ection A

1.The war____________four years before the two parties ceased fire.(lasted,lasting)

2.Her sense of humour____________to him enormously.(appealed,appealing)

3.The more expensive articles are not____________better.(necessary,necessarily)

4.His____________among young people remains as strong as ever.(popular,popularity)

5.She was____________that her husband was still alive.(amazed,amazing)

6.Parenting is about giving your child____________and love.(security,insecurity)

7.Her handling of the crisis fills me with____________.(admire,admiration)

8.This is an extremely____________experience for the student.(frustrated,frustrating)

9.The____________of his argument was that education should continue throughout life.(essence,essential)

10.I think I’m suffering from the____________of too little sleep.(effects,effective)

11.The public has a right to expect____________answers from politicians.(truthful,truthfully)

12.There are still lots of____________offers on new cars.(tempting,temptation)

13.Children normally feel a lot of____________about their first day at school.(anxious,anxiety)

14.After some heated____________a decision was finally taken.(argue,argument)

15.She said some very____________things.(disagree,disagreeable)

16.Customers may ask for a refund if the goods are____________.(fault,faulty)

17.She bitterly____________her father’s new wife.(resented,resentment)

18.Before I answer your question,could you_________your terms a little more?(define,definition)

19.The judge____________angrily to the suggestion that it hadn’t been a fair trial.(reacted,reaction)

20.These results are____________with the findings of the previous study.(consistent,consistency)

21.We were not surprised by their____________that the train services would be reduced.(state,statement)

22.The statistics____________a change in people’s spending habits.(reflect,reflection)

23.I’m afraid your driving license is____________in Eastern Europe.(valid,invalid)

24.Twenty-five dollars was____________more than he had expected to pay.(considerable,considerably)

25.Direct____________between the two languages is not possible.(compare,comparison)

26.I can say with____________that all our targets have now been met.(confident,confidence)

27.Like so many____________people he was never satisfied.(creative,creativity)

28.A move towards healthy eating could help____________heart disease.(eliminate,elimination)

29.Your life changes____________when you have a baby.(dramatic,dramatically)

30.The annual strategic dialogue between China and America is very____________for the relationship between the two countries.(significant,insignificant)

31.Having so little money to spend on an apartment does____________you in your choice.(limit,limitation)

32.This system could deliver services to local communities more____________.(effective,effectively)

33.His comments sparked an angry____________from d

issatisfied customers.(respond,response)

34.Checks are made to__________whether applicants have a criminal record.(discover,discovery)

35.If any of these symptoms____________while you are taking the medicine,consult your doctor immediately.(occur,occurrence)

36.The museum is full of____________and precious treasures.(rare,rarely)

37.Do you agree with the use of animals in____________experiments?(science,scientific)

38.I’m____________upset that she forgot my birthday.(slight,slightly)

39.He needed surgery to cure a____________back injury.(trouble,troublesome)

40.Steven used to visit him for the____________days and weekends.(occasional,occasionally)

41.The documents are available for public____________.(inspect,inspection)

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/642526a6a58da0116c174983.htmlst month’s bad weather was____________tor the crop failure.(responsible,responsibility)

43.Despite all my efforts, my carefully planned party turned out to be a complete ____________.(disaster,disastrous)

44.He glanced briefly towards her but there was no sign of____________.(recognize,recognition)

45.After long____________we decided to purchase the house.(reflect,reflection)

46.For years General Motors (GM)was the____________giant of the world’s car industry.(disputed,undisputed)

47.We can’t conclude that the frequent transfer from one job to another undermines____________.(loyal,loyalty)

48.Vitamins are____________to the proper nourishment of the body.(essential,essentially)

49.They answered with____________that it was against the rules.(assure,assurance)

50.Many people spend little time in____________of physical Fitness.(pursue,pursuit)

51.His____________old dog accompanied him everywhere he went.(faith,faithful)

52.At any time,don’t feel sad for a(n)____________man.(grateful,ungrateful)

53.Often they are competing____________with fellow Spaniards for contracts.(fierce,fiercely)

54.The war was followed by a long period of peace and____________.(prosperous,prosperity)

55.The service at the famous hotel failed to live up to its____________.(repute,reputation)

Section B

Superficial specifically moral sway advertise campaign costume deliberately

1.It’s her____________obligation to tell the police what she knows.

2.Don’t allow yourself to be____________by his promises.

3.The book was written____________for children.

4.Naturally,such visits can provide only the most____________understanding of prison life.

Typical perfection illusion promote disorder flawless celebrity obsess

1.Credit creates the____________that you can own things without paying for them.

2.The need to produce the most exciting newspaper story____________most journalists.

3.A number of stadiums were closed because of crowd____________.

4.The meeting was held to____________trade between China and the UK.

5.On a____________day, our students go to classes from7:30 am to 1 pm.

6.In his quest for physical____________,he spends hours i

n the gym.

Percentage performance echo passively establish technique facial manner

1.Kathy seems to take a very____________role in the relationship.

2.Some athletes take drugs to improve their____________.

3.A proper procedure for complaints should be____________.

4.You got 20____________of the answers right---that means one in every five.

5.The____________of his scream sounded in the cave for several seconds.

6.There have been major new developments in satellite____________.

Proper vital convey barrier refine collapse divorce put

1.The mountains acted as a natural____________to the spread of the disease.

2.This sentence is rather confusing---how can we____________it a bit more clearly?

3.She discovered some information of____________importance.

4.A poor economy has caused the____________of thousands of small businesses.

5.Engineers spent many months____________the software.

6.I tried to____________in my speech how grateful we all were for his help.

Assumption critical represent credible landmark evaluate identify appropriate

1.In my opinion, there was no____________evidence against him.

2.Even the smallest baby can____________its mother by her voice.

3.People tend to make____________about you based on your appearance.

4.This new report____________the current situation in our schools.

5.The performance of each employee is____________once a year.

6.We need to ensure that the teaching they receive is____________to their needs.

Command quality infinite commonly matter internal please impact

1.The children____________more to her than anything else in the world.

2.Lung cancer is the most____________found cancer in men.

3.It____________her mother that she chose a college close to home.

4.The city offers a/an____________variety of things to do.

5.He hated being in the army because he had to obey____________.

6.The____________of the picture on our television isn’t very good.

Restore interview remove opportunity eventually content renowned remark

1.The men came to____________the rubbish from the backyard.

2.She sees the bar as a starting point and____________plans to run her own chain of country inns.

3.The job pays well, but there’s not much____________for career advancement.

4.The program includes a performance by the____________Berlin Orchestra.

5.Who is the most famous person you’ve ever____________on TV?

6.The judges____________on the high standard of entries for the competition.

Significance deserve issue glance frustration present emerge awfully

1.The mayor____________him with a gold medal at an official city reception.

2.I could sense his____________at not being able to help.

3.It’s a/an____________long time since we last saw each other.

4.Chris____________our special thanks for all his efforts.

5.Ideas about the social____________of religion have changed over time.


d you____________through this letter and see if it’s alright?

Request challenge seek exploit mutual premise generation virtue

1.Legal advice should be____________before you take any further action.

2.All club members are____________to attend the annual meeting.

3.The company is ready to meet the____________of the next few years.

4.I hope we can at least agree to disagree in a spirit of____________respect.

5.Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that thankfulness is indeed a____________.

6.Each____________has its own standards of judgment.

Privilege prone poverty alert constant scene desert unselfish

1.Senior managers enjoy certain____________, such as company cars and private healthcare.

2.Japanese consumers also remain____________to saving, not spending, as the recession deepens.

3.In Afirca, for example,____________has actually risen over the past decade.

4. Although he’s over eighty his mind is still remarkably____________.

5.The terrible____________was engraved on his memory.

6.The police are looking for the woman who____________her children.

Section C

1.She goes to extraordinary____________to keep her private life private.

2.The job is great____________terms of salary, but it has its disadvantages.

3.There were mixed reactions____________the government’s proposed tax increases.

4.As a biologist, she cares deeply____________environmental issues.

5.The hiring committee consists____________ten members.

6.The house looks very old, but____________effect it’s quite new.

7.If you feel the urge for a cigarette, try not to give____________to it.

8.Some people think that the new policy may____________to a huge disaster.

9.She doesn’t view herself____________a success, although she has received many awards.

10.We carried out the plan____________of the terrible weather.

11.He felt he needed to focus more____________his career.

12.Every bank pays____________attention to the speed and accuracy of its staff.

13.He believed that some form of religion was essential____________human happiness.

14.Were you aware____________the risks at the time?

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/642526a6a58da0116c174983.htmlst month’s bad weather was responsible____________the crop failure.

16.You must____________aside your pride and apologize to him.

17.The project had to be abandoned due____________a lack of government funding.

18.They asked him to leave---in____________words he was fired.

19.Why don’t we have a break until, let’s____________,10:45?

20.We need to work____________ensuring that the children feel safe and confident.

21.After working her way around the world, she ended____________teaching English as a foreign language.

22.New York’s stock market fell, setting____________a global financial crisis.

23.That bit of the form is for UK citizens---it doesn’t apply____________you.

24.Arguments were put____________for changing some of the rules of the game.

25.When judging his

performance, don’t take his age____________account.

26.He’s universally recognized as an authority____________Russian affairs.

27.Just compare the one that has been cleaned____________the others.

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/642526a6a58da0116c174983.htmlcation should be relevant____________the child’s needs.

29.Police say that they believe the attacks were carried____________by nationalists.

30.It’s____________to all of us to try to solve the problems in our neighbourhoods.

31.The anti-smoking campaign had made quite an impact____________young people.

32.I’ve been asked to limit my speech____________ten minutes maximum.

33.Dr Marion is the person____________control of all medical decisions in the hospital.

34.He struggled for mastery____________ his emotions but failed.

35.The police respond____________emergencies in just a few minutes.

36.I can tolerate this rudeness only____________far and no further.

37.After a week in bed, she was fully restored____________health.

38.People often remark____________how alike John and Malcolm look.

39.Things had been done____________the same manner for centuries.

40.The region is renowned____________its outstanding natural beauty.

41.We’ll have to do the whole thing again____________scratch.

42.Conditions are getting worse and supplies are running____________.

43.The children exploded____________giggles when seeing the clown.

44.He tried to use his own weight to push the attacker off but he was____________balance.

45.I used to stay____________late with my mom and watch movies.

46.The discovery of the new drug is____________great significance for people.

47.I had never seen such a multitude____________stars before.

48.Only 10% of American adults engage____________regular exercise.

49.The car dealer had assured me____________its quality.

50.There were signs warning____________fog as soon as we got onto the motorway.

51.Families should stick together____________thick and thin no matter what happens.

52.____________essence, both sides agree on the issue.

53.How can you stand____________and let him treat his dog like that?

54.The survey made by scientists shows that kids are all prone____________eat junk food.

55.By no means would people turn____________their motherland.

56.My younger sister requested me to accompany her____________the airport.

57.Do you believe Bob remained faithful____________his principles to the last?

58.It always takes the class a while to settle____________at the start of the lesson.

Key Sentences

1.In either case, you must recognize and take into account any differences between your values and attitudes and those represented by the author.


2.A written discussion of American politics will likely look considerably different depending on whether the writer is a Democrat or a Republican.



3.It is eager to please and willing to carry out any commands that you give it---whether you do this knowingly or not is entirely up to you.


4.Make these alternatives words that make you feel fabulous, not only about yourself, but about life and what you are doing!


5.He had been trying to remove a bottle of milk from thee refrigerator when he lost his grip on the slippery bottle and it fell, spilling its contents all over the kitchen floor---a veritable sea of milk!


6.Instead, he learned that mistakes were just opportunities for learning something new,which is , after all, what scientific experiments are all about.


7.When at last she saw the flash of the car headlights, she positioned herself in the kitchen doorway.By the time she heard the key sliding into the front door, she was THIS CLOSE to exploding.


8.From time to time we all allow ourselves to be blinded to issues of long-term significance by stuff that seems awfully important right now, but isn’t.


9.Will they share my private matters with others on the pages of Facebook, or perish the thought, engage in gossip about me with others?


10.In essence, water does seek its own level.


11.The people who are prone to fall on their knees to do us honor when success is with us may be the first to throw the stone of malice when failure settles its cloud upon our heads.


12.When riches take wings and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens.