Unit4 Feeling sick

Unit1 Feeling sick

Task objectives: Interact more freely with others by using simple expressions and structures learned

Open or close an interaction in simple words

Relate personal experience and information

Participate in simple role-plays

Language focus:What’s the matter? What’s wrong with Tim?

I have a head. You should take some medicine.

He needs to go to the hospital and see the doctor.

Topic vocabulary: have a fever, have a cold, have a headache, have a stormachache, Take a medicine, go to hospital, have a rest, go to a clinic


1.Bring in a thermometer, a box of tissues and some medicine.

2.Ask the pupils Where does a doctor work? To revise the clinic and hospital.

3.Teach the words medicine, fever, headache, stormschache, and cold.Write on theboard

What’s the matter? Ask the pupils to ask you the question. Reply I have a fever/cold/stormachache//headache. Ask the pupils, What should I do? Elicit the responses and write them on the board: take some medicine, see a doctor, go to the clinic/ hospital. Tell the pupils Maybe I should have a rest. Demonstrate by putting your head on your arms on the desk. And have a rest to the phrases the board.

4.Listen to the tape and point to the speech bubbles. Ask the pupils to repeat with the cassette.

Practice: 1.Read the conversation between Tim and his mother. Ask the pupils to repeat conversation after you.

2.Ask the pupils about Tim’s father: What’s the matter with Tim’s father? Divide

The class into two large groups to work o ut the conversation between Tim’s mother Tim’s father.

3.Ask the pupils to work in pairs to act the other people on the page.



1.Tell the pupils I have a fever and a stormachache. I need to go to the hospital. I need

To see the doctor. To show the pupils that need to is stronger than should.

2.Pretent to feel the forehead of a pupil to find out how high their temperation is.Say

(Name) has a fever. Ask the pupils to tell you what that pupil needs to do.Repeat

With other pupils,whispering to them ahat is wrong with them,e.g. a headache, astormachache, a cold,ect. And getting them to mime their symptoms. Reponses can include take some medicine, have a rest.