together. Therefore, this proposal may well be a _____(9) one. It would, however, _____(10) some difficulty in putting it into effect, as few Americans would be willing to give up a single moment of television time.

2. Directions: For each blank on the following passage, there are four choices given and marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that is most suitable

It is said that most adult second language learners will be lucky to acquire 5,000 words even after several years of study. 1 comparison a native speaker can usually have 20,000 words.

This relatively slow progress has 2 to do with aptitude than with exposure. It has been calculated that a classroom 3 would need 18 years of classroom exposure to supply the same amount 4 vocabulary input that occurs in just one year of natural settings.

How many words does a learner 5 to know? One figure that 6 often quoted is 2000. This is around the number of words that most native speakers use in 7 daily conversations. It is also the size of the defining vocabulary used in dictionaries 8 language learners.

In 9 , the most frequent 100 words in English make up 50

per cent of most texts. These include grammar- or function-

words 10 as “has”, “to”, and “did”, but not content words

like “answer”, “depend ” and “larg e

1. A. Of B. On C. In D. By

2. A. much B. less C. many D. large

3. A. learner B. person C. worker D. teacher

4. A. about B. in C. of D. as

5. A. should B. need C. must D. think

6. A. was B. as C. is D. with

7. A. whose B. people’s C. their D. his

8. A. for B. with C. of D. about

9. A. language B. words C. fact D. dictionary

10. A. that B. same C. use D. such

PartⅥ.Translation (20’)

Turn the following sentences into English, using as many of the words and phrases you have learned from the text as possible:

1. 众所周知,肺癌至少部分地市由于吸烟过多而引起的.

2. 幸好附近有家医院,我们立刻把他送到了那里。


4.The cheque fluttered to the floor like a bird with a broken wing. Slowly the old lady stooped to pick it up . Her lovely present . With trebling fingers she tore it into little bits .

Ⅶ: 写作(10 分)

按要求写一篇题为“Traveling by Train” 的英语短

文(字数为100 单词左右)





I 1.C 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. C 6. D 7. C 8. D 9.A 10. A

11C12 C13 C 14a15 D16D17 D18 B19 D20 D

Ⅱ1. come up with 2.dull 3. hold up 4. on a…b asis 5.broke into 6. hanged up 7.is drawing near 8.involves 9.typical 10. take advantage of

Ⅲ1.---5. DACFG 6.---10. BHJIE

Ⅳ1-5 BABAB 6-10.A.D A.B.B 11—15.D C C A B


1)1. proposed 2. prohibited 3.social 4. communicate

5. actually

6. mental

7. rate

8. bringing

9. worthwhile 10.involve. (2)1.C 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.B 6.C 7.C 8.A 9.C 10.D


1.It is known to all that long cancer is caused at least partly by smoking too much.

2. Fortunately, there was a hospital nearby, we sent him there at once.

3.I do hope that you can come up with a better solution,


Ⅶ.Writing (略)